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  • Product Review: Gronk Fitness Home Gym
    by Terry Asher on January 22, 2021 at 12:43 pm

    Versatile home-based exercise equipment is tough to come by—and even tougher to get creative with. Fortunately, there are providers like Gronk Fitness out there who’re selling the right rigs: Founded by four professional athletes, the Gronk brand upholds flexibility and acute muscle targeting as its biggest virtues. The team is a family, too, making them well-versed in the art of home fitness workouts. Battle-tested for any gym-goer of any fitness experience level, each Gronk-named exercise implementation is both adaptable … The post Product Review: Gronk Fitness Home Gym appeared first on Gym Junkies.

  • How to Build a Body at Home
    by Terry Asher on January 20, 2021 at 3:09 pm

    There’s something about the gym that just makes it easier to stay focused and get the results you want. But, we can’t all get to the gym right now. So of course there are plenty of people wondering how to build a body at home. So how do you build a body at home? What’s missing isn’t the expensive equipment, it’s not the smoothie bar, it’s not the steam room or the massage table. The key ingredient is discipline. That’s … The post How to Build a Body at Home appeared first on Gym Junkies.

  • 6 Essential Tips to Burn Body Fat
    by Terry Asher on January 19, 2021 at 5:15 pm

    You’re eating better, you’re exercising, but you just can’t seem to burn that body fat off. What’s the deal? Why is body fat so hard to get rid of? The fact of the matter is that jogging and eating light won’t do it. So what’s the secret to burning body fat? Well, it comes down to two basic things: Healthy habits, and muscle mass. Yes, even if you’re working out to lose weight, and not necessarily to build muscle, building … The post 6 Essential Tips to Burn Body Fat appeared first on Gym Junkies.

  • All Natural Protein Powder
    by Terry Asher on January 16, 2021 at 11:48 am

    Your body needs protein. It uses the protein to repair damaged muscle tissue after a workout. It uses it for long term energy. It also has significantly fewer calories per gram than fat. Eating enough protein during the day might be possible if you’re simply looking to maintain your body weight and just want to live a healthy lifestyle. But what if you’re vegan, or if you’re looking to put on muscle mass following your workouts and the protein you’re … The post All Natural Protein Powder appeared first on Gym Junkies.

  • Keeping Up With Muscular Women
    by Terry Asher on January 12, 2021 at 12:26 pm

    It seems like we used to hit the gym to impress women, and now we hit the gym to keep up with them. Beautiful, athletic, muscular women like Nataliya Kuznetsova and Stefi Cohen are a sight to behold, but how many of those girls do you think are dating couch potatoes? To keep up with these girls, you’re going to have to get pretty serious about getting ripped, and how do we do that? How To Keep Up With Muscular … The post Keeping Up With Muscular Women appeared first on Gym Junkies.

Total Gym Pulse Health and Fitness Blog

  • top five tips to living younger
    by Frances Michaelson on January 13, 2021 at 5:07 pm

    As I get older and feel younger and better than I ever have, it becomes very clear that ageing is a disease that one can try to avoid given the right tools. Engaging in a healthy lifestyle can make all the difference on how the years add up and take their toll on your body. Here are my top 5 tips to help you navigate the years with ease to live as vibrantly and as energetically as possible: 1) Stay Alkaline …our cells require a clean alkaline environment to sustain life. Therefore, the pH of our blood, saliva, and extracellular fluid must be alkaline to nourish the tissues and clean the environment in and around our cells. A cell living in an acidic environment will begin to deteriorate, and during the process can damage other surrounding cells. Before 2010, no significant research existed to counter cellular deterioration. However, a growing body of research has documented that not only is acidosis a real phenomenon but is known to contribute to a wide range of diseases such as cancer, osteoporosis, kidney stones. The body does need alkaline and acid forming foods, but alkaline -forming foods should dominate. This means consuming more raw food on a daily basis. A plant-based diet with a strong focus on fruits and raw veggies on a daily basis will promote an alkaline environment 2) Muscle up …. Muscle is a metabolic organ, as well as a locomotion organ, meaning that it is a major contributor to burning energy and if muscle mass declines, levels of inflammation can increase, ability to regulate blood sugar becomes more difficult, hormonal function declines. All this is affected by the quality of your muscle. You can be 65 and be the same weight as when you were 35 and look the same, but on the inside your muscle can be marbleized fat and that has enormous consequences for ageing …heat disease, cancer, dementia, etc. Muscle begins to decline as early as in our 30’s. You can restore muscle at any age but not as fully. Therefore, it is very important to strength train and keep active as early as possible. Sarcopenia, the age-related loss of muscle mass and function is not a normal part of ageing. 3) Introduce some micro stressors …Hormesis. Recently, the hormesis concept has been receiving increasing attention in the field of aging research. The term comes from the Greek word meaning to excite. The proponents of this theory claim that tiny doses of toxins in the body act in a completely different fashion from large doses and may even be beneficial. In other words, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger! Exercise, for example, puts stress on our cells which generates free radicals. But we do know that over time, the body adapts and eventually develops a more efficient system. Another good example of a positive stressor is hot/cold therapy. Although going for an ice-cold bath plunge after a hot sauna is challenging, this type of stress is very beneficial to blood flow, cardiovascular health, and efficiency of oxygen transport to muscles. 4) Calorie Restriction ……. giving your body a break from eating, as in intermittent fasting, is an easy logical way to stay younger. Giving your body time off from digesting food offers your liver more time to process all the work it must do. This provides you with more energy and vitality to get things done and not feel bloated, sluggish, and tired. The best time to restrict those calories is continuing your fast from sleep. Aim for 13-16 hours after your dinner to fast before your first meal. 5) Keep the rhythm of cortisol by staying connected to the rise and fall of the sun. When we disrupt that rhythm by staying up too late at night, especially when we stay wired to our computers etc., we lose that rhythm and the opportunity for deep sleep and the release of growth hormones. We can adapt for a short period of time with late nights and added stress, but if this continues for too long, our cells slow down and ageing accelerates. Aim to get to bed by 10:00 PM. Our bodies are very intelligent. Our cells know what to do and what they need for optimal performance. Be smart and pay attention to signs and signals that your body is expressing. It is never too late to "add life to our years and years to your life”. The post top five tips to living younger appeared first on Total Gym Pulse.

