63 Master, PhD and Postdoctoral Positions at Jülich Research Centre, Germany

Two Researchers and HPC Software Engineers for Deep / Machine Learning
Scientific Team Leader, Researcher Deep Learning / AI
Postdoc in the field of Single molecule fluorescence microscopy
Research Scientist – Computer Science, Computational Science, Mathematics
Postdoc in Advanced Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy for Fuel Cell Diagnostics
Postdoctoral scholar position in the field of terrestrial systems modeling
Postdoc in the field of nanofabrication and quantum optics
Research scientist in the field of Bioinformatics and Data Management
PhD Position or Postdoc Position – Development of optical diagnostics for DEMO
PhD Position or Postdoc Position – Test technologies for the characterization of materials after neutron irradiation
PhD Position or Postdoc Position – Integration of Effects of Neutron Irradiation on Material Properties into a FEM Virtual Tokamak Reactor framework
PhD Position or Postdoc Position – Modelling the Response of Tungsten for Fusion reator Thermal Loading Conditions
PhD Position or Postdoc Position – Fusion-Diagnostic Engineering: Development of manipulator probes for comparative plasma-wall interaction and material qualification studies in high and low flux plasma devices
PhD Position or Postdoc Position – Engineering of active and passive optical diagnostics for PWI studies in Radiation areas
PhD positions for new programs in physical theory, modeling and simulation of energy materials
PhD Position in field-scale crop and soil N modeling
PhD position in hydrological modelling in the context of agricultural applications
PhD position in UAV remote sensing
Topotactic phase transitions for neuromorphic behavior
PhD position – Modelling and optimization of a 3D GPR tomography measurement system for high resolution soil research
PhD position – Highly integrated data processing for detectors
PhD position – industrial / systems biotechnology
PhD position – Bioprocess Development using Synthetic Microbial Communities
PhD position – Metabolic Engineering for Synthetic Microbial Communities
PhD position – Structures and properties of vanadium oxides at high pressures
PhD-student position in simulation sciences, atmospheric sciences or energy physics
PhD position in plant science
PhD position – Non-invasive methods for the quantification of plant properties relevant for horticultural plant breeding
PhD position: Advances in understanding nitrate aerosol formation: Kinetics and missing mechanisms
Ph.D. position in the area of Organic Aerosol Formation and Chemical Evolution: Studying atmospheric secondary organic aerosol processes
PhD position in Molecular Biology with a focus on co-translational mechanisms of protein folding at the single-molecule level
PhD Position in a Framework for Meta Data Analysis and Interactive Exploration of large FAIR data sets: A Plant Phenotyping example
PhD position in the field of “Modeling of collective transport phenomena relevant to neuronal cascades”
PhD position in the field of “Group IV-based Si-Ge-Sn light emitters”
PhD Position “Exploitation of street canyon observations for inner city air quality forecasts and emission optimization”
PhD Position on “Simulating Cytoskeletal Dynamics”
PhD position: Cryo-EM method development
PhD position: Cryo-EM of autophagy assemblies
PhD position in “Characterization of the formation and aging of secondary organic aerosol (SOA) from complex real plant emissions under varying environmental conditions”
4 Master Theses: Four-dimensional atomic resolution electron microscopy topics
Master Thesis: Development of data acquisition electronics based on a highly integrated front-end readout chip
Master thesis: Environmental Assessment of Salt Caverns for Hydrogen Storage
Master thesis: Transmission Grid Expansion Planning within a Sector-Coupling Framework for the Energy System of Germany
Master thesis: Grid Reduction Techniques for a European Power System based on High Shares of Renewable Energy Sources
Master Thesis: Aligned metal nanowires as anisotropic transparent contact for thin-film solar modules
Master thesis: Computational performance analysis of pleated filter cartridges
Master thesis: CFD modeling of industrial scale bioreactors
Master thesis: Scalable cost model for means of passenger and freight transport in Germany
Master thesis: Techno-economic analysis of pipeline transport within the scope of international hydrogen supply pathways
Master Thesis: Modeling and implementing a digital interface for control electronics for quantum computers
Master Thesis: Behavioral Modeling of a Digital-to-Analog Converter for Qubit Control
Student Research Assistant: Programming tools for parallel computing
Master thesis: Electrochemical Characterization of Alloy Anodes for Metal-Air Batteries
Master thesis: Influence of deuterium loading on recrystallization of tungsten
Master thesis project: Carbon nanotubes as a material for cell-electrode interfacing
Master Thesis: Preparation and Characterization of Solid Electrolyte for All-Solid-State Battery
Master thesis: Model parameterization for soil-root interactions
Master Thesis: Development of a data acquisition system for Silicon Photomultipliers based on Vulcan receiver front-end ASIC
Master thesis: Large Scale Synthesis of Advanced Nanostructures as Electrocatalysts for Water Electrolysis
Master thesis: Modeling of equivalent circuits to describe elementary processes in SOFC / SOEC
Master Thesis: Microbial cell-cell variability investigation with microfluidic single-cell analysis
Master Thesis: Efficient Markov Chain Monte Carlo Techniques for Studying Large-scale Metabolic Models

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