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  • 6 of the Best Hikes in Washington State
    by Kristin on September 22, 2020 at 1:00 pm

    Just below Canada and to Idaho’s west, Washington is home to islands, fjords, temperate rainforests, dramatic mountain ranges, and glacier-carved bays reminiscent of scenes one might see in Scandinavia. I’d been seeing moody and awe-inspiring photos of the ‘PNW’ for years and had been dreaming of my own Washington adventure. Finally this summer, I got Related posts:The 21 Best Things to Do in and Around Cancún The Best Places to Visit in California in the Winter Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe Guide

  • Can You Safely Hike Alone?
    by Kristin on September 20, 2020 at 1:00 pm

    I’ll never forget my first solo hike. It wasn’t something I’d planned and prepped for. It wasn’t even intentional, as most of my solo experiences started out. Fact was, there was just no one around to join me, so I went alone. It was a night hike. It wasn’t particularly far – just a few Related posts:20 of the Best Hiking Trails in the World The 28 Most Empowering Books all Female Travelers Should Read The Cost to Travel Everywhere in the World

  • The Ultimate Camping in Virginia Guide
    by Chloe on September 17, 2020 at 1:00 pm

    Virginia encapsulates some of the best landscapes on the East Coast. You can experience the Appalachian Mountains on one side of the state and the glittering Atlantic Ocean on the other! With camping season in full swing, there are a lot of well-known and hidden gems to explore in Virginia. From getting out there and Related posts:The 21 Best Things to Do in and Around Cancún The Best Places to Visit in California in the Winter Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe Guide

  • The Perfect Washington National Parks Itinerary
    by Kristin on September 15, 2020 at 1:00 pm

    Welcome to Washington state, the kind of place where we’re so spoiled for choice that any visit will result in multiple heartbreaking decisions. OK yes, I’m being dramatic, but there are so many mountain trails to choose from, it would take months just to scratch the surface. But most of us don’t have months, we Related posts:48 Hours in Mount Rainier National Park The Best Road Trips in the American West The Best West Coast Road Trips

  • Chakras 101: The Crown Chakra
    by BMTM on September 13, 2020 at 1:00 pm

    We’ve finally made it to the last post in our chakras series! Today it’s all about the crown chakra! As the final chakra in the system, it has a unique role in human spirituality, connection, and consciousness. If you want to start at the beginning, check out the first post in this series on the Related posts:Chakras 101: The Root Chakra Chakras 101: The Sacral Chakra Earth Star Chakra: What It Is & Why It Matters

  • 21 Best Things To Do in Edinburgh, Scotland
    by Karen Worrall on September 21, 2020 at 1:26 pm

    Having lived in Edinburgh all my life, it is no wonder that I think the city is incredible. With its massive amount of history, great nightlife, and epic places to see, you can easily get overwhelmed with all the things to do in Edinburgh. It is not only a great place to visit but to Read the original post 21 Best Things To Do in Edinburgh, Scotland on The Planet D: Adventure Travel Blog.

  • 14 of The Best Things to do in Maldives
    by The Planet D on September 4, 2020 at 12:00 pm

    Looking for things to do in Maldives? You’ve come to the right place. Visiting the Maldives will transport you to paradise. With luxury bungalows extending over turquoise waters reaching out from the white sandy beach, Maldives is a dream destination. I must admit, we expected to do nothing more than bask in the sun, sip cocktails, Read the original post 14 of The Best Things to do in Maldives on The Planet D: Adventure Travel Blog.

  • Best Cycling Gear and Accessories for Weekend Warriors
    by The Planet D on September 3, 2020 at 3:31 pm

    If you are looking to do more cycling day trips or to get out on the trails more often, you will need to carry some cycling gear with you. Dave and I have been avid cyclists for more than a decade after deciding to cycle the continent of Africa in 2008. We’ve tried a lot Read the original post Best Cycling Gear and Accessories for Weekend Warriors on The Planet D: Adventure Travel Blog.

  • The Ultimate Travel Songs Playlist to Inspire Wanderlust
    by The Planet D on September 2, 2020 at 6:00 pm

    The Ulitmate Travel Song Play List is growing and you still have time to add your favorite song that inspires travel, a song that is about a destination or just makes you want to hop in your car and hit the road.On August 9th, we are holding a draw for all the people that entered our Ultimate Travel Song Contest and giving away a $25 Itunes Gift Certificate. We have had such an awesome response that we have decided to add a second part to the contest after our August 9th Draw. We are giving away an ipod nano for to the person that submits the number 1 travel song. Once all submissions are in, We will put up a poll for you to vote on your favorite Travel Song. Read the original post The Ultimate Travel Songs Playlist to Inspire Wanderlust on The Planet D: Adventure Travel Blog.

