Master Thesis: Development of an AE data clustering for the analysis of fracture mechanisms in glass ceramic sealants
Master thesis: Grid Reduction Techniques for a European Power System based on High Shares of Renewable Energy Sources
Master thesis: Scalable cost model for means of passenger and freight transport in Germany
Master thesis: Determination of the stable isotope composition of soil water
Master Thesis: Underlying Geometry in Reservoir Computing
Master’s thesis project: Vesicular glutamate transporters in Drosophila
Master Thesis: Efficient Markov Chain Monte Carlo Techniques for Studying Large-scale Metabolic Models
Internship, Bachelor or Master thesis: Synthesis, Characterization and Scale-Up of Intermediate Temperature Proton Conducting Electrolytes, Electrodes and Catalysts for Membrane Reactor Applications
Internship / Bachelor / Master thesis: Bio-based production of aromatic acids using genetically engineered C. glutamicum
Master thesis: Feedback regulation of biocatalytic reactions
Internship, Bachelor or Master Thesis: Research and Development on Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and Electrolysis Cells (SOFC/SOEC)
Master Thesis: Influence of the microstructure of tritium permeation barrier layers on the hydrogen retention and permeation
Master Thesis: A comprehensive solution for big data handling in material research
4 Master Theses: Four-dimensional atomic resolution electron microscopy topics
Master Thesis: Development of data acquisition electronics based on a highly integrated front-end readout chip
Student Research Assistant: Programming tools for parallel computing
Master thesis: Model parameterization for soil-root interactions
Master thesis: Doping studies in group IV Si-GeSn alloys
Master theses: Skyrmions in anisotropic chiral magnets
Master theses: Topological Insulator
PhD Position – Tuning of the Electrolyte-Electrode Interface for the Electrochemical Reduction of Carbon Dioxide
PhD Position – Electrocatalysis in Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC) Fuel Cells
PhD Position – Development of new NMR methods for the study of the molecular basis of neurotransmitter release
PhD Position – Computational Molecular Medicine
PhD Position – Computational Drug Design Against Coronavirus Targets
PhD Position – Development of Novel Electrode Architectures for AEM Electrolyzers
PhD position – “Experimental superconducting quantum computing”
PhD position in applied hydrometeorologic sciences and data analytics
PhD position on microplastic effects in the rhizosphere of crops
PhD Position – SLC26 anion exchangers in intracellular chloride homeostasis
PhD positions in terrestrial modeling and data analytics
PhD position in plant modelling – experiment performance and data analysis
PhD position – Applied hydrometeorologic sciences
PhD Positions – Quantitative Plant Sciences
PhD Position – Acidification of synaptic vesicles
PhD position – Regional air quality assessment monitored by unmanned aerial vehicles
PhD position – Regional air quality assimilation of data monitored by unmanned aerial vehicles
PhD position – The role of NOx in the formation of atmospheric organic aerosol
PhD position – Group IV-based Si-Ge-Sn nanoelectronic devices
PhD position – Group IV-based Si-Ge-Sn light Emitters
PhD position – Advances in understanding nitrate aerosol formation: Kinetics and missing mechanisms
PhD position in root-soil modelling
PhD Position – Highly integrated read-out electronics for scalable Quantum computing
PhD-Position – Conception, Design and Development of Multi-FPGA Simulation Methods for Real-time Verification of Power Electronics enabled Energy Systems
PhD-Position – Conception, Design and Development of an Electricity and Gas Grid Simulation Platform for System Analysis using an HPC Infrastructure
PhD-Position – Conception, Design and Development of an Electricity and Gas Grid Simulation Environment for System Analysis using an HPC Infrastructure
PhD-Position – Conception, Design and Development of a Digital Twin Approach for Modern Energy Systems
PhD position – Variability in the stratospheric circulation in reanalysis and climate models
PhD position in the field of atomic-scale electrical characterisation by electron microscopy
PhD position – Highly integrated data processing for detectors
PhD Position in a Framework for Meta Data Analysis and Interactive Exploration of large FAIR data sets: A Plant Phenotyping example
PhD Position on “Simulating Cytoskeletal Dynamics”
Ph.D. position: Developing and applying unique DFT code for leadership applications on HPC architectures
PhD thesis: Photoemission microscopy of liquids under operating conditions
Research Scientist – Computer Science, Computational Science or Mathematics
Physicist / Postdoc – Modelling of Neutron Guide Systems and Neutron Scattering Instruments
Postdoc in Experimental Neutrino Physics – Participation at JUNO/OSIRIS project
Postdoc – Computational Molecular Medicine
Postdoc – Computational Drug Design Against Coronavirus Targets
Scientific Software Developer with a focus on neuroscience community engagement
Software Developer – Cloud Infrastructure and Data Services
Head of Helmholtz AI High Level Support Team – Software Engineer and Researcher for Large-Scale HPC Machine and Deep Learning
Software Engineer and Researcher Large-Scale HPC Machine / Deep Learning
Postdoc for the Coordination of the Simulation Laboratory Terrestrial Systems in the framework of Geoverbund ABC/J
Scientific Software Developer – Neuroscience middleware for High-Performance Computing systems
Scientific Software Developer – Closed loop simulation engine development
Postdocs in terrestrial modeling and data analytics
Senior scientist with PhD – Energy System Engineering: Control Solutions
PostDoc or PhD position – Condensed matter research with neutrons
Research scientist in the field of Bioinformatics and Data Management
Director at the Institute of Energy and Climate Research -Systems Analysis and Technology Evaluation (IEK-STE)

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