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Two postdoctoral immunology fellowship position are available to join Prof Padraic Fallon’s Translational Immunology Research group in the Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. The Fellows will work on a designated project as part of a team and will have opportunities to work independently within a multi-disciplinary research environment.

Fellowship 1. Inflammatory biomarkers in COVID-19.  

We are identifying inflammatory biomarkers in patients infected with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (see: Longitudinal analysis of COVID-19 patients shows age-associated T cell changes independent of ongoing ill-health.medRxivdoi.org/10.1101/2020.12.17.20248401). The Fellow will analyse immunological biomarkers to predict clinical outcomes including disease severity, vaccine responses as well as recovery and progression to long COVID.  

Fellowship 2. Mouse models of haemophilic arthropathy.  

We have used CRISPR/Cas9 targeting to generate a new mouse model of Haemophilia A (HA). The mouse model replicates the spontaneous bleeding phenotype seen in HA patients and the joint inflammation that develops i.e. haemophilic arthropathy. We have identified inflammatory pathways involved in the genesis of haemophilic arthropathy and selectively targeted key inflammatory genes using dual transgenic mice. The Fellow will define the underlying inflammatory processes that occur in haemophilic arthropathy using this novel mouse model and explore new avenues for therapeutic intervention.  

Standard Duties and responsibilities of the Post

The post holders will be immunologists and will be:

·       Required to undertake research on inflammation projects investigating innate and adaptive immune cell activation and functions.

·       Disseminate research findings with the preparation and publication of results in leading international journals. 

·       Attend and present research internally and also at national and international conferences.

·       Participate and assist/train colleagues in related research projects. 

·       Prepare reports and professionally engage with academic, clinical and industrial partners.

·       Post holders will be encouraged, and facilitated, to progress their career in obtaining own funding for research fellowships.


Applicants will hold a PhD in immunology or related field.  

Knowledge & Experience 

The successful candidates will be highly motivated and enthusiastic scientists with the ability and ambition to undertake research of the highest standard. Applicants will have a research record with publications appropriate to career stage.

·       Applicants should have proven proficiency in immunology research using mouse models or studies on clinical samples. It is essential that applicants have expertise in immune cell experimentation including flow cytometry, cell/tissue culture and molecular techniques.   

·       Experience in bioinformatics and analysis of patient datasets are desirable.

·       Experience of working with inflammatory mouse models of disease is a prerequisite for the fellowship on transgenic mice. 

·       The ability to work independently on a project as well co-operatively within a team is essential.

Skills & Competencies

·       Immunologists with excellent writing, communication and interpersonal skills are essential.

To apply please email a brief cover letter describing relevant experience and a PDF copy of your CV along with names and contact information for 2 referees to: pfallon@tcd.ie.

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