PhD student (licentiate) in Mechanical Engineering with specialisation in Fluid and Mechatronic Systems


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Hereby advertises a position as
PhD student (licentiate) in Mechanical Engineering with specialisation in Fluid and Mechatronic Systems
formally based at the Division for Fluid and Mechatronic Systems, Institute for Management and Engineering

This doctoral study involves modeling of cyber-physical and agent-based models, system-of-system (SoS) engineering including model-based system development (MBSE) and general fields of aerospace engineering such as aircraft design. For the holistic analyses not only the vehicle’s performance has to be modelled but the applied doctrine and operational strategies must be implemented, too.

The work will focus on modeling and simulation of complex systems for aerospace applications. More specifically, the use of new types of forest firefighting aircraft and their design-performance coupling should be investigated applying agent-based simulation methods. Intermodal behavior between unmanned-aerial vehicles (UAVs), manned aircraft, ground vehicles and other data sources will also be analyzed using these simulations.

This work is part of our aeronautical engineering research group within the division of fluid and mechatronic systems and is part of a bilateral German-Swedish research project.

As a PhD student you will primarily devote yourself to your research. As a PhD student you are limited to work with education and administration up to 20 percent of full time.

Qualified to PhD studentships are only those who are or have been admitted to graduate studies.

To be eligible for graduate studies, the candidate should have a Master of Science degree in a relevant subject for the PhD position such as aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science or similar. The applicant is expected to have good knowledge and/or experience it the following fields:

  • aircraft design
  • modelling and simulation (of cyber-physical systems)
  • documented skills in programming (Matlab/Simulink, Modelica, C/C++, Python, Julia, etc.)

When selecting among eligible applicants, special attention is paid to the following optional qualifications:

  • knowledge and experience in agent-based modelling and animation/GUI programming
  • quality of the applicant’s earlier writings and other merits (e.g. Bachelor/master thesis, study thesis, internships).
  • proficiencies within aerospace applications (e.g. pilot or maintenance licenses, fire spotting, airplane construction, model airplane, ATC)

Based on the above criteria, the most suited applicants will be contacted for an interview, work samples and tests.

Appointment time
The appointment will be until further notice for a maximum of one year at a time. A licentiate student may not be employed during a period exceeding four years. The total time of appointment must not exceed the equivalent of two years´ full time research training.

Starting date 1st October 2020 or by agreement.

The salary for PhD students is based on the department’s salary scale.

Union representatives
For contact with union representatives see below.

Application procedure

Apply for the position by clicking the “Apply” button below. Your application must be received at latest on 25th August 2020.

Applications and documents received after the date above will not be considered.

Equal opportunitiesA majority of our Ph.D students within the Department are men, which is why precedence will be given to women in cases where qualifications are deemed otherwise equivalent.

Linköping University will continue to develop as an attractive and creative place of work, characterized by equal terms and actively works for equality and diversity.

We look forward to receiving your application!

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Petter Krus


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