  • The Best Things to do in Bermuda for 2020
    by The Planet D on September 1, 2020 at 4:12 pm

    Bermuda is open for business! Upon hearing that the Government of Bermuda introduced the Work from Bermuda Certificate for businesses and students to work and live in Bermuda for a year, we realized that we never wrote much about our time in Bermuda except for our experience at America’s Cup. But there are so many things to do in Read the original post The Best Things to do in Bermuda for 2020 on The Planet D: Adventure Travel Blog.

  • The Lykov Family
    by Gary Arndt on September 22, 2020 at 1:15 am

    Transcript In 1978, a Soviet helicopter pilot flying over the forests of Siberia made an incredible discovery. Not far from the border of Mongolia, up the side of a mountain, he saw a clearing and signs of human habitation.  The location was far removed from any other humans. In fact, it was almost 250 kilometers ... Read moreThe Lykov Family The post The Lykov Family appeared first on Everything Everywhere Travel Blog.

  • Nijmegen: The City That Remembers
    by Gary Arndt on September 21, 2020 at 6:00 am

    Transcript Located approximately 100km east of Rotterdam, the city of Nijmegen is a mid-sized Dutch city situated on the Waal river that few people outside of the Netherlands are familiar with. For the last several years, every single day regardless of the weather, people of Nijmegen have honored events that took place in the city ... Read moreNijmegen: The City That Remembers The post Nijmegen: The City That Remembers appeared first on Everything Everywhere Travel Blog.

  • The Discovery of Fire
    by Gary Arndt on September 19, 2020 at 3:52 pm

    Transcript When we think of what made human beings into humans beings, one of the first things which come up is the discovery of fire. The control and use of fire is one of the earliest things which our ancestors did which separated us from other apes and began us on the path to becoming ... Read moreThe Discovery of Fire The post The Discovery of Fire appeared first on Everything Everywhere Travel Blog.

  • Potpourri Volume I: Survival
    by Gary Arndt on September 13, 2020 at 4:09 am

    Transcript In the course of doing research for shows, I often come across interesting facts that wouldn’t really make for an entire episode. They are really interesting, but I’m not sure how I could turn it into even a short daily podcast like this one.  So, the solution was to create an episode where I ... Read morePotpourri Volume I: Survival The post Potpourri Volume I: Survival appeared first on Everything Everywhere Travel Blog.

  • The History of the Dollar as a Currency
    by Gary Arndt on September 11, 2020 at 3:12 pm

    Transcript The currency in the United States is the dollar. You probably already knew that. It is also the name of the currency in over 20 other countries including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. What is a dollar exactly, and why is that the name of the currency in these countries?  Learn more about ... Read moreThe History of the Dollar as a Currency The post The History of the Dollar as a Currency appeared first on Everything Everywhere Travel Blog.

  • Jetting Off – Airport Travel Tips
    by IMVoyager on September 22, 2020 at 4:11 pm

    Are you jetting off, then check out these practical and sensible airport travel tips that are sure to come in handy while travelling. The airport. Am I right? Where to begin. Preparing ourselves for the airport is perhaps the only thing in life that comes close to being as overlooked as the food industry’s instructions to preheat the oven.…

  • Duladeo Temple Khajuraho, India – Dulhadev Temple
    by IMVoyager on September 17, 2020 at 1:54 pm

    Duladeo temple in Khajuraho, India is a Shiva temple part of the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Khajuraho Group of Monuments. The temples of Khajuraho are renowned throughout the world and are designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Located in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India, these temples stand as a legacy of the stunning temple art and architecture that flourished in the region during the rule of the Chandelas.…

  • Junagadh Gujarat – Best Guide To Places, Food & Everything
    by IMVoyager on September 14, 2020 at 3:49 pm

    Junagadh Gujarat, India is a city with many amazing historical places to visit and experience, this is a complete guide to Junagadh and its history. Junagadh Gujarat is a city that is deceptive in appearance. Beneath the folds of the sleepy and laid back city are wrapped intricate layers of history.…

  • Top 4 Restaurants You Should Try While In Toronto 
    by IMVoyager on September 9, 2020 at 6:23 pm

    Toronto is an absolutely gorgeous city. Read on to find out the 4 Restaurants you should try while in Toronto. Toronto is an absolutely gorgeous city that has a lot going for it, so it’s no surprise that people are flocking to buy real estate in Toronto.…

  • Mahabat Maqbara – Architecture, History, & Things To Know
    by IMVoyager on September 7, 2020 at 1:27 pm

    Mahabat Maqbara in Junagadh, Gujarat, India is a 19th-century mausoleum and an architectural gem. Read all about Mahabat Maqbara. The state of Gujarat is a land of wonder. It is the home of the Asiatic Lion and also home to many historic landmarks including the temples of Somnath and Dwarka and the Sabarmati Ashram.…

  • South Africa Garden Route: the best stops and adventures for your next road trip!
    by Sebastian Canaves on September 3, 2019 at 12:00 am

    Is there nothing better for you than to explore a country with a car? Then you definitely have to put this tour onto the list of your next road trips: the Garden Route in South Africa! Wonderful scenery, delicious food, good wine, super nice people and lots of adventures await you! And the best part: Der Beitrag South Africa Garden Route: the best stops and adventures for your next road trip! erschien zuerst auf Off The Path > International.

