23 Postroctoral, PhD and Master Positions at Jülich Research Centre, Germany

Two Scientists in the Neutron Simulation Lab
Research scientist in the field of Bioinformatics and Data Management
Research scientist with focus on transmission electron microscopy (TEM)
Engineer or Scientist
Postdoc in Electrochemistry / Electrochemical Synthesis
Research Scientist in High Performance Scientific Computing in Geosciences
Research scientist / Post-Doc in remote sensing and ecosystem analysis
Postdoc “Development of a low temperature 4-tip STM”
Software Developer, Earth System Modeling for Exascale Computing
Computer scientist
Postdoc “Development of probabilistic mesoscale modelling for Cloud and Solar Power Prediction”
Postdoc “Development of probabilistic mesoscale modelling for short term wind and solar energy prediction”
Software Developer – Image Processing, Image Analysis of Plant Root Properties
Research scientist in the field of data Management / big data
PhD position specialising in the identification of application requirements and co-design
PhD position in characterization of lithium as anode material for Lithium-ion batteries
PhD Position “Pathway-Based drug discovery of novel analgesics”
PhD position in electrochemistry / electrochemical synthesis
PhD position in hydrogeophysics
Master thesis: Electrochemical Characterization of Alloy Anodes for Metal-Air Batteries
Master thesis: Influence of deuterium loading on recrystallization of tungsten
Master thesis project: Carbon nanotubes as a material for cell-electrode interfacing
Master thesis project: Development of stretchable and transparent holey electrodes on polymer substrates
Master Thesis: Preparation and Characterization of Solid Electrolyte for All-Solid-State Battery

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