The position will be based at the Department of Molecular Biology in Umeå, Sweden. Last day to apply is 2021-01-31. We welcome your application!


The senior lecturer shall be an active researcher. The employment assignments include research and development work, as well as teaching and supervision in education at the doctoral level, in the field of molecular tumor biology. Administrative tasks and assignments within the department and the Medical Faculty are included. Management of staff and activities is included as the senior lecturer is expected to lead their own research group.

The tasks also include undergraduate teaching/supervision and examination at basic and advanced levels. The subject area is primarily molecular tumor biology within medical and biomedical study programs, but may also include teaching in other subject areas and programs. Teaching at locations other than Umeå University may occur and will be conducted in part by internet-based distance teaching methods. Teaching instruction is usually in English.

The position is based in Umeå.

By agreement, the professor position can be combined with specialist physician/consultant or dentist employment within the Västerbotten county region. Such an agreement must be approved by the national public health authority. The framework for a professor working as specialist physician/consultant or dentist, involves clinical tasks to an extent of up to 13 hours a week.


To be qualified for appointment as a university lector, the applicant should have demonstrated pedagogical competence, completed a doctoral degree, or acquired equivalent scientific competence.

To be eligible for employment, the applicant must have a documented ability to teach in English. Under special circumstances, those who do not have a documented ability to teach in English may still be considered, but with the assumption that this ability will be acquired within two years of employment.

Applicants who do not speak Swedish must acquire good Swedish language skills within a three-year period in order to participate in administrative education planning within the faculty.

For the appointment combined with employment as a specialist physician/consultant or dentist, there is a requirement that the applicant must have a license to practice from the national public health authority. For specialist doctor, both a medical license and specialist certificate are required. For dentist, a medical certificate and, where applicable, specialist certificate is required.

The applicant is expected to demonstrate a certain degree of scientific independence, have experience of supervising doctoral students, postdoctoral fellows and be able to present an independent and updated research program.

The applicant is also expected to have completed higher education pedagogical education corresponding to 7.5 ECTS or otherwise acquired corresponding knowledge. If the applicant does not have this at the time of application, a pedagogical development plan must be established so that the applicant acquire this knowledge within two years of employment.

To be eligible for the position, the applicant must have documented experience of research in molecular tumor biology.

Assessment Criteria

The degree of assessment for the employment of a senior lecturer shall be the degree of skills that is required for employment eligibility, i.e. pedagogical skills. In addition, scientific competence, administrative skills and leadership of staff and operations shall be assessed.

A general basis for assessment for teachers at Umeå University is good collaboration skills, as well as the competence and suitability that is otherwise needed to fulfill all tasks well.

Equal care shall be taken for assessment of pedagogical skills and other eligibility requirements.

Weighting of the respective assessment criteria

Weighting of merits will be as follows: scientific qualification (3), pedagogical qualification (2), and the degree of administrative skills and academic leadership skills (1).

Description of assessment criteria

The assessment criteria are described in more detail in the document “Description of assessment criteria for employment as a senior lecturer at the Medical Faculty, Umeå University (Dnr FS 1.1-247-19)”.

When assessing the pedagogical skills for this position, special emphasis will be put on documented teaching experience of planning, implementing, and evaluating courses at the undergraduate, advanced, and graduate levels in molecular tumor biology. Experience of supervision and examination will also be considered.

The applicant is expected to demonstrate certain pedagogical activities to an extent that corresponds to teaching experience of at least 50 hours.

When assessing the scientific skills for this position, special emphasis will be put on independent research efforts, creative thinking, topicality, quality, and originality of the applicant´s ongoing research in molecular tumor biology. It is particularly meritorious to have published original works and that the applicant has played a prominent role in the generation of the publications. Moreover, the successful candidate should have received external research grants as main applicant or co-applicant in national or international competition.

The successful applicant must present ongoing research and should have a scientific production to an extent that at minimum corresponds to main supervision of a doctoral student until the completion of the doctoral degree. The applicant’s scientific activities after the dissertation must demonstrate scientific independence, for example through senior authorship of publications without previous main supervisors as co-authors.

Administrative skills can be demonstrated, for example, through experience in planning of undergraduate education, skills to develop and lead others, and skills to administer etc.

More information

Read about our research and activities at the department of molecular biology here: https://www.umu.se/en/department-of-molecular-biology/open-positions/senior-lecturer-professor-in-molecular-tumor-biology/


Last application date is 2021-01-31. Instructions for the application and a list of the documents to be attached to the application can be found here: https://www.aurora.umu.se/en/units/faculty-of-medicine/human-resources/academic-positions-and-docentship/

You apply via our e-recruitment system which you can reach via the application button below. When the application is received, you will receive a confirmation email.

We welcome your application!


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