  • How to overcome jetlag: 10 tips that really work!
    by Sebastian Canaves on July 7, 2018 at 12:00 am

    Intro Tips to beat jetlag 1. At Home2. Set your watch3. Sleep-Wake-Rhythm4. Try melatonin5. Drink plenty of water6. Stay overnight7. Adjust to destination8. Daylight or make it dark9. Take it easy10. On your way back home Summary You know that feeling don’t you? You step off the plane, full of excitement and anticipation after a Der Beitrag How to overcome jetlag: 10 tips that really work! erschien zuerst auf Off The Path > International.

  • Road trip Scotland: What you can experience on a tour of Scotland!
    by Sebastian Canaves on March 17, 2018 at 12:00 am

    Introduction Overview Highlights Cities EdinburghGlasgow Routes 1. Highlands adventure2. Coastline and historyNorthern adventure Summary Road Trip Scotland: An incredible country! I think I have never been to one single place as often as to Scotland. This Northern part of Great Britain simply has so much to offer! Surreal landscapes like the Isle of Skye, cool cities like Edinburgh, Der Beitrag Road trip Scotland: What you can experience on a tour of Scotland! erschien zuerst auf Off The Path > International.

  • Tarifa Spain: the coolest place in southern Europe!
    by Sebastian Canaves on March 15, 2018 at 12:00 am

    Intro Where to stay Things to do Activities & Adventures Cafes & Restaurants Getting There Rental Car Summary I’ve got a new favorite place: Tarifa by Cadiz in Spain! It might be small, but it surprisingly has a lot to offer! The super beautiful beaches will absolutely blow your mind. The sweet old town has many Der Beitrag Tarifa Spain: the coolest place in southern Europe! erschien zuerst auf Off The Path > International.

    by Sebastian Canaves on March 13, 2018 at 12:00 am

    I’ve decided where I am going next. Next week I will be chilling by the beach, do a lot of surfing and drink many fresh fruit shakes. Conni and I spontaneously booked a cheap flight to backpack in Nicaragua to launch our upcoming Blog Camp Online Course next week. Nowadays, everything goes really fast. I Der Beitrag BACKPACKING FOR BEGINNERS: 12 TIPS THAT WILL MAKE YOUR EXPERIENCE BETTER! erschien zuerst auf Off The Path > International.

  • Our Favourite Films based in Barcelona
    by ApartmentBarcelona on September 9, 2020 at 11:18 am

