Postdoctoral Researcher in Microbial Physiology or Redox Biochemistry


The goal is to study the reversible interconversion of methane to CO2 and single electrons and potentially to cultivate methanogens and methanotrophs on electrodes or artificial electron carriers.

The project involves direct electron transfer via multi-heme cytochromes to reversibly interconvert alkanes to electricity, a process that mimics the anode of a methane fuel cell at cold temperatures.

Research is carried out at our excellent facilities at Aalto University, School of Chemical Engineering ( The laboratories are situated on the main campus of Aalto University in Otaniemi (short metro-ride from Helsinki) within the Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems.

Research description

The project may be adjusted according to the talents and preferences of the applicants. Most experiments will be performed in anaerobic chambers or custom-made vessels. It involves growth of genetically modified methanogens or methanotrophs on electrodes in custom-made systems. Possible task areas are:

  • Understanding of redox-biochemistry and metabolic regulation in methanogens
  • Understanding redox-sensing and substrate switch in methanogens
  • Development/synthesis of soluble electron donors and acceptors
  • Cultivation of methanogens or methanotrophs in bioelectric systems


  • PhD in a suitable field, such as Microbial physiology, Biophysics or Redox biochemistry or Electromicrobiology
  • Be highly committed to science and strive for excellence
  • Develop own smart ideas and think independently
  • Be able to focus on solving tough scientific problems

Skills, knowledge or interest in some of the following areas are highly appreciated:

  • Microbial physiology and regulation
  • Electro(bio)chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Organic chemistry for synthesis of redox active compounds

We offer

  • High-end laboratory infrastructure and friendly colleagues
  • Opportunity to work in a newly established research group
  • Freedom to bring in own ideas
  • Funding for 2 years

For more information

For additional scientific information, please contact Prof. Silvan Scheller, in matters related to the recruitment process contact HR Coordinator Tiina Torvinen, e-mails: (

How to apply (deadline July 31st 2020)

Follow the instructions below, submit only pdf files:

  • Cover letter (start as follows: “I am interested in this position because… “)
  • CV, incl. list of publications
  • Research interest description (focus on future research, mention tasks you are particularly interested to perform)
  • Names and contact details of references

All materials should be provided in English through the online recruitment system (link below).

University reserves the right for justified reasons to leave the position open, to extend the application period and to consider candidates who have not submitted applications during the application period.Interested?

Apply now!

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