  • The importance of, and differences between fibers
    by Frances Michaelson on January 7, 2021 at 6:54 pm

    We cannot live well without adding fiber to our diet on a daily basis. Why? Because fiber is meant to clean our intestines ……it is our body’s internal broom! However, it is important to note that there are different types of fiber. Adding the right type of fiber can help manage your bowels properly so that you can avoid problems such as irritable bowel and diverticulitis. Fiber helps to lower cholesterol and stabilize blood sugar. It also helps to prevent constipation and hemorrhoids and can assist in weight loss as it does suppress appetite. Types of fiber Fiber is not found in meat. It is only found in foods such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and legumes. Fiber makes up the component of plant cell walls. There are two basic categories of dietary fiber: soluble and insoluble. They are both needed in the diet as they have different health effects. Most of the fiber in plant cell walls is water-soluble. This fiber promotes regular bowel movements and aids in weight loss by slowing down the passage of food, which gives you that full feeling. Foods that have been processed, such as canned vegetables, fruits, instant rice, and CEREALS - (yes, even boxed cereals that claim they have added fiber), have actually been stripped of fiber. Raw fruits and vegetables are the way to go. They are filling, prevent over-eating, and they have the nutrients and enzymes that are so vital to your health. Raw foods are naturally high in fiber and satisfy your hunger. Soluble fiber also helps to lower elevated cholesterol and remove fat from the gastrointestinal tract. The best sources of soluble fiber, in my opinion, are fruits and vegetables. Although barley, beans, peas, and lentils are good sources of soluble fiber, they are much harder to digest. Insoluble fiber (roughage) are the plant cell walls that do not dissolve in water. This fiber does not break down during digestion and even though it does not dissolve in water, it can bind water just like a sponge. The most important reason to consume moderate amounts of soluble fiber is that the absorption causes bowel movements to be softer and to have greater bulk. This helps to ease and regulate movement through the intestines. Food sources of insoluble fiber include whole grains, nuts, vegetables, and fruits. The best way to get more fiber from your food is to increase your intake of raw foods. Eating the skin and membranes of fruits and vegetables ensures that you get every bit of fiber. Cooking can reduce the fiber content so try to steam lightly. Fruit fiber is the easiest fiber for our GI tract to handle. Vegetables are harder for people to digest. I see many clients in my practice that are diagnosed with irritable bowel and suffer with nagging constipation. I find that adding organic psyllium husk (soluble fiber) to their diet helps to ensure that that they get the adequate fiber required to avoid these symptoms. An apple a day is an easy way to get 3.6 grams of fiber into your day and also helps with bowel function. It is easy and tasty ……. best to eat whole with skin on! The post The importance of, and differences between fibers appeared first on Total Gym Pulse.

  • The Fitness of Christmas Past- Present- “FUTURE”: Part 3
    by Maria Sollon on December 28, 2020 at 2:50 pm In the classic movie, ‘A Christmas Carol’, Scrooge was visited by the Spirit of Christmas Future. This spirit appears is a mysterious and unknowable figure. The spirit shows Scrooge a vision of events in the near future to show that todays actions affect tomorrows outcome. As this classic tale relates to the fitness world of today, what we have done in our past sets the foundation for today and for years to come. FAST FORWARD You now have more access and convenience to pursue your health and wellness goals than ever before. While digital fitness may not be completely replacing traditional gyms and facility settings, their popularity will continue to grow in your favor. DIGITAL FUTURE A new thriving world of fitness technology and digital exercise options has emerged to make working out as convenient and seamless as possible for users’ everyday lives. Smart phones and watches will continue to provide access to digital fitness apps, virtual videos, and so much more - all with the tap of your finger! Digital experiences will continue to evolve and guide the future. AT-HOME TRAINING REVOLUTION The success of digital fitness along with popular fitness equipment has transformed the fitness world with access to so much at your fingertips. To stay ahead of the trends, companies will continue to innovate by offering more access to a wider range of fitness programs using digital platforms. The end user can really benefit from these technologies by spending less time commuting to gyms, being able to work-out any time of day, and can focus the time savings on other commitments like work and family. Leading platforms like Total Gym TV (TGTV) has prioritized both creating and integrating workouts with the best home fitness equipment on the market while bringing expert quality products into users’ homes. Total Gym has always been synonymous for offering gym-quality equipment at an affordable price. Looking ahead, the value of the Total Gym remains incomparable despite other equipment options. Even the trendiest of workouts can be easily paired with Total Gym’s at-home convenience. And by continuing to innovate, Total Gym provides programs that allow users of any fitness level to find a wide range of exercises that suit their fitness goals. Although there are many gym and studio options, the at-home workout phenomenon appears here to stay. The Total Gym has been with us from the beginning of the ‘exercise era’ and will continue to be a staple in home fitness equipment. MAY THE FUTURE BE WITH YOU When thinking about the future, we understand more now than we ever have with the science, technology, and access to information. It may seem we have less time, but we have more access to technology. We will continue to know more as time evolves. We know more about how important leading a healthy lifestyle translates to long term wellness. So what better time than now, to take care of yourself. Use the best technology and info we have to insure we have a sustainable healthy lifestyle because we know that our future wellness depends on it. We have become more aware of our bodies, ailments, strengths, and there wasn’t it wasn’t there in the past. It’s so important to be aware (biomechanics, ideas, illness, cures) Over time, you have learned how important it is to stay fit, healthy, and make your health a priority as your responsibility and a commitment to yourself. Taking note of the current trends of the not-so-distant future can only help you achieve your fitness goals, for the future is now. THE FITNESS FUTURE WORKOUT As we ride the wave into the future, we continue to use ‘classic exercises’ as a foundation to implement dynamic movements that strengthen, condition, and challenge the body. This Total Gym workout combines functional movements that stem from the classics. (Foot Bar Connected) 1. Single Leg Squat / Outer Thigh Lift (No Accessories) 2. Plank Slides / Push-Up 3. Knee Tucks & Pike Ups (adv) (Attach Cables) 4. Rev Curl & Roll Down / Prone Fly 5. Side Kneeling Fly & Press Be sure to check out the video demonstration to see how these functional movement combinations are performed on your Total Gym. Looking ahead years from today, we want to become the reflection of our overall healthy lifestyle, and not like the timeless Ebenezer Scrooge, who saw a completely different version of himself! Just like all three Spirits of Christmas in ‘A Christmas Carol’, there are take aways to learn and evolve into our future. I hope you have gained some insight, new feelings towards managing your health, and most importantly have encouraged you to continue to progress with training on your Total Gym. Wishing you a bright, healthy, and joyous holiday. Maria The post The Fitness of Christmas Past- Present- “FUTURE”: Part 3 appeared first on Total Gym Pulse.