    One of the best things about watching films is that you can recognise the odd street corner, familiar scenery or even a favourite city. When somewhere has a sentimental value, it is enjoyable to remind yourself of this place. Whether it is where you and a friend have visited, you have been there with a partner or your family, it holds a place in your memory. Barcelona as a city is held by all visitors to this high regard, with it being where memories are made by all. One of the best ways to reimagine and give a new life to these memories, if you cannot visit the place, is by watching it on film. This way you can point out where you are familiar, so that you can imagine yourself in the scene.    Here are our favourite films which are based in Barcelona Barcelona, Whit Stillman, 1994 The clue is in the name for this first one. Written and directed by Whit Stillman, this American comedy-drama takes place in our wonderful city. Ted, a Chicago salesman, lives and works in Barcelona during the 1980s, when his cousin, Fred, comes to stay. Fred, who is a U.S naval officer, comes to stay as he gets things into place for the arrival of a touring fleet. These cousins have had an up-and-down relationship that culminates in this film. Both young and single, the film follows them as they try the dating scene in Barcelona, which leads Ted into a work-related issue. This film is a great one to watch for anyone missing Barcelona, with many notable spots all over the city, it is an ideal way to remind yourself of our wonderful city, having fun in the process! Places to look out for: Av. Reina Maria Cristina, Barcelona Cathedral, El Born, Columbus Monument, Palau de la Música, Passeig de Gràcia and Hospital de Sant Pau   All About My Mother, Pedro Almodóvar, 1999 The last on our list of top 5 films based in Barcelona is a spanish-language film, directed by Pedro Almodóvar and also features Penélope Cruz. This film follows Manuela, an Argentine nurse and single mother to Esteban, a teenager with a dream of becoming a writer. A tragic event leads to Esteban’s death and leads Manuela to tie up loose ends in her life. Such as moving to Barcelona in search of Esteban’s father, a trans-woman named Lola, whom Manuela never told had a son. A powerful story that deals with very complex issues, like AIDS, homosexuality, transsexualism, faith and human nature; this film was ahead of its time and received world write success for the story it tells. Being set in Barcelona, this film gives you a strong story to learn about, in a familiar setting. We hope you enjoy them all. Places to look out for: Palau de la Música, Hospital del Mar and Sagrada Familia   The Passenger, Michelangelo Antonioni, 1975 A noir film, The Passenger begins its story with TV journalist, David Locke, staying in a hotel near the Sahara whilst making a documentary on post-colonial Africa. In the hotel he befriends an English businessman, Robertson. Robertson passes away suddenly and Locke steals his friend’s identity in order to start a new life for himself, persuading the hotel owners that the deceased person was Locke, not Robertson. This leads to Locke’s family wanting to track down “Robertson” in order to find more out about his alleged death. This search brings Martin, a friend of Locke, to Barcelona where a close encounter gives the film tension. Watch this brilliant film to find out how it ends! Places to look out for: Las Ramblas, Parc de la Ciutadella, La Pedrera and Palau Güell   Pot Luck, Cédric Klapisch, 2002 Pot Luck, also known asThe Spanish Apartment, is a french-spanish language film written and directed by Cédrick Kalpisch. The story of this film is about an economics student in his Erasmus year in Barcelona. Here, the protagonist Xavier lives in shared student accommodation with fellow students from all over Western Europe. Showing how different cultures mix together in a new environment, this feel-good film shows comradery, life-choices and friendship in a refreshing way. Making for a very enjoyable film that is set in Barcelona. Giving you a chance to relive your memories of our wonderful city. Places to look out for: University of Barcelona, Sagrada Familia, Parc Güell, Plaça Reial, Via Laietana and Barceloneta beach   Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Woody Allen, 2008 This film has some very famous faces in it, with Penélope Cruz, Scarlett Johansson and Javier Bardem, playing the main parts. Directed by Woody Allen, this rom-com focuses on two American women, Vicky and Cristina, as they spend a summer in Barcelona. When here, they meet artist Juan Antonio and the complicated love story in Barcelona begins. Juan, who enjoys the attention of both Vicky and Cristina still has a confused relationship with his ex-wife, María. This film was shot all over the city and unfolds in a dramatic way. With some great actors, this is easily one of the best films set in Barcelona. Places to look out for: Gothic Quarter, Santa María del Mar, Port Olimpíc, Las Ramblas, Parc Güell, La Pedrera, Sagrada Familia and Tibidabo. Categories: entertainmentSightsCultureTags: barcelonafilmMoviesSpainCountry: Barcelona

  • Diving in Maria la Gorda, Cuba
    by TravelDudes on September 7, 2020 at 10:30 pm

    Maria la Gorda is in Pinar del Rio province in western Cuba. It is mostly synonymous with the diving camp that is situated there. The entire settlement consists of a hotel, diving centre, small shop, sandy beach and 2 restaurants. However, even if you are not a diver, it is a nice place to spend a night. If you walk a few kilometers away from the camp, towards the top of the peninsula, you see interesting landscape -- mangrove swamp and the sea are divided by wall of old shells/corals. Some big (50 cm) empty shells there. This entire peninsula was recently run over by Hurricane Ivan (and subsequently Hurricane Wilma) and it will probably take some time to restore its natural beauty.   Diving is the main activity on offer. A range of options are available, and snorkeling trips go out with every dive (though on one trip there was little to be seen by snorkelers that couldn't be seen by snorkeling from the jetty). There is also a volleyball pitch. The hotel also advertises that it runs hiking excursions, and other entertainment, but travelers report little evidence of any of that. If you have your own transport it is possible to drive (with a paid guide) to the western end of mainland Cuba. You may see some Iguanas. There is a deep swimming hole with an underground connection to the sea (and containing some tropical fish) at the Ecological station, where the road meets the sea on the way in. Other trips (including hikes) are also available from the station. If you're interested in Cuban birdlife there are a few bits and pieces to be seen. Bee Hummingbirds (the smallest bird in the world) are said to be present on the peninsula and at Playa Larga. Royal Terns loaf on the piles near the resort entrance and there are some Yellow-headed Warblers and Black-throated Green Warblers around a dump not far from the resort - follow a track into the scrubby woodland next to a roadside pool on the inland side of the road half a mile or so from the resort entrance. In spring large black, yellow and red land crabs swarm in their hundreds across the roads (especially after rain) and the inevitable casualties attract scavenging flocks of Turkey Vultures. Quite a sight.   Getting there: There are no public buses to this part of Cuba. You can however book transfers easily through tour agencies. From Vinales for example a transfer bus leaves daily at 8:00am and returns at 5:00pm - journey time 3hrs cost 15CUC per person. Bear in mind that Maria la Gorda is a long way from anywhere. Hotel Maria la Gorda, CUC 66 for a room with 2 beds (hot water, TV, rich breakfast). This is the only hotel in entire area down from Guane. They have a complex of wooden cabins connected by walkways which were comfortable and pleasant. If anyone knows if there are Casa Particulares, please add them as a comment or write an own tip. Thanks! The dinner buffet is no good and at 15CUC per person is very bad value. There is also a small a la carte restaurant which is marginally better. When booking the hotel don't take the dinner option - you can decide when you get there if you want to risk the buffet! (In March 2006 the food was found to be OK, though the restaurant was better than the buffet. Both were no better or worse than most of the meals in various parts of Cuba.) Country: CubaCategories: Leisure & Adventure

