The Photonics Research and Innovation Flagship (PREIN) is a multi-disciplinary competence cluster
focusing on the development of light-based technologies. PREIN is a national network that gathers the cutting-edge Photonic expertise in Finland, including Aalto University, Tampere University, University of Eastern Finland and VTT research center. PREIN is one of the 10 Finnish Flagships funded by the Academy of Finland. The Flagship programme’s rationale is to support future knowledge and sustainable solutions to societal challenges and it seeks to advance economic growth by developing new business opportunities. Combining the resources and infrastructures of its partners, PREIN covers all the Photonics value chain, from fundamental research to applied research, seeding industrial collaboration, supporting mobility and career development. The national infrastructure, Otanano, which is located at Aalto University, hosts an impressive 2600 m2 cleanroom and state-of-the-art equipment in the Micronova research facilities for modern semiconductor fabrication and characterization.

PREIN develops light-based technologies for applications e.g. in life science, energy, ICT, and environmental monitoring. The partners have complementary expertise and skills, ranging from the design and fabrication of nanomaterials and optical and electrical components to system integration and instrumentation development. Our research focuses on light field control, materials and structures, and the development of solar cells with tailored characteristics, all seeding to the development of novel technologies and cost-efficient solutions.

For more information, please see our PREIN website prein.fi., and video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCI6c-GTokU.
Job description
The research work description will be tailored based on the applicant’s background and own interests keeping in mind that they fit the overall aims of PREIN listed above. Research collaboration with other PREIN partners is expected. We are looking for 4 talented Postdoctoral researchers/Research Fellows to be employed by Aalto University to work on the following themes:

  • Position 1: Simulations and modelling of nanomaterials/structures/devices: The aim of the position is to simulate and model various nanomaterials, nanostructures and devices to facilitate the research and innovation in PREIN. We expect a successful candidate to show prominence in one or several of the listed items: (1) Resonant light-matter interaction effects in nanoscale; (2) Control of light generation, propagation, and absorption with optical metasurfaces and metamaterials; (3) Nanostructures in light harvesting devices; (4) Control of optical coherence and polarization by nanostructures.For more information of the position 1, please contact Prof. Matti Kaivola (matti.kaivola@aalto.fi).
  • Position 2: Fabrication of nanomaterials/structures/devices: The objective of the position is to fabricate and integrate nanomaterials, structures and photonic devices to support the research and innovation in PREIN. We expect a successful candidate to show prominence in one or several of the listed items: (1) Fabrication of two-dimensional materials and their heterostructures; (2) Fabrication of functional materials with atomic layer deposition method; (3) Atomic layer deposition for photovoltaics and sensing; (4) Fabrication of semiconductor nanowires and quantum dots based devices; (5) Fabrication of hybrid mixed-dimensional structures based devices.For more information of the position 2, please contact Prof. Harri Lipsanen (harri.lipsanen@aalto.fi).
  • Position 3: Advanced light sources with nanostructures: The aim of the position is to develop novel light sources in PREIN. We expect a successful candidate to show prominence in one or several of the listed items: (1) Development of silicon integrated light sources; (2) Development of visible range solid-state lasers (including up-conversion nanoparticles) and tunable lasers; (3) Development of nanomaterials (including nanowire, quantum dots and 2D materials) based quantum light sources.For more information of the position 3, please contact Prof. Zhipei Sun (zhipei.sun@aalto.fi).
  • Position 4: Crystalline-silicon photovoltaics: The aim of the position is to develop novel device concepts for the c-Si solar cell technologies. For instance, latest advances in nanotechnology including nanostructured surfaces, atomic layer deposition and defect engineering will be utilized, but applicant’s own ideas are also encouraged. The device concept development can be built on existing solar cell baselines (PERC, HIT, IBC) available at the Electron Physics Group (https://www.aalto.fi/en/department-of-electronics-and-nanoengineering/electron-physics). The research work consists of design, fabrication, simulation and characterization of the devices but the exact contents of the work will be tailored based on the applicant’s own skills and interests. The applicant will become part of active solar cell development team at the Electron Physics Group as well as PREIN networking team. We expect a successful candidate to have experience in silicon wafer and device processing in cleanroom environment.For more information of the position 4, please contact Prof. Hele Savin (hele.savin@aalto.fi).

We are looking for versatile and independent persons with a solid background in photonics and optoelectronics. Theoretical traits for the analysis of experimental work and the ability to supervise M.Sc. and Ph.D. students are additional benefits. The positions may also involve some teaching duties based on the applicant’s own interest. Successful candidates must hold a doctoral degree in a suitable field (e.g. physics, electrical engineering, chemistry, material science…)  and a proven publication record (e.g., with several peer-reviewed journal paper as first/corresponding author). Applicants should have a good command of written and oral English, good communication skills, as well as a study/research experience in both independent project work and collaborative environment.

Salary and contract
The salary is determined according to the salary systems of Aalto University and the candidate’s experiences and qualifications. The monthly remuneration will vary in a range 3670-4000 Euros, depending of the position level. Research fellow level appointment (equivalent to senior postdoc researcher) can be made after considering the successful candidate’s qualifications. All positions are initially filled for one year duration with possible extension for one or two additional years. A trial period of 6-month is applied. The positions can be filled as soon as possible. As an employer, Aalto University provides excellent learning and development opportunities as well as occupational health care services, commuter ticket benefit and versatile exercise services by Unisport. Finland has a comprehensive social security system. The annual total workload of research and teaching staff at Aalto University is 1624 hours. The positions will be located at the Aalto University Otaniemi Campus.

How to apply
Please submit your application through our online recruitment system and clearly indicate which position(s) you are applying to and in which order. Please attach the following documents to your application in a single pdf file
•    Cover letter         
•    CV
•    The list of publications
•    Brief research plan (if you want to share your own research ideas)
•    The list of the references (names and contact information)

The closing date for the application is January 29th 2021 (24:00 Helsinki time) and applications received later than this date will not be considered. For general information on the PREIN, please contact Staff Scientist Dr. Diao Li (diao.li(at)aalto.fi). For specific positions 1-4 listed above, please contact the named hiring professors. In recruiting process related questions, please contact HR Coordinator Annika Salmelin (annika.salmelin(at)aalto.fi).

About Aalto University and Finland
Aalto University is an international community, more than 40% of our academic faculty comes from outside Finland. Finland is a great place for living with or without family – it is a safe, politically stable and well organized Nordic society. Finland is consistently ranked high in quality of life and was just listed again as the happiest country in the world: http://worldhappiness.report/news/finland-again-is-the-happiest-country-in-the-world/. For more information about living in Finland: https://www.aalto.fi/services/about-finland

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