  • The Fitness of Christmas Past – “Present” – Future: Part 2
    by Maria Sollon on December 23, 2020 at 6:44 pm The present is occurring now. It’s a moment in time that is always changing, evolving, and resulting in how we react to the here and now. It’s mysterious in many ways due to how we choose to conduct our actions based on learned past behaviors. Considering the present and how it relates to the holiday season, there’s a lot to reflect upon right now. In the tale of ‘A Christmas Carol’, the second ghost that visits Scrooge is the ghost of Christmas Present. This ghost is represented as a happy, kind-hearted, and welcoming spirit. As it relates to fitness, we can dive into our present day to see the importance of staying healthy and fit through a daily commitment. Over the years, it may have taken you some time to realize the value of keeping a consistent fitness program, time to change habits or adapt to the new trends, but through it all, you see the light and success of your progress. Y2K - PRESENT DAY OF FITNESS Over the past 20 years, the ‘physical exercise era’ shifted and evolved into a broad scope of fitness concepts, athletic performance, and functional skills for everyday life. Fitness tools and specific workouts began to unfold into programs, classes, and themed workouts. Gyms, health clubs, and boutique studios also began to pop up on every corner. Listed are some of the current workout trends and commonly used equipment of todays modern world. ‘TOP WORKOUT TRENDS’ OF THE PRESENT • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) • Circuit Training (a series of exercises performed by reps or sets with little to no rest) • Bootcamps (combination of cardio, strength, drills) • Yoga (vinyasa, hatha, power, yin, restorative) • Pilates • Fusion/ Barre • Spinning • Kickboxing • Dance (Zumba, booti, salsa, ballet, hip-hop) • Aerial Fitness (aerial yoga, silks, pole, acro, flying trapeze) • Functional Training (multi-planar, multi-joint movements to improve overall balance and coordination by utilizing the core, helps perform everyday activities easier) ‘POPULAR FITNESS EQUIPMENT’ OF THE PRESENT • BOSU • Spinning • Kettle Bells • Glide Discs • Stability Balls • Medicine Balls • Agility Ladders • Wide variety of bands • TRX / suspension training • The Total Gym The Total Gym equipment has been a staple of the past and continues to advance into our present day. It’s portability has enhanced many lives with the convenience of being able to get fit in the comfort of your own home. It’s been one of the first infomercials on the market and is still running today! The new and improved equipment has shifted into the present with a modern facelift appearance that includes hardware upgrades, additional accessories, and includes user friendly programing like TGTV. The Total Gym is also one of the most versatile pieces of equipment available today. Did you know that many of the trending workouts and popular fitness equipment (props) listed above can be integrated with your Total Gym workouts? If you’re searching for ideas or a little inspiration, you can always turn to my Total Gym blogs where I share creative workouts and helpful tips. THE PRESENT Time allows us to learn about those things we like, things we need more of, and those things we can do without. What I have found beneficial over the years is that doing something is better than nothing (it’ll counter the most common excuse of “I don’t have time”), and you can find the right balance of what your body needs each day. So what does your body need? Knowing what you know now from your past fitness experiences and programs, here are a few questions to ask yourself to enhance your future workouts. 1. What have you learned about your fitness habits? 2. How does your body responds to certain workout styles? 3. Do you prefer weight training vs high Intensity workouts? 4. Do you incorporate a balanced program of cardio, strength, and flexibility? 5. Are you consistent with your diet and workouts? 6. What are your take aways for how to proceed into your healthy lifestyle and fitness future? THE FITNESS PRESENT WORKOUT The Present Workout is developed with the ‘here and now’ best functional strength exercises using your Total Gym. This workout consists of 6 classic movements that have been upgraded with a modern twist. Directions Perform these ‘Present Day’ Exercises in the following manner: • Circuit format, one after the other with little to no rest • 1 minute / exercise (use a timer app) • 2-3 sets * Learn the exercises well before doing the full workout * Move at a controlled tempo during your timed intervals 1. Lateral Lunges & Reverse Lunges • Set Up: low incline • SUPERSET • Try the 2 versions of the same drill: Athletic vs yoga 2. Mt. Climbers & Push-Ups • Set Up: low incline • SUPERSET • Try the 2 versions: incline vs decline 3. Glute Press & Plank Pulls • Set Up: medium incline & attach Squat Stand • SUPERSET • Try a variety of foot positions to target different glute angles: parallel vs abduction 4. Torso Rotations • Set Up: low-medium incline & attach Cables • Try different angles and cables: single vs double cable 5. Chest Flies & Crunch • Set Up: low-medium incline & attach Cables • Try a variety of angles: incline vs decline presses 6. Half Kneeling Rows • Set Up: medium-high incline & attach Cables • Incorporate a version that works for your fitness strength: modified vs advanced Be sure to check out the video demonstration to see how to perform these classic exercises with a present-day twist on your Total Gym. TO BE CONTINUED… The present is the here and now that shows the transformation over time. It’s what you do now that will make the difference and contribute towards your best self moving forward. Your achievements are built upon determination, motivation, and eduction to build your spirit strong. Let this knowledge you’ve learned carry your spirit forward into the future by building upon your experiences and improving your skills. Stay tuned for part three, as we fast forward into the ‘Fitness Future’ to see where the trends are going. In the spirit of the season, love and joy to you. Maria The post The Fitness of Christmas Past – “Present” – Future: Part 2 appeared first on Total Gym Pulse.