  • What To Do in Bath, United Kingdom
    by davidurban on August 24, 2020 at 8:20 am

    Video: Category: Sights Covid killed travel. Or did it? Did it rather open our eyes to the beauty on our doorstep? To experience the local? To be more mindful of ourselves and our impact on the planet while exploring it? More introspective? I hope so. It’s a flag I've been flying for the past couple of years since producing the first Green Weekend for UNESCO UK last year, when we visited the Jurassic Coast. This time around, I took a different approach.   With so many saying travel was dead and that community spirit was lying next to it in the grave, I wanted to challenge that view (within the boundaries of the law). With my mask in tow, I went to Bath with my camera equipment, a tent and an idea. My weekend would be directed entirely by the people that I meet, there and then, in the moment – and that these encounters would be filmed. I love solo travel and the challenge of filming everything by myself appealed to me, even if from a production perspective it meant there were a few rough edges to the product, I like to think the audience would be in a forgiving manner considering the nature of the video itself, and how it was made. I started by putting a callout on Reddit’s Bath community sub for suggestions of what to do during my stay. I thought maybe one or two people might give me an idea, but I got 19 comments. Many of which were detailed explanations of viewpoints, restaurants and cycle paths from locals or people who had been to Bath before. But this was all a moot point, or at least I wanted it to be. Because this was plan B. The real aim was to meet locals in the moment and get their recommendations. This. Worked. Swimmingly. And wow, was I relieved. From all of what was being written online we would have assumed interaction between strangers would be at a premium – but almost every local I met was keen to share their ideas with me (albeit at a 2m distance!). This speaks to the strong sense of community that many relied upon or (re)discovered during the height of lockdown. I want this series to speak to that spirit and support it.   Over the weekend, I stayed at the YMCA in the city, for £20 a night it was perfectly adequate, clean and centrally located. Eventually I found someone who recommended that, considering the sun was shining (a rare event), I should head up to Victoria Park. A convenient walk 10 minutes from the city centre sent me north through tree-lined thoroughfares with wild flowers and a limestone path paving the way forward. The sound of laughter alongside the distinctive ping of a golf club hitting a ball alerted me to the mini golf course on Royal Avenue. South of the old duelling ground which has long since been abandoned but still some say is haunted and on a cold winter’s night can host poltergeists and the like. The Royal Crescent along the way is Victoria Park’s showpiece attraction. With the first stone laid for its construction in May, 1767 the iconic design inspired a whole series of crescents to be built across the UK. This first one, designed by John Wood the Younger, is made up of 30 houses built in a 200m giant sweeping arc – and best appreciated from the sky, in my opinion (watch the video!). Napoleon said an army marches on its stomach. The same analogy can be used for film productions. A circumstance made even more acute if you’re filming, interviewing and carrying all the equipment on your own. So it was time for an early lunch. Bath has great eateries and Meatbusters, a local recommendation, is no exception. Brilliant service, great hospitality. The chicken burger was succulent, with beautifully crisp brioche buns alongside sweet potato fries and a pint. Considering my state of hunger, I was in dreamland. Craig, the manager at Meatbusters who kindly gave me a free pint after I explained the whole purpose of my trip, suggested I visit the Roman Baths. I intentionally did not check Tripadvisor before visiting the city but I hazard a guess that the Roman Bath is probably number one on their list of things to do in Bath. En-route there I googled and discovered  that, due to COVID-19, only online bookings were being accepted. So, after trying to get in, I accepted my fate and moved on. There are plenty of things about Bath besides its main attraction that I’m keen to promote, and trying to shine a light on visitor attractions which may be less popular, but equally as beautiful and worthwhile seeing, is a central pillar to sustainable travel in any case. If we can spread the interest in a given place or promote off-season visitation, that is up there in terms of social benefit with which mode of transport you use to get to your destination with regard to the environment.   So, onto the next place. I was recommended a walk (vertical hike) up to the viewpoint in Alexandra Park to get ‘the best panoramic of the city’. It didn’t disappoint. After rigorous stretching and frequent breaks along the way with water pouring over my head (taking care not to wet the camera bag) during what was a heatwave weekend, I successfully made the ascent, and got out the drone. Shaz and Yvgenia were there embracing the beauty of ‘selfie-point’ as it was christened by another local. I interrupted their picture-perfect moment with a request for a place with good food and drink. Shaz was keen to promote a recently opened Indian kitchen (mercifully close to the YMCA so I could drop off the bags) that had good curries and other exotic plates. I hurtled, because of the steep angle of the descent, back down towards the city, hungry as ever, and at Bandook was met with lovely staff and food to match, able to do a quick piece to camera after dinner before the light failed me.   The day was done, as was the impromptu part of my weekend away. The next morning I interviewed Kathryn Davis, the CEO of Visit Bath for her view on tourism in the city and what lies ahead, the benefits of spontaneous travel in a post-(current?)-COVID world and why voracious seagulls were part of the visitor experience.  Bath is a World Heritage City in its own right, and the community, in my view, plays a big role in its appeal. The people were warm, welcoming and friendly enough to talk to a random stranger in the midst of a pandemic and give them advice on what to do, eat and see in their city. It’s a great testament to the people and culture there. You can’t ask for more than that. This is the first in a You Tell Me series I'll be making for UNESCO UK, documenting visits to the UK’s World Heritage sites and with every other detail about the trip inspired entirely by the local people I meet.   My top 5 highlights from the trip are below. 1. Victoria Park (With the Royal Crescent, Botanical Gardens and mini-golf course is ideal when the sun is shining for a socially distanced stroll 2. Alexandra Park 3. Fudge Kitchen 4. Pulteney Bridge and the walk along the canal 5. Bandook, Indian restaurant   Some of Reddit’s top tips on what to do while visiting Bath: 1. Dundas aqueduct Dundas aqueduct 100%, one of the coolest places in Bath. It’s also a lovely cycle along the canal to get there. recommended by spudsaregreat   2. Bath Abbey Visiting Tours I used to work as a tower tour guide in the abbey, I totally recommend contacting the manager to get a view from the top! Also, have a chat with the chaps in the Fudge Kitchen opposite the abbey entrance, they'll make your day! recommended by Stornow4y   3. Saracen’s Head Pub in Bath When I lived there, my locals were Eastern Eye, now called The Grand Eastern, for a curry and The Raven around the corner for a nice cider. Saracen's Head is nice too and they claim it's the oldest pub in Bath. recommended by Valeru28   4. The Two Tunnels For cycling, I'd definitely recommend the Two Tunnels. Which are two old railway tunnels that were converted to be part of the national cycle network (and a good cycle route), with music playing in the middle of one too. Filming these will be difficult though with it being so dark inside. There's also the Guildhall Markets, Parade Gardens, and Prior Park Ladnscape Gardens (looking a little ropey with ongoing building work though). Other great views not already mentioned are Little Solsbury Hill the namesake of the song "Solsbury Hill" by Peter Gabriel of Genisis, and Sham Castle built by Ralph Allen an old 1700's local and the namesake of a local school. recommended by user TZ26   5. Bathwick Meadow Bathwick Hill/ Meadow which has probably the best view of Bath.  recommended by d5tp Location:  51° 22' 54.2172" N, 2° 21' 32.1984" W See map: Google Maps Country: South United Kingdom

