Postdoc in Bioinformatics (PA2019/1296)
Doctoral student in Biology (PA2019/1407)
Research engineer in RNA and Stem Cell Biology (PA2019/1841)
Doctoral student in Fire Safety (PA2019/1510)
Postdoctor at LUDC (PA2019/312)
Senior Lecturer in Business Administration, specialising in Digital Marketing and Quantitative Methods (PA2019/1440)
Doctoral student in analytical chemistry (PA2019/1657)
Language and Study Consultant (PA2019/1172)
PhD in Chemical Engineering-Membrane filtration techniques for biorefinery applications (PA2019/1640)
Professor in Theoretical Computer Science (PA2019/1062)
Project Assistant in Translational Cancer Research (PA2019/1899)
Doctoral student in Biology (PA2019/1893)
Doctoral student in Nanoscale Quantum Thermodynamics (PA2019/1665)
Doctoral student in Service Studies, spec Cultural and Creativity (PA2018/4300)
Doctoral student in Service Studies, spec Sustainability (PA2018/4297)
PhD position: X-ray imaging techniques at brilliant sources (PA2019/1003)
Researcher in Biology (PA2019/1802)
Researcher in Biology (PA2019/1855)
Professor of Artistic Research in Theatre (PA2019/416)
PhD position in physics: Fundamental studies of optoelectronic devices for information processing (PA2019/1490)
Post doctoral fellow in applied microbiology (PA2019/1295)
Professor in Industrial Engineering and Management (PA2019/664)
Professor in Risk management and societal safety (PA2019/783)
Research Engineer in Platelet Immunology (PA2019/1700)
Senior lecturer in Innovation Studies (PA2019/1061)
Team leader to Survey, Alignment and Mechanical stability (SAM) (PA2019/1166)
Two Beamline Scientists at the APXPS Beamlines at MAX IV (PA2019/1157)
Associate senior lecturer in aerosol technology with a focus on aerosol mass spectroscopy (PA2019/1495)
Postdoctoral fellow in physical chemistry (PA2019/1567)
Substitute researcher in biotechnology (PA2019/1736)
Post-doctoral position in Behavioural Insights for Low-carbon and Resource Efficient Economies (PA2019/1795)
Post-doctoral position in Materials Science (PA2019/1555)
Post-doctoral position in Optics/Atomic Physics (PA2019/1695)
Researcher in Biophysics (PA2019/1839)
Doctoral student in biology (PA2019/979)
PhD position in physics: Experimental attosecond studies of processes in small quantum systems (PA2019/1625)
PhD position in physics: Surface Characterization of Semiconductor Nanostructures (PA2019/1554)
Postdoctoral positions in Automatic Control (PA2019/1775)
Doctoral student in Water and Environmental Engineering (PA2019/1673)
Doctoral student in research project Rethinking urban tourism development (PA2018/4503)
Doctoral studentship in Media and Communication spec. in Strategic Communication (PA2019/1678)
Senior University Lecturer in Ecosystem Science with a specialisation in Global Carbon Cycle Modelling (PA2019/1419)
Doctoral student within Agenda 2030 and unit of socialmedicine and global health (PA2019/1916)
Post-doctoral position in Computer Science (PA2019/1374)
Postdoctor in magnetic resonance imaging (PA2019/1766)
Senior University Lecturer in Mathematics with specialisation in Scientific Computing (PA2019/1420)
Scientist/PostDoc (temporary scientist) to MAXPEEM (2 years) (PA2019/1828)
Doctoral student in Biology (PA2019/955)
Post-doctoral positions in Computer Science (PA2019/1837)
Post-doctoral positions in Theoretical Computer Science (PA2019/1835)
Doctoral student in Economic History (PA2019/1868)
Doctoral student in Economic History with a focus on historical migration (PA2019/1895)
Postdoctor in Nanolithography (PA2019/1454)
Postdoctoral position aimed at agricultural and food industry professionals (PA2019/1735)
Senior Lecturers in Economics with focus on Financial Economics (PA2019/1878)
Doctoral student in organic chemistry (PA2019/1867)
Scientist to MAXPEEM (PA2019/1830)
Post Doctor in Experimental Immunology (PA2019/1909)
Doctoral Student position in Environmental Science with focus on land use for a sustainable future, within the Agenda 2030 graduate school (PA2019/1859)

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