  • The Fitness of Christmas “PAST” – Present -Future: Part 1
    by Maria Sollon on December 22, 2020 at 3:29 pm The Fitness of Christmas “PAST” - Present -Future: Part 1 A Christmas Carol, the old Charles Dickens' novel, has a special theme that we can relate to many of life’s experiences. This is a holiday classic that you may have watched growing up. As a refresher, this Christmas tale is about a man, Ebenezer Scrooge, who is visited by three spirits, the past, present, and future. Each spirit showcases different scenarios that have had an impact on others. Since it is the Christmas season, and a time to reflect, it seems right to revisit where fitness has gone over the years, from short-lived fitness fads to revolutionary trends that are still popular today. FITNESS FADS & TRENDS PRIOR TO Y2K It was a magical time when exercising was starting to become ‘something’. Gyms were in warehouses, sometimes grungy, hole in the wall spaces with benches, barbells, and hand weights. Guys would pump the heavy weights aiming to ‘build size’ by cycling their workouts with the typical split of back/ bi’s, chest/ tri’s, shoulders/ traps, and maybe a leg day. There was a craze for synthetic supplements that made ‘bulking up’ like Arnold every guy’s mission. The ladies would sweat it out while following the latest diet fads aimed to look supermodel skinny. Group exercise became a ‘thing’ and it started with jazzercise, hi-lo, or step aerobics. Step touch, grape vines, side bends, and sit-ups went great with a pair of leg warmers, a leotard over leggings, and a sweat band to match. Other trends were to spend countless hours of cardio on the Nordictrack, Stair Master or elliptical machines. During this time, the beginning of the ‘exercise era’ was formed and set a tone that we can remember fondly, leg warmers and all. ‘CLASSICS' OF THE DECADES Let’s take a journey back to the “Fitness Past”, pre 2000’s, to remember what ‘physical exercise’ was then and discuss some of the 'old school’ exercise trends and those gimmicks that sounded good in theory, but didn’t quite work. ‘The 90s’ CLASSIC CLASSES 1. Step Aerobics • An aerobic craze developed by Gin Miller, to initially help strengthen the supporting muscles of the knee by stepping up-down in place. The Step evolved into a creative way to burn calories with a choreographed routine. Tae Bo • Billy Blanks rolled out his high energy, full body cardio mix of tae kwon do and boxing drills set to hip hop tunes. ‘The 80s’ CLASSIC CLASSES 1. Jazzercise • Created by Judi Sheppard Missett in 1969, but didn’t make it big until the 80s. This workout mixed jazz with cardio and resistance moves in a dance style. Aerobics • Can you say leg warmers, leotards, and Jane Fonda?! She’s the queen of aerobics and took it mainstream with the best selling exercise videos of all time! (I have just about very VHS she made!!) 2. Sweatin’ to the Oldies • Richard Simmons’ is one to remember with an energetic and disco sweat style that got all fitness levels moving to fitness fun. His short shorts, sparkly tanks, and curly hair are images you can’t forget! ‘The 70s’ CLASSIC TREND 1. Bodybuilding • Arnold Schwarzenegger arguably made muscle size matter. Lifting heavy weights became popular in the 1970s and created a look that young adults strived to accomplish. CLASSIC EQUIPMENT FADS & FAVS In addition to the “classic classes of the past”, there has also been some unforgettable pieces of fitness equipment that we either grew to love, or simply used as a clothing rack! Who could forget the Thigh Master! Suzanne Somers set the trend to slim and trim the thighs with a single device at home. There was also the Ab Roller that helped people do crunches while proving support for the head, neck, and upper body. The Slide Board tried to make a breakthrough as a tool to improve lateral movement and trim the thighs. (1980’s) The 70s had a revolutionary creation that marked the start of cutting edge home fitness equipment. This is when The Total Gym was created- the name says it all! It’ versatility was designed to provide a total body workout by using gravity as resistance. This equipment was the start of the infomercial world showcasing Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley performing their home fitness routines. As we venture further back, along came the machine that did it for you by buckling up your body with a Vibrating Belt. It aimed to vibrate the fat away without breaking a sweat to get maximum results with little effort. (1960’s) Last but not least, Hula Hooping was known for trimming the waistline and eventually became a popular toy to twirl around the body for fun. (1950’s) Some fitness fads flare and fizzle, while others stick around or inspire new variations on a classic theme. One thing we have learned from the past is that being physically fit has been the wave of our future. It’s never to late to learn classic exercises that will still be around for years to come. THE FITNESS PAST WORKOUT Stemming from the past, the Total Gym has been a staple in home fitness equipment. This workout contains 8 ‘old school’ classic moves that are legendary from when Total Gym was first introduced. An ‘old school’ workout wouldn’t be the same without the following warm-up. So let’s take it back to the old school where aerobics was so cool…. Warm-Up: • Step Touch & Grape Vine • Hamstring curls • Side Bends Guys with BIG muscles in mind: 1. Pull-Ups • High incline, attach Pull-Up Bars 2. Chest Press • Low-high incline based on your strength level & goals, attach Cables 3. Bicep Curls • Low-high incline based on your strength level, Cables 4. Squats • High incline, attach Squat Stand Gals wanting to WIDDLE the middle and SLIM the thighs: 5. Glute Lifts • Medium incline, Squat Stand 6. Outer - Inner Thigh Leg Lifts/ Calisthenics • Low-medium incline, Cables 7. Arm Circles • Low-medium incline, Cables 8. Sit-Ups/ Pullover Crunch • Low-medium incline, Cables Be sure to check out the video demonstration to see how these ‘oldies but goodies’ are performed on your Total Gym. TO BE CONTINUED… Reflecting on ‘The Fitness Past’ we see how the exercise seeds were planted to grow, evolve, and inspire change within health and fitness. It’s a reflection of what we know, what has worked best, and what needed improvement. The Ghost of Christmas Past helped Scrooge reflect and remember the choices he made to build a better future. We too must learn from the past by seeing what worked, what was a fad, and what’s been tried and true to this day. One of the most revolutionary pieces of equipment that have remained so very relevant over the years is the Total Gym. It’s like a fine wine- it keeps improving over time while maintaining its original integrity to perform the most ‘classic moves’. Stay tuned for part two, as we continue to see how and where fitness is in our current world. In the spirit of the season, love and joy to you. Maria The post The Fitness of Christmas “PAST” – Present -Future: Part 1 appeared first on Total Gym Pulse.

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    Treadmill Manufacturer in India The treadmill is one of the most popular fitness equipment used by homes in India. People The post Treadmill Manufacturer in India appeared first on Gym Equipment Manufacturers in India | Syndicate Gym Manufacturer.

  • Treadmill Manufacturer in Delhi
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    Treadmill Manufacturer in Delhi The treadmill is one of the most popular fitness equipment used by homes in Delhi. People The post Treadmill Manufacturer in Delhi appeared first on Gym Equipment Manufacturers in India | Syndicate Gym Manufacturer.

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    Spin Bike Manufacturer in Delhi Exercising does not need you to go out with your friends for a gym session. The post Spin Bike Manufacturer in Delhi appeared first on Gym Equipment Manufacturers in India | Syndicate Gym Manufacturer.

  • Leg Press Manufacturer in India
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    Leg Press Manufacturer in India Syndicate Gym has gained wide recognition as a major leg press manufacturer in India. We The post Leg Press Manufacturer in India appeared first on Gym Equipment Manufacturers in India | Syndicate Gym Manufacturer.

  • Treadmill Manufacturer in India
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    Treadmill Manufacturer in India The treadmill is one of the most popular fitness equipment used by homes in India. People The post Treadmill Manufacturer in India appeared first on Gym Equipment Manufacturers in India | Syndicate Gym Manufacturer.

  • Treadmill Manufacturer in Delhi
    by admin on July 24, 2019 at 8:01 am

    Treadmill Manufacturer in Delhi The treadmill is one of the most popular fitness equipment used by homes in Delhi. People The post Treadmill Manufacturer in Delhi appeared first on Gym Equipment Manufacturers in India | Syndicate Gym Manufacturer.

  • Spin Bike Manufacturer in India
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    Spin Bike Manufacturer in India Exercising does not need you to go out with your friends for a gym session. The post Spin Bike Manufacturer in India appeared first on Gym Equipment Manufacturers in India | Syndicate Gym Manufacturer.

  • Spin Bike Manufacturer in Delhi
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    Spin Bike Manufacturer in Delhi Exercising does not need you to go out with your friends for a gym session. The post Spin Bike Manufacturer in Delhi appeared first on Gym Equipment Manufacturers in India | Syndicate Gym Manufacturer.

  • Leg Press Manufacturer in India
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    Leg Press Manufacturer in India Syndicate Gym has gained wide recognition as a major leg press manufacturer in India. We The post Leg Press Manufacturer in India appeared first on Gym Equipment Manufacturers in India | Syndicate Gym Manufacturer.

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  • The Best Cutting Steroids To Lose Weight And Burn Fat
    by Team Anabolicco on June 14, 2020 at 8:06 pm

    The best cutting steroid stack needs to provide you with the tools you need to shed unwanted body fat, keep your energy levels high, and increases muscle mass. These latter two points are the hardest and anyone who has been through a grueling cut knows this. Now finally, with this cutting cycle stack by Anabolic... The post The Best Cutting Steroids To Lose Weight And Burn Fat appeared first on Anabolicco.