  • Bhutan Travel Guide
    by The Exploring Eyes on August 20, 2020 at 10:01 pm

    Rich in culture and tradition, Bhutan is a beauty that surpasses the ordinary. From strolling around Thimphu City to Trekking Tiger’s Nest, to enjoying the local delicacies to getting lost in the beautiful breath-taking valleys, Bhutan is in one word Magical! We've covered everything that you need to know to explore this incredible country in our all-inclusive Bhutan travel guide. Memory Montage – Our Bhutan Experience Bhutan is a small landlocked country in south Asia tucked in the Himalayan Ranges. This last standing Buddhist Kingdom is said to be one of the happiest countries in the world. Standing true to its title, this country greets everyone with the warmest of smiles ever. Strolling in the serene valleys, walking through pristine forests, soaking in the untainted air, Bhutan is the ultimate destination to disconnect and rejuvenate. Backpacking to Bhutan was one of the most exciting expeditions, not just because of the thrill of the first international trip but also because of the mystical experience this country offers.   Bhutan travel guide: What to know before you go When is the best time to visit Bhutan  Bhutan is blessed with seasonal variations. It has distinct summer, spring, monsoon and winter seasons which makes it a year-round travel destination depending upon your choice. Visit during summers for a clear look of the lush green landscapes, spring for the beautiful rhododendron flowers that lights up the valleys, monsoon for the thriving flora and fauna and winters for the magical snowfall. We visited during Spring in the month of April and absolutely loved it. The valleys come alive as the beautiful rhododendron flowers bloom in abundance. The mild cold weather, clear skies makes every view worth the while.   Capital & currency in Bhutan Thimphu is the capital of Bhutan, a modern city in an ancient place. Currency in Bhutan: Bhutanese Ngultrum (BTN) ▪ 1 INR = 1 BTN (Indian currency has one on one mapping with Bhutan) ▪ All major international currencies such as U.S. Dollar, Pound Sterling, Euro, Australian Dollar etc are easily convertible.   Do you need a visa to visit Bhutan? Citizens of India, Bangladesh and Maldives with a valid passport need a permit available at the point of entry. All other international tourists need to obtain Visa, which can be processed online.   Is it safe to travel to Bhutan? Bhutan is one of the safest place to be. Crime, petty thefts are minimal. The country scores high in the safety index.   Getting to Bhutan  Paro International Airport Bhutan has only one International airport – Paro International Airport. National Air carrier of Bhutan - Druk Air operates regular flights to Paro mostly via Kolkata, India. Search for flights on Skyscanner.   By Train/Road – This is how we did it Pocket Friendly & full of experiences. Bhutan is accessible by roads via Phuntsholing – known as the Gateway to Bhutan, it is the Bhutan side of the Indo–Bhutanese Border. We took the following route to reach.   Phuntsholing Kolkata – Hasimara (Train) - Hasimara is a small town in West Bengal, India. The Indo-Bhutanese border is a 45-minute auto ride from Hasimara station. Hasimara station – Jaigaon – (Auto) – Jaigaon is the Indian side of the Indo-Bhutanese Border. Jaigaon - Phuntsholing – Just walk by!!   Bhutan travel guide: Travel tips Money Matters Not all international debits/credit cards work in Bhutan. You might want to confirm with your bank before travelling to Bhutan. Thimphu is the best place to stock up some currency as smaller villages and towns might not have ATMS.   Wi-Fi/Network Network connectivity is good in Bhutan except for remote valleys.  Most hotels in Thimphu and Paro have Wi-Fi but you wouldn’t find internet connection in the other smaller towns/villages. ​ When in Bhutan... Try the local food in Bhutan Chillies are an essential part of Bhutanese cuisine and hence needless to say food in Bhutan is spicy. We tried a lot of local cuisines during our stay and following are the few must haves. Red Rice – One of the staple foods of Bhutan. This is a variety of rice which tastes nutty and is a little grainy. Momo – These heavenly dumplings need no introduction. Suja – The Bhutanese Butter Tea. A Frothy butter drink, salty in taste. Different but worth the try. If you eat non- veg, try Pork at any local restaurant   Hop around the local markets in Bhutan The best way to explore a country’s local culture is to visit its local markets. Phuntsholing, Thimphu and Paro are the prominent places to do some souvenir shopping. Wooden Handicraft and Hand-woven Textiles are very good in Bhutan. ​ Bhutan itinerary for 8 days Day 1: Hasimara - Jaigaon- Bhutan Day 2: Entry permit and reach Thimpu Day 3: Explore Thimpu Day 4: Day trip to Punakha via dochula pass Day 5: Thimpu to Paro via Chele la pass and Haa Valley Day 6: Hike Tigers Nest Day 7: Explore Paro  Day 8: Leave Bhutan You can read the deatiled itinerary here.   