67 PhD, Postdoctoral and Academic Positions at The Technical University of Denmark

Researcher in Hydrodynamic Loads on Offshore Wind Turbines
Assistant Professor in Floating Wind Turbines
Researcher on Interactions between Fisheries and Protected, Endangered and Threatened Species
PhD scholarship or postdoc position in Barite Scale Formation at Well Conditions
PhD scholarship in Kinetics of Scale Formation
Postdoc in Molecular Simulations of Electrolyte Solutions
PhD scholarship in GNSS Real-Time Kinematic Positioning
Postdoc in Development of Nanomaterial-based Biosensors
Postdoc in Shellfish Ecology/Production and Coastal Ecology
PhD scholarship in Advanced Thermodynamic Models for Water
Postdoc in Experimental Nanophotonics
Postdoc in Islanded Energy Systems
PhD scholarship in Energy Management System for Isolated Hybrid Power Systems
PhD scholarship in Design of Metal Powders for 3D Printing
PhD scholarship in Luminescence Dating
PhD/postdoc position for Experimental Investigations of the Thermodydamics and Kinetics of Deposition of Barite and other Hard Scales in Flowing Environments
PhD position: Investigation of Improved Recovery Processes and Rock-Fluid Interactions
Postdoc in Numerical Modelling of Fracture Growth in a Geological Setting
Postdoctoral (or Research) Fellow in Surface Science for Investigations of Stone Wool (Insulation) Dissolution
PhD scholarship in multi-drug resistant bacterial pathogens
Research Assistant in Loads and Control
PhD scholarship in Advanced Machine Learning for Critical Events Modelling and Detection for High-Risk Patients
PhD scholarship in Proton Conducting Ceramics for Hydrogen Extraction
PhD scholarships in Continuous Variable Quantum Computing, Sensing and Communication
PhD scholarship in High-temperature Corrosion of Cheap SOEC IC-steels
Postdoc in Glycoengineering of the Microbiome
Postdoc in Hydrodynamic Response Analysis of Floating Wind Turbines
12 Postdoc positions in Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Blockchain
Senior Researcher in Hygenic Design and Food Technology
Postdoc in Satellite Altimetry for Inland Water
PhD Scholarship in Renewable Energy Forecasting
Assistant Professor in Fisheries Science and Technology
Postdoc in Trusted Cloud Computing and Software Security
Postdoc in Adversarial Machine Learning for Cyber-Security
Postdoc in Secure Systems Design and Analysis based on the use of Trusted Computing Technologies
PhD studentship positions for Doing Fundamental Studies Generating and using Mass-Selected Cluster/Nanoparticles for Conversion of Sustainable Energy
Post doc in Fisheries Technology
PhD Scholarship in Identifying Oxysterol-Interacting Proteins through Specific Degradation
Two PhD scholarships in Process Modelling of CO2 Conditioning – Liquefaction and Compression
PhD scholarship in In vitro and in vivo evaluation of miniaturized allergy test
Postdoc in Augmented Reality Model of Human Hearing
PhD scholarship in Dynamic Traffic Assignment with Integrated Behavioural Modelling
PhD position in Kinetic and Thermodynamic Modeling of Gas Hydrate Systems
Postdoc in Immuno-oncology
PhD scholarship in mitigating the impact of PRV-3 infection in Rainbow trout production by high throughput diagnostic platforms
Associate/Assistant Professor in Digital Learning Technology and Statistics
Postdoc in Theory and Simulation of Molecular Spintronics
Associate/Assistant Professor in Parallel Computer Architecture
PhD scholarship in the Capabilities and Limitations of the Classical Primitive Electrolyte Equation of State Approach
PhD position in Machine Learning Quantum
PhD Scholarship in Metabolic Engineering of Spezialized Metabolite Production
PhD scholarship in Metabolomics of Spezialized Metabolites
Researcher in Numerical Modelling and Integration of Scale, Corrosion and Reservoir Souring Mitigations
PhD scholarship in Modeling and Experiment on Polymer-based Chips for Acoustofluidics
PhD Scholarship in Machine Learning-based Detection and Categorization for Robust Autonomous Ship Perception
PhD scholarship in High-resolution transmission electron microscopy of catalytic nanoparticle surfaces
PhD Student in Arctic Construction and Building Practice
Postdoc in Experimental Structural Dynamics of Wind Turbine Blades
PhD scholarship in First Principles Simulations of Domain Walls in Multiferroic Materials
PhD Scholarship in the High Throughput Exploration of the Sequence-dependence of Protein Aggregation
PhD scholarship in Protease Engineering
PhD scholarship in Machine Learning for Assisting Atomic-Resolution Electron Microscopy
Postdoc in MR Electric Impedance Tomography for Dose Control of Transcranial Electric Stimulation
Postdoc in Soft-Glass Synthesis and Fiber Fabrication
PhD Scholarship in Measuring the Catalytic Activity of a Single Nanoparticle under Real Reaction Conditions
PhD scholarship in Design and Fiber Fabrication of Neural Devices
Postdoc in Measuring the Catalytic Activity of a Single Nanoparticle under Real Reaction Conditions

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