  • Macronutrient Calculator – Calculate Your Macros Here
    by Team Anabolicco on June 14, 2020 at 7:52 pm

    It wasn’t too long ago that people only had a vague idea of what their body required fuel-wise in order for them to see results in the gym. However, smart fitness means smart nutrition and with the help of macronutrient calculator tools like the one below, it’s now easier than ever to meet goals. What are... The post Macronutrient Calculator – Calculate Your Macros Here appeared first on Anabolicco.

  • What Is Stanzolo?
    by Team Anabolicco on June 14, 2020 at 1:39 am

    Just finished bulking and would like to cut the fat to reveal all your hard work? Perhaps you need a bit more pep in your step for an upcoming competition? If that’s the case, then Winn-50 the Stanzolo legal steroid alternative is the answer to your prayers. Winn-50 is one of the leading fat loss... The post What Is Stanzolo? appeared first on Anabolicco.

  • 5 Easy Resistance Band Workouts for Beginners
    by Edward on January 20, 2021 at 6:38 am

    5 Easy Resistance Band Workouts for Beginners The post 5 Easy Resistance Band Workouts for Beginners appeared first on GGP.

  • 5 Benefits of a Home Gym
    by Edward on January 19, 2021 at 6:54 am

    5 Benefits of a Home Gym Is going to the gym becoming a tedious routine? Is it time to set up your own gym at home? If the answer to the above questions is yes, then the hassle of going to the gym is about to end. Having a gym at home helps you save The post 5 Benefits of a Home Gym appeared first on GGP.

  • Exercises for Women to Strengthen their Backs
    by Edward on January 18, 2021 at 5:43 am

    Exercises for Women to Strengthen their Backs The back hosts one of the largest muscle groups in the body and is critical for your overall health. These muscles support your spine and keep your back erect. They also help you lift objects, and allow your back to bend and twist in multiple directions. As is The post Exercises for Women to Strengthen their Backs appeared first on GGP.

  • Why Now is the Best Time for Gym Owners to Invest in Automation Software
    by Edward on January 13, 2021 at 10:00 am

    Why Now is the Best Time for Gym Owners to Invest in Automation Software Using gym management software entirely revolutionizes modern gyms. Such contemporary fitness centers now have a smart advantage over others using traditional booking systems. As such, software programs for gyms are an all-in-one IT solution to help you run your business smoothly. The post Why Now is the Best Time for Gym Owners to Invest in Automation Software appeared first on GGP.

  • Top 8 Tips When Choosing the Right Workout Shoes
    by Edward on January 11, 2021 at 5:34 am

    Top 8 Tips When Choosing the Right Workout Shoes When working out, the shoes and workout clothes you’re wearing play a big role in determining the kind of results you’ll get. Putting on the wrong workout shoes may result in severe injury or other unwanted outcomes. Having the right footwear is as vital as the The post Top 8 Tips When Choosing the Right Workout Shoes appeared first on GGP.

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Gym If you’ve been lifting for decades or are just starting out r/GYM is for you. Please read our sub rules before posting!

  • Im young and get back pain after the gym is this normal?
    by /u/acidbutterman on January 26, 2021 at 2:13 am

    I usually get all sorts of aches and pains from working out but the back is what im most worried about cause ik back pains can be serious. Im 18 and i lift 5-6 times a week. After workouts, especially after chest and back day, my back hurts like a bitch. No specific pains, but just a bunch of random shit like a pinching in my lats, lower back aches and soreness, tightness you name it. Its not crazy serious and they usually go away after a couple days. I just wanna know if its normal. I feel like an old dude lmao submitted by /u/acidbutterman [link] [comments]

  • 2 months progress. Feels good man
    by /u/goodrough253 on January 26, 2021 at 2:05 am

    submitted by /u/goodrough253 [link] [comments]

  • squat help
    by /u/rheyannayeth on January 26, 2021 at 12:48 am

    I’ve been trying to perfect my squat form for weeks but i keep running into the same problem. My hips shoot back causing me to good morning the weight more than squatting it. I feel really behind and weak from where i should be by now, so if you have had this issue please leave some tips on how to fix it. submitted by /u/rheyannayeth [link] [comments]

  • Can someone give me pointers on how to grow bigger glutes 😅
    by /u/NostalgicVibn on January 26, 2021 at 12:48 am

    submitted by /u/NostalgicVibn [link] [comments]

  • Trying to get 4 pack abs as fast as possible
    by /u/Xert19 on January 26, 2021 at 12:47 am

    so im gonna keep this short i have low metabolism i am skinny asf no matter how much i eat but i really want to get abs 4 pack abs to be exact can i get abs from just drinking water and doing excersizes or no ? and at what time do i eat and excersize ? pls help sorry for shit writing submitted by /u/Xert19 [link] [comments]

  • Quarantine Objectives for Athletes and Coaches
    by Dustin Myers on March 30, 2020 at 3:36 pm

    Quarantine Objectives for Athletes and Coaches During this period of social distancing, it can be tough for both athletes and coaches to stay on track and working towards long term goals.  With schools closed, training on hold, state tournaments canceled, and summer events like Fargo in question, it can be tempting to throw in the towel. I want you to stop right there. Look at the big picture. Every situation, no matter how dire, presents an opportunity, you just have to find it. So what can we do? How can we make the most of our current situation? I’m going to help you. I’ve created two lists - one for coaches and one for athletes - that will help you make the most of every day during the pandemic.  It can be easy to drift thru these days at home with no structure or no clear objective, but I guarantee that those who take advantage of this time to improve will still be standing when things return to normal. Athletes - Quarantine Objectives 1. Set your Alarm - no more sleeping in.  Get plenty of rest, but wake up around when your normal time would be.  I normally wake up around 4:15am - I’m sleeping in until 5:15am but still waking up and being productive. 2. Schedule your Day - athletes such as yourself are used to daily structure: school at this time, practice after school, etc.  Don’t just wake up and say “I’m going to workout later”.  Not know ing when you’ll do something makes it easier to skip.  Schedule these things daily: workouts, online school work, film study, personal development/reading - and know exactly when you will do them. 3. Follow a nutrition plan - don’t make the mistake of binging on junk food because you are bored.  It will still be shirtless weather in a few months whether we are quarantined or not - a few months of eating like a pig can set you back the entire summer. 4. Focus on your Weaknesses - remember how you thought you would get strong hamstrings if you only had the time? Well, you have the time now.  Start incorporating daily workouts and exercises to address your weak points, whatever they may be. 5. Improve your flexibility/mobility - this is something most athletes treat as an afterthought, and I admit it falls well below most other items on my strength and conditioning priority list.  Use your extra downtime to take up yoga - there are thousands of yoga routines on youtube, try one each day until you find an instructor or series that you like. 6. Watch film - now would be a good time to watch and access your matches from this past season.  Give yourself some honest feedback? What needs to improve? Why did you lose certain positions?  Think critically and find ways to address the underlying problems. 7. Get outside - don’t stay cooped up in your house staring at your phone day after day.  Get outside for fresh air and to exercise daily.  Even if you don’t need to work on your conditioning right now, going for a long run a few times a week is great for mental health as well as your aerobic base. 8. Weekly Challenge - pick something new each week outside of your normal training to work on.  Learn to walk on your hands.  Master a muscle up.  Finally hit that 6 minute plank.  Anything you’ve been intrigued by, now is the time to work on it and conquer it. Coaches - Quarantine Objectives 1. Communicate - just because you don’t see your athletes every day at practice doesn’t mean you can’t influence and motivate them.  Call them.  Send out a mass email.  Better yet, set up a weekly Zoom conference call with your team to go over their (solo) training plans for the week and hold them accountable. 2. Self Educate - the resources at our fingertips are staggering.  Have you always wanted to learn John Smith’s low single or how to teach hand fighting like Tervel Dlagnev?  The info is out there, whether its a youtube video, a book from Amazon, or an online course, now is the time to learn so you will be a better coach after this is over. 3. Continue to Coach - one way you can do this is by aggragating Flo or youtube videos for your team to watch.  Each week make a list of X amount of matches and send the links to your team.  Maybe it’s just fun high level matches you want them to enjoy, or maybe you pick a theme - the best top wrestlers in the past 10 years, for example.  Send a set of questions for them to answer and return after viewing. 4. Assess, Organize and Create - honestly access your program and decide how you can fill in the gaps.  Create documents that you can use each season.  Organize them in Google Drive to share with your coaching staff.  Take things that were verbal or missing - room rules, team conduct, preseason training objectives - and put them “on to paper”.  This will make them more real and save you work each season going forward. 5. Train Yourself - you knew I wasn’t going to let you guys off that easy, right?  Now more than ever, it’s important for you to lead by example.  If your daily quarantine routine is Netflix and Budweiser, how can you expect to inspire your athletes from a distance?  On the flip side, if you use this time to finally drop that extra 20lbs that’s been weighing you down, it will serve as a huge motivation to your athletes to keep working hard on their own. Remember - we are all in this together.  The majority of people are going to backslide during this time and lose any type of momentum they once had.  That doesn’t have to happen to you!  Eventually when life returns to normal, be ready to hit the ground running! NEED HELP TRAINING DURING THIS TIME? Check out my Wrestling Strength Home Workout e-book 5 week STRUCTURED strength program Full Exercise Library No equipment required - designed to do AT HOME! Sign up for my WRESTLING STRENGTH E-mail list for weekly training tips and motivation.  Sign up today and get a FREE training PDF with 8 of my toughest training FINISHERS:  SIGN UP HERE