Hotels in Bhutan We stayed at the below hotels in Bhutan: Phuentsholing: Hotel Centinel  Thimpu: Hotel Tandin Paro: Hotel Sonam   5 places to visit in Bhutan Tigers Nest, the cliffside monastery Tiger’s Nest is Bhutan’s most sacred religious site and one of the must places to visit in Bhutan. Also known as Paro Taktsang, Tiger’s Nest is a beautiful Monastery hung 900 meters above on a cliff overlooking the spectacular Paro Valley. As legend has it, Guru Rinpoche flew to this site on a Tigress’ back to subdue local demons after which he meditated there for months. Guru Rinpoche is said to be the second Buddha and the one to introduce Buddhism to Bhutan.   Haa Valley, Bhuan's best kept secret One of the most beautiful valleys of Bhutan and our favourite pick has to be the Haa Valley. Approximately 65kms from Paro, this beautiful hamlet is Bhutan’s best kept secret. The Valley is very close to the disputed Indo China Border in Doklam and hence was closed for tourists till 2002. It was made available for the public in 2002. Not many people know of it, as a place to be included in their itinerary. There are numerous ancient Buddhist temples around which makes the valley ideal for hiking. A few hike options are Yangthang – Hatey Hike, Bjungneydra – Kat – Sho, Gonpa Hike, Jyenkhakha – Jamtey Gonpa – Yangthang Gonpa Hike   Punakha Monastery and river rafting Punakha is around 80kms from Thimphu and is a 2-hour ride by road. Punakha monastery is one of the most scenic one along the river bank Pho Chhu & Mo Chhu River If out of all the genres of travel, adventure is your true love, do not miss rafting in Punakha. Imagine yourself flowing with the current, all drenched while watching a few rare birds in their most natural habitat along with the beautiful Punakha valley at the backdrop. White water rafting is a different experience altogether. Pho Chu and Mo Chu rivers in Punakha are famous for river rafting in Bhutan. Little to no experience is required for rafting on these rivers as there are certified experts who would guide you throughout the course. Specific instructions are given before riding the boat and off you go for an amazing adventure. The most memorable part of the course is the point where you can see the Punakha Dzong from the river. The Dzong looks beautiful at the backdrop while rafting across.    Dochula Pass Mountain passes are always beautiful because altitude nurtures tranquillity. Located at an elevation of 3100m, Dochula pass is a tale of bravery, valour, inspiration and spirituality. This place comes on the way to Punakha from Thimpu. This beautiful mountain pass is located on the way to Punakha from Thimphu and one of the most divine places to visit in Bhutan. It was built in commemoration of 108 Bhutanese soldiers who passed away in military operations of 2003. There are 108 memorial Chorten or stupas built in remembrance of every lost soul.   Chele la Pass: the highest motorable road in Bhutan Standing on the highest possible road in Bhutan, wrapped in clouds and prayer flags, Chele La is enthralling. Located at an altitude of 3810m, Chele la links the two Valleys of Paro and Haa. • Approximately 36kms from Paro and 27kms from Haa, Chele La is situated in between the two valleys. • Because of its altitude, natural trails through forests with a view of Himalayas , Chele la is famous for mountain biking and trekking in Bhutan. • The drive to Chele La is through dense spruce forests. Depending on the season of visit, one may come across gushing waterfalls, blooming rhododendrons and yaks grazing. • The mountain slopes on the way to Chele La are covered in white poppy – a type of flower only found here and nowhere else in the world. • The temperature at the top is pretty cold and staying long becomes difficult due to the altitude. Summers are chilling but clear and winters are blood freezing cold. • One a clear day, one can view Mt. Jumolhari – one of Bhutan’s most sacred peak, standing tall at 22,000 ft.   Pack your bags and set out to travel Bhutan if you want to disconnect for a while only to reconnect again happier than ever. The serene landscapes, beautiful valleys, majestic mountains, pristine forests, soothing rivers, traditional lifestyle and warmest people makes Bhutan an experience worth every penny.   Categories: General InformationTags: travel guide BhutanCountry: Bhutan

