Postdoctoral position in microfluidic T-cell screening for cancer immunotherapy


The lab of biomedical microfluidics of Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) is looking for postdocs with a primary training in T-cell biology, immunotherapy next generation sequencing and/or biomedical microfluidics.

In the context of a Synergia consortium (2 wet labs, 2 bioinformatics labs) we aim at understanding the recognition of tumor epitopes by T-cells and to develop new immunotherapies and personalized medicine approaches. The lab has a very translational focus and runs a tech development lab on the EPFL campus, a translational lab in the AGORA cancer research center (with direct access to patient material) and a startup company making the results of our research widely available.

The successful candidate will closely interact with other groups at the AGORA cancer research center and groups at EPFL and University of Lausanne.Main duties and responsibilities include :

  • Optimization of T-cell activation assays in microfluidic droplets
  • Cultivation of APCs and TILs
  • Establishment of novel single-cell sequencing approaches (barcoded NGS)
  • Further development of the microfluidics platform
  • Experimental design of the screens together with bioinformaticians

Your profile :

  • Hands on experience in T-cell biology
  • Knowledge of single-cell RNAseq workflows such as 10X genomics, DropSeq, Fluidigm
  • Prior experience in microfluidics is advantageous but not absolutely required
  • Good communication skills
  • Highly motivated and keen to work in an interdisciplinary environment

We offer :

  • A multidisciplinary environment
  • Exposure to the latest cutting-edge experimental procedures (e.g. single-cell microfluidics)
  • Preparation for a future career in academia, industry or our own startup company

Start date :
As soon as possible, within the next 4 months at latestTerm of employment :
Fixed-term (CDD)Duration :
12-months fixed-term contract, renewable
Remark :
Only candidates who applied through EPFL website or our partner Jobup’s website will be considered.

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