  • How to avoid Wrestling KNEE INJURIES
    by Dustin Myers on February 12, 2020 at 9:55 pm

    How to avoid wrestling KNEE INJURIES  Due to the rough, physical nature of the sport, injuries are common place in wrestling.  Probably the most common types of injuries involve trauma to the shoulder and knee joints.  A steady diet of daily shoulder pre-hab and weekly overhead stability positions have helped tremendously to cut down on the amount of shoulder and labrum tweaks I see with my athletes, but what can be done when it comes to knee injury prevention? Knee injuries can be a little bit tricky since there are a ton of variables in the direction and amount of force applied to this hinge-only joint.  While the shoulder joint is very complex and vulnerable, there is a lot of play and mobility that can keep you from experiencing trauma.  The knee, however, only bends one way, and can easily be put into a bad situation when attacking, scrambling , or even doing controlled training.  While there is no magic plan or exercise to prevent knee injuries, here are some strategies that can help: Eliminate front to back imbalances - the most common strength imbalance in athletes is overdeveloped quads and underdeveloped or weak hamstrings.  While this may not specifically cause a knee injury, anytime you have an imbalance you are opening yourself up for injury, especially during a sudden movement, change of direction or during a forceful impact.  Hamstring strength work at the knee joint (vs hip dominant movements such as RDLs) - GHR or BW/Nordic Hamstring Curls - should be a regular part of your strength program.  Prehab such as Swiss Ball Leg curls and banded leg curls for high reps can be done on a daily or regular basis.  Fix Knee Valgus - You’ve seen it before, when an athlete (sometimes even a very strong one) squats or lunges, their knee “caves” in and they go knock knee-d.  Knee Valgus is super common and can lead to ACL tears.  This typically happens due to week Glutes (leg abductors) which leads to internal rotation and adduction of the hip.  Prehab type movements such as banded Hip abduction (or “clamshells”), Glute Bridges (feet wide) or lateral lunge “walks” with a band around the mid thigh can be implemented daily as part of your athletes dynamic warm up.  Placing a band above the knee while an athlete squats under light load can teach them how to cue their abductors and focus on forcing their knees out into proper position. Train Single Leg movements in multiple planes - although the knee joint only hinges in one direction, training unilaterally in multiple planes can help eliminate or prevent the problems listed above.  Lateral lunges, split squats, side step ups, and pistol squats may not have the overall strength/mass building benefits of traditional bilateral Back Squats, but they can help better prepare the body for the physical demands of wrestling.  I also like to use single leg lateral jumps (straight to the side on to a box or on the ground at an angle) to help condition an athlete to absorb force laterally and change direction quickly, which has a huge carry over to wrestling. Need help training hard and smart?  Let me help you.  My Strength & Conditioning for Wrestling e-book series is used by elite coaches and athletes around the globe. Get started today Coach Myers E-books  

  • Should Wrestlers Bench Press?
    by Dustin Myers on January 13, 2020 at 2:51 pm

    Should wrestlers bench press? Ok, we’ve all heard the anecdotes, and maybe you find yourself reciting them as well - “wrestling is not a pressing sport” “Bench Press isn’t functional” “If you’re on your back pressing up, it’s too late” While I agree that wrestling involves the “pulling” muscles of the back and biceps much more than the “pushing” ones, it is important to be strong in every position.  Hand fighting involves both pushing and pulling, and you definitely need a strong chest to cradle up an opponent. So the short answer is “yes”.  Despite the long standing myths within wrestling culture, all wrestlers should bench press.  The slightly longer answer is that when programming bench press for wrestlers, make sure that upper body pulling movements are prioritized at a 2:1 ratio - i.e. each week do twice as much volume pulling as you do pushing. So if during the season your athletes are lifting weights twice per week, make sure both days include some heavy pulling (weighted chin ups on one day, and rows paired with your pressing movement during the second lift), and that the total volume of sets for pressing is half that of your pulling movements for the week. Some other ways to make the bench press “sport specific” for wrestling: 1. Bring in your grip - by shortening the grip to no wider than shoulder width the bench press becomes safer for the shoulder and forces the athlete to use their lats to stabilize and push the bar.  Keeping the grip medium/narrow also more closely mimics the position a wrestler would “push” during hand fighting rather than with their elbows out wide. 2. Go single - the single arm dumbbell press is one of my favorite pressing variations for wrestlers, particularly in season.  Without a second dumbbell to counterbalance, the single arm press requires a tremendous amount of anti-rotational core strength and forces the athlete to drive into the ground with their glutes - making this press as “functional”  as it gets. 3. Start low - Performing a Pin Press out of a rack is a great way to build concentric power (pressing up) without the soreness associated with eccentric (lowering the bar) loading.  Set the pins or rack so that the bar is just above the chest at the bottom position.  Get set under the bar, tense up the lats and squeeze the bar before exploding up into a press.  Rack and then have your spotters lower, or loosely guide the bar back down.  Re-set before each rep - do not bounce off of the rack. Remember!  You can’t get enough “pulling” movements - even on days off, face pulls and band scap retractions can be used as prehab to build resiliency and shoulder integrity - but that doesn’t mean you should neglect your presses.  My wrestlers bench press year round, and yours should too. The most important thing is having a structured strength plan that addresses all of the physical needs and demands of wrestling - luckily for you, I have you covered.  Check out my Wrestling Strength e-books HERE 