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    Central Vietnam is home to the azure waters of the East Vietnam Sea and the spectacular Truong Son mountain range as well as ancient cities and unique culture. Danang is one of the largest cities in Vietnam and marks the central point of the country.   Here are some tips of things to do around Danang Vietnam Drive the Hai Van Pass The Hai Van Pass is a 21km road which zig zags through the mountains to link Danang with Lang Co. The pass is renowned for its scenic beauty and even featured on BBC’S Top Gear!   Explore the city of Hue Hue is a city in central Vietnam that was the seat of Nguyen Dynasty emperors and the national capital from 1802 to 1945. A major attraction is its vast, 19th-century Citadel, surrounded by a moat and thick stone walls. It encompasses the Imperial City, with palaces and shrines; the Forbidden Purple City, once the emperor’s home; and a replica of the Royal Theater.   Immerse the senses in Hoi An Hoi An is a city on Vietnam’s central coast known for its well-preserved Ancient Town, cut through with canals. The former port city’s melting-pot history is reflected in its architecture, a mix of eras and styles from wooden Chinese shophouses and temples to colorful French colonial buildings, ornate Vietnamese tube houses and the iconic Japanese Covered Bridge with its pagoda. Take a tour by Cyclo to include the Japanese Bridge, Phung Hung old house, Phuc Kien Assembly Hall and local market.   Discover the temples of Mỹ Sơn  Mỹ Sơn is a cluster of abandoned and partially ruined Hindu temples in Quảng Nam province, central Vietnam, constructed between the 4th and the 14th century by the Kings of Champa, an Indianized kingdom of the Cham people. The temples are dedicated to the worship of the god Shiva, known under various local names, the most important of which is Bhadreshvar.   Stay in a Private Pool Villa at Banyan Tree Lang Co Located just 60-minutes from Danang International airport, Banyan Tree Lăng Cô is nestled in a unique crescent bay framed by a three-kilometre beach on the Central Coast of Vietnam. The area is renowned for its pristine coastline, tropical jungles, rugged mountain peaks and close proximity to three of the world’s most stunning UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the cities of Hue and Hoi An and the relics of My Son. Designed to offer absolute privacy and exclusivity, Banyan Tree Lăng Cô features lagoon pool and beach pool villas, each of which is equipped with its own private pool, pavilion deck and king-size bed. Guests can indulge in a spa treatment at the award-winning Banyan Tree Spa, turn their hand to a Vietnamese cookery class, take an excursion in a traditional basket boat to explore Lăng Cô’s beautiful lagoons within a local fishing village, and explore the breath-taking natural beauty that surrounds the resort. Country: Centre VietnamCategories: General Information

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