Doctoral Grant (BOF), Infrared and chemical imaging
PhD position, Electrocatalysis
PhD position, Electrocatalysis and aspects of modern electrochemical surface science​
PhD position, Machine vision
Postdoctoral researcher, Electrocatalysis
Postdoctoral researcher, Laser-induced nucleation
Doctoral Grant (BOF), Linguistic pragmatics / sociolinguistics
Lecturer, Translation and interpreting in the global, digital age
Postdoctoral researcher, Historical future expectations in the Late Medieval and Early Modern Period
Tenured academic staff, Theatre Studies
Doctoral Grant (BOF), Organization- and Management Sciences
Tenured academic staff, Finance
Tenured academic staff, Human Resource Management/Organisational Behaviour/Organisational Development
Tenured academic staff, Strategic Management
Doctoral Grant (BOF), Architectural and construction history
Doctoral Grant (BOF), Design for a circular economy
Doctoral Grant (BOF), Administrative Law
Doctoral Grant (BOF), Cardiovascular diseases
Doctoral Grant (BOF), Chondrodysplasia drug discovery using iPSC-derived models
Doctoral Grant (BOF), Gastroenterology, oncology and omics
Doctoral Grant (BOF), Multimorbidity and its cost in the Belgium health system
PhD student / Bio-informatician in cancer genetics
Postdoctoral position, Bio-informatics
Research manager, Oncology research excellence consortium IPPON
PhD student / Bio-informatician in cancer genetics
Doctoral Grant (BOF), Artificial intelligence for bio-informatics
PhD position, 4D imaging: Dynamic X-ray Computed Tomography based on deep learning
PhD position, Applied mathematics
PhD position, Border detection of illicit drugs and precursors by highly accurate electrosensors
PhD position, Chemical imaging of pigment transformation processes in art objects
PhD position, Combined IR, NIR and XRF inspection method for art materials and objects
PhD position, Fairness in Machine Learning
PhD position, High Definition Electron Microscopy
Research coordinator, OEC µNEURO Consortium
Bioinformatics Support Manager
Postdoctoral position, Applied Reinforcement Learning
Postdoctoral position, High Definition Electron Microscopy
Research professor, Modelling and Simulation of Cyber-Physical Systems
Research coordinator, OEC µNEURO Consortium

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