  • How to maintain MOMENTUM over the holidays
    by Dustin Myers on December 20, 2019 at 10:40 am

      Season’s Greetings!  With the holidays right around the corner it can be a tricky time to navigate for coaches and athletes.  Competition has started, the volume of training has been incredibly high for a few months, and whether its a holiday tournament or the start of league competition, chances are you have some important dates circled on the calendar that are approaching.  Right in the middle of all that you have…Christmas, New Years Eve, no school, traveling to see family, christmas cookies…you get the picture.  Sometimes its hard enough to fend off one distraction or momentum killer, but just when things are getting rolling you have all of this to deal with.  Rather than get tripped up by getting out of the routine, let’s use this as an opportunity to continue growing! What to do: 1. Rebuild your base.  You probably spent most of the fall months conditioning heavily to get in wrestling shape.  As the season started you found less time for conditioning except maybe sneaking some sprints or bike in after practice. If you have the holidays off from competing, now is the perfect time to hit the road (yes, even in the cold) for a long 4-6 mile run and open up those lungs.  A little time away from the mat can be the perfect time to challenge your aerobic fitness in some other ways, either running or a nice 60 minute air dyne session while you watch the Grinch.  Or… 2. De-Load.  Maybe the early season already has you feeling a little banged up.  In that case, use this time off to schedule some active recovery - yoga, float tank session, or a trip to the chiro.  Get some good aerobic work in without the impact by swimming laps at the local Y. 3. Chase the Pump.  Most of your strength training from here on out is (or should be) heavy and performance based for explosive power.  If you have some time away from your teams structured lifting sessions, hit the gym for a “feel good” lift.  Grab some moderate weight for some medium high reps and get a killer pump.  Think of a couple pump lifts as hitting the “reset” button, filling out those muscles and maintaining strength while gearing up for a return to heavy intensity. 4. Sleep in.  No school? Use this as an opportunity to get some extra rest to recharge and fuel your fire for the upcoming grind.  But remember - if you normally sleep from 10pm to 5:30am during school but on break you stay up until 4am playing video games and sleep until 11am you are actually getting less rest. 5. Take competition prep seriously.  Just because a dual or tournament coincides with winter break doesn’t mean you should treat it like a vacation activity.  Go to bed early, train hard, and be disciplined with your weight just like you would during the school year.  It can be tempting to unwind during the holiday season but you want to be the one pulling upsets because the top kid in your bracket spent too much time playing fortnight and eating cookies - not the other way around. What NOT to do: 1. Do not throw your nutrition plan out the window. I wholeheartedly believe that athletes need to enjoy christmas dinner and perhaps even have a treat or two - for their sanity if nothing else.  But that doesn’t mean nutrition should not be a focus during winter break, one cheat meal a day is fine but a cheat day is not.  If you know you’ll be having a big dinner with relatives, then pick that morning for the long run or swim you’ve been planning and then eat perfect all day leading leading up to it.  It’s important to feel like you’ve “earned” it rather than “cheated” on your diet. 2. De-Load. I know, I know…I said a deload was fine. But remember, deload means different things to different people and some interpret this as “time off”.  If you do not have scheduled practice time or strength sessions there is still plenty you can do - biking, running, light lifting, bodyweight exercises, or even some boxing on the heavy bag are great ways to de-load without back pedaling. 3. Do not worry about rankings.  Ok, you’ve had some matches and maybe these early contests have went your way, and maybe they haven’t.  Either way, look at the upcoming new year as a fresh start.  Follow my tips and progress over break and come out ready to continue on the path to your preseason goals.  But remember - this works both ways!  Early season success does not equal post season results!   Coaches - make sure to share this list with your athletes.  Enjoy the time with friends and family and have a wonderful holiday!  Want to receive training tips from me every week?  Sign up for my Wrestling Strength newsletter and get the latest knowledge and also a FREE training PDF with 8 of my toughest finishers: Yes! Teach me what you know!   Need help training your athletes NOW?  Check out my Wrestling Strength E-Book series

  • How to avoid a disastrous WEIGHT CUT
    by Dustin Myers on December 7, 2019 at 5:07 pm

    How to avoid a disastrous WEIGHT CUT By Coach Dustin Myers, CSCS Are your wrestlers cutting weight the WRONG way? Ah, yes...the proverbial elephant in the room - weight cutting.  Personally I am a huge proponent of wrestlers NOT cutting weight, particularly at the high school or youth level, but until we have a major culture change it will remain a part of the sport.  Even if an athlete is not cutting a large amount of weight the reality of being stuck between two weights (say, an athlete that walks around at 190lbs) usually leaves us with one option and that is taking off some water weight before weigh ins.  However, like most things, there are right ways and even more wrong ways to go about it, with many athletes taking off weight in ways that can be detrimental to performance and their health. What to avoid: 1. Do NOT limit your water intake early in the week. The easiest mistake to make is to limit water as you are bringing your weight down. A chronically dehydrated body becomes a sponge, retaining any water that comes in and making it hard to actually lose excess water when it comes time to make weight. Solution: stay hydrated drinking 1 gallon of water or more per day all week 2. Do NOT skip meals. Even when bringing your weight down during the week your body still needs fuel for recovery. Starving yourself will cause your metabolism to grind to a halt and your body will go into a catabolic state, eating away at the muscle you worked so hard to gain. Solution: continue to eat small nutrient dense meals 3-4 times per day the entire week.  Limit carbohydrates to fruits, veggies, and low glycemic complex carbs like quinoa and brown rice - preferably after training. High fat foods such as eggs, avocado, and nuts will provide energy and satisfy hunger even in small amounts. 3. Do NOT work hard to take off the weight. When it comes time to make weight, you should be roughly the same number of pounds over that you can safely lose in one practice. If you normally sweat off 4lbs each practice then your goal should be to walk around no more than 4lbs over by the end of the week - but the key is to lose that last 4lbs by expending the LEAST amount of energy possible. Solution: use low intensity activities such as biking and stance motion to sweat.  I would recommend running only at the beginning to get your sweat going then continue with lower intensity activities. 4. Do NOT gorge after weigh ins.  As tempting as it can be, do not pig out after making weight.   Solution: Rehydrate first - I recommend 32oz of Water with Max Effort Muscle Amino Recovery immediately - then take in some simple carbs such as a banana.  20minutes or so later treat yourself to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and continue to drink water. 5. Do NOT get behind the 8-ball.  It's natural to have a big cheat meal(s) after competing and remember that your body is going to be a sponge after being dehydrated.  Don't let that saturday night bloat carry over into monday or tuesday. Solution: the day after competing get a good sweat with some long, slow, low intensity active recovery.  You might not feel like riding the bike for an hour the morning after your tournament title, but it will help work out the soreness and get rid of the bloat from your victory feast - and make the next weight cut that much easier. Those are just a few tips to make sure your weight cut is not a disaster.  I would much rather see wrestlers eat healthy, lift heavy all season, and enjoy wrestling!   Want to learn more?  Join my FREE weekly Wrestling Strength newsletter with all of the latest training tips and techniques to take your performance to the next level!  I will also give you a training PDF with 8 of my toughest FINISHERS for free just for signing up!  Join NOW Check out my e-books and learn the same workouts I use with my elite wrestlers: Coach Myers Strength & Conditioning Programs

