We are looking for a researcher (MSc or PhD) for a one-year position (researcher or post-doc) in the WebInsight project at the University of Twente, faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS), jointly between the chairs of Data Management and Biometrics (in the Computer Science department) and Mathematics of Operational Research (in the department of Applied Mathematics). 

The candidates with MSc can apply for a researcher position. The candidates with PhD can apply for a post-doc position.

The WebInsight project develops, together with project partners, ultra-fast crawling of the Web for real-time market intelligence platforms. This is a practical challenge using big Web data. The work introduces predictive elements in Web crawling, such as ways to “score” websites and pages with scoring functions which reflect the patterns of change in these pages. We achieve this through the mining of Web data, and then building of predictive machine-learning models. The Web data includes both content data which characterizes the pages semantically, and structural data which characterizes link changes on the Web. Big data is available in the project by frequent crawling of the Web.

The outcomes of WebInsight are:

  • (at the University of Twente) machine learning methods for predicting the change of Web pages in either content or links, and for scoring pages with regard to their likelihood of change;
  • (across the project partners) an efficient, robust and scalable crawler using a new, dynamic, scoring approach for Web pages.

The project is joint research between applied mathematicians, computer scientists, and industrial partners in The Netherlands and France.

You will be working with Prof. Nelly Litvak (https://people.utwente.nl/n.litvak), Assist. Prof. Doina Bucur (https://people.utwente.nl/d.bucur), one other post-doctoral researcher, and a number of talented junior researchers from among our students in Computer Science or Applied Mathematics.


  • You are highly motivated and an enthusiastic researcher.
  • You have PhD or MSc degree in science, such as Computer Science, Data Science, Applied Mathematics or Statistics, Applied Physics, or other sciences related to the study of the Web (or similar large, structured systems) using ideas from data mining, network science, and machine learning.
  • You have a strong interest in the topic of Web mining, modelling, and analysis, and ambition to work towards publications in leading venues in the field, such as the Web Conference, the Conference on Web Search and Data Mining (WSDM), or Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD). An existing publication record that is relevant for (some of) the topics above is an advantage.
  • Programming skills (Python) and experience with basic data science tools and techniques (statistics, data mining) are essential. Practical skills in mining big data, and training and interpreting statistical models via machine learning are a plus.
  • You have excellent collaboration skills.
  • You have good command of English (level C1 or higher).


The university offers a dynamic ecosystem with enthusiastic colleagues in a stimulating scientific environment. We offer:

  • A researcher position for 12 months starting as early as possible;
  • Full status as an employee at the UT, including pension and health care benefits;
  • Gross salary of researcher MSc from € 2.790 per month. Gross salary of post-doc researcher from € 3.353 per month, both depending on experience and qualifications, plus holiday allowance (8%) and end-of-year bonus (8.3%).
  • Excellent facilities for professional and personal development;
  • Good secondary conditions, in accordance with the collective labour agreement CAO-NU for Dutch universities;
  • A green campus with lots of sports facilities and an international scientific community.


Are you interested to join our team? Please submit your application before 16 January 2021, via the “Apply now” button below, including:

  • A detailed CV (resume), containing your publications list, contact details of referees, and an academic transcript of BSc., MSc. and if available PhD. education.
  • An application/motivation letter, in which you describe your motivation and qualifications for this position.
  • Please highlight the experience you have and advanced courses you have followed related to: 1) proficiency in Python; 2) machine learning; 3) big data processing.

The first interviews are scheduled in the last week of January and first week of February, please take this into account.

You are welcome to contact Prof. Nelly Litvak for any questions you might have, n.litvak@utwente.nl


The faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS) uses mathematics, electronics and computer technology to contribute to the development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). With ICT present in almost every device and product we use nowadays, we embrace our role as contributors to a broad range of societal activities and as pioneers of tomorrow’s digital society. As part of a people-first tech university that aims to shape society, individuals and connections, our faculty works together intensively with industrial partners and researchers in the Netherlands and abroad, and conducts extensive research for external commissioning parties and funders. Our research has a high profile both in the Netherlands and internationally. It has been accommodated in three multidisciplinary UT research institutes: Mesa+ Institute, TechMed Centre and Digital Society Institute.

As an employer, the EEMCS Faculty offers jobs that matter. We equip you as a staff member to shape new opportunities both for yourself and for our society. With our Faculty, you will be part of a leading tech university that is changing our world for the better. We offer an open, inclusive and entrepreneurial climate, in which we encourage you to make healthy choices, for example, with our flexible, customizable conditions.

University of Twente (UT)

University of Twente (UT) has entered the new decade with an ambitious, new vision, mission and strategy. As ‘the ultimate people-first university of technology’ we are rapidly expanding on our High Tech Human Touch philosophy and the unique role it affords us in society. Everything we do is aimed at maximum impact on people, society and connections through the sustainable utilisation of science and technology. We want to contribute to the development of a fair, digital and sustainable society through our open, inclusive and entrepreneurial attitude. This attitude permeates everything we do and is present in every one of UT’s departments and faculties. Building on our rich legacy in merging technical and social sciences, we focus on five distinguishing research domains: Improving healthcare by personalised technologies; Creating intelligent manufacturing systems; Shaping our world with smart materials; Engineering our digital society; and Engineering for a resilient world.RESEARCHER/POSTDOC POSITION ON PREDICTIVE METHODS FOR WEB CRAWLING


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