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  • 16 March 2017
    by (Crystal) on March 16, 2017 at 5:25 pm

    Warm up:Upper body lift prepShoulder prepREVIEW:  PUSH PRESSWORK:  PUSH PRESS  incr weight to heavy last two sets5 x 5WORK:  50-40-30-20-10Wallballs 20/14 to 10/9Sit upsDURx+  unbroken roundsRx2  40-30-20-10Rx3  Modify rep scheme further, modify movements as necessary

  • 15 Mar 2017
    by (Crystal) on March 14, 2017 at 10:00 pm

    Warm Up:10 rounds of 7 sec squat and hold at bottom, 5 sec rest at top10 each:Cossack squatSingle leg RDL each legHamstring banded kickbacksREVIEW:  BACK SQUATLIFT:  Back Squat 4 x 4 as heavy as you can for all setsWORK:3 rounds for time of:Row, 400 m21 Kettlebell Swings, 53/35 lbs (russian)12 Handstand Push UpsRx2:  HSPU off box in as much of a pike that you can manageRx3:  scaled push ups or regular push upsSILVERS:  Same

  • 14 Mar 2017
    by (Crystal) on March 13, 2017 at 10:00 pm

    Upper body lift prepshoulder prepREVIEW:  BTN PRESS - *LAT ENGAGEMENT*STRENGTH:  4 x 8 BTN PRESSTry to increase weight each setWORK:SHAM7 rounds for time of:11 Deadlifts, 1x bodyweightRun, 100 m (10 lengths yellow to yellow)You may replace running with a row, increase to 150 m

  • 13 Mar 2017
    by (Crystal) on March 12, 2017 at 11:21 pm

    Warm Up:Shoulder Prep with bandsthen 3 rnds5 inchworm1 length bear crawl1 length crab walkPRE:  Accumulate 3 mins of hollow body hold (floor) in as short a time as possibleSTRENGTH:3 sets of 3 weighted strict pull up, 3rd set should be max weightIf you do not have your strict pull up:3 x 3 negative pull ups 6-8 sec descentWORK:60 m walking lunge (yellow to yellow, 6 x)21 Pull ups21 V ups60 m walking lunge15 pull ups15 V ups60 m walking lunge9 pull ups9 sit upsRx2:  Jumping pull upsRx3:  Ring rows and regular sit upsSILVERS:Accumulate 3 mins Hollow body holdAccumulate 2 mins of hang time in ACTIVE position (can be off bars or rings)WORK:50 cal row21 Ring Rows21 DB Box step ups35 cal row15 ring rows15 DB box step ups20 cal row9 ring rows9 DB box step ups

  • 8 Mar 2017
    by (Crystal) on March 7, 2017 at 11:00 pm

    Warm Up:Shoulder prepREVIEW:  SNATCH with dowels20 minsLIFT:  SNATCH 5 x 5add weight each set, catch the bar in the power receive position and ride it down into a full squatWORK:10 MIN AMRAP21 Unbroken DU15 Push Ups5 Wallballs (20/14 to 10' all)Rx2:  broken du, 14# to 9'Rx3:  scaled DU (attempts or no rope jumps with double thigh slap)/scaled push ups/lighter wallballs or less height/depthSILVERS:Squat prepREVIEW (with dowels):  Back squatLIFT:  BACK SQUAT 5 x 5increase weight each setShoulder warm up (prep for push ups):  bear crawl, crabwalkWORK:  same as above

  • It Has Begun!
    by Andy Nunez on August 17, 2017 at 8:38 pm

    Yes, the challenge has begun! With a total 27 challengers and prizes up to $600 the competition is fierce. The main goal of the Gym Rats challenge is to help you reach your full potential… and a little friendly competition is always fun. And for a little extra motivation our featured image above is of one of our members who has completed multiple challenges and has made huge progress over her time here at Gym Rats so stay focused and you will see results. And just to make this challenge extra special, we (your Gym Rats trainers), will be joining...

  • Challenge Accepted!!!
    by Andy Nunez on August 11, 2017 at 1:26 am

    If your looking for that little extra push then our Gym Rats challenge is right for you. Not only does it help you to reach your goals, you can also win a whole lotta cash!!! We’ve been doing these challenges now for over 3 years and every challenge is unique and different than the one before mainly due to the contenders. So wether this is your tenth challenge or your doing it for the first time, its fair game for all. So check out our challenge details below and challenge yourself. Details: This is a Body Fat loss challenge, not...

  • Benefits of Strength Training
    by Andy Nunez on August 3, 2017 at 10:15 pm

    In my opinion, strength training is a must. It has amazing benefits that enhance your physical strength, mental health, physical appearance and overall well-being. Over the years of training I’ve increased my strength significantly by incorporating different methods of strength training such as bodybuilding, strongman, and hypertrophy style boot camp. These methods of training keep me from getting bored and help me to relieve stress all while continuing to build muscle. My physical appearance has changed due to an increase in muscle, which in turn keeps my body fat relatively low. Overall I feel great and can definitely say it’s...

  • Major Motivators
    by Andy Nunez on July 28, 2017 at 5:49 pm

    Motivation by definition is ones desire or general willingness to do something. We all have different things that motivate us just as we all respond differently to various motivations. But what is the since behind it? Our personality traits and/or characteristics are ultimately what determine how we respond to these motivators and what it is that specifically motivates us individually. That being said, the more you know about yourself the better you can identify things that motivate verses things that don’t. There are two major types of motivation. Intrinsic which is motivation from within (ex.  A desire to overcome, feeling...

  • BurnOut!!!
    by Andy Nunez on July 20, 2017 at 8:59 pm

    I’ve experienced my fair share of burnouts through out my fitness career and life in general. Burnout will affect everyone at some point in their lives, therefor it is vital to know the signs, and even more important, not to ignore them. Beginning symptoms include fatigue, apathy, insomnia, forgetfulness, anxiety, which can lead to loss of appetite, physical symptoms, increased illness, and depression. During training for my third competition I experienced many of these symptoms. I didn’t realize what was happening at first and just tried to keep pushing. It was a very a difficult time in my life and...

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