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  • How I Healed from My Sister’s Death through Traveling
    by BMTMTeam on May 31, 2020 at 1:00 pm

    The following is a guest post by Sarah Weaver “We should order pizza.” We were in Montana on the side of I-90. Waiting for a tow truck. In the snow.  “I don’t think they deliver pizza to the side of interstate,” I said. “We won’t know until we call,” my sister said.  To my sister Melissa, No related posts.

  • Land of the Purple Sand: Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur, CA
    by Guest Blogger on May 28, 2020 at 1:00 pm

    Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur, California is a hidden gem along the coastline. Between the place where the mountains frame the beauty of the beach and the shore meets the surf, you will find “purple” sand sprinkled beneath your toes. The purple sand deposits are the product of erosion from the manganese garnet that washes Related posts:14 Things You Need to Know About the Havasu Falls Hike The Best Los Angeles Weekend Getaways (from a Local) The Stunning Beauty of California’s Lost Coast (In Photos)

  • The Best West Coast Road Trips
    by Kristin on May 26, 2020 at 1:00 pm

    Recent times are forcing us to reevaluate the way we travel. Is it better near home? Could there be amazing adventures in our own backyards? While I’ve had time to think about how travel will look in the future, memories of the open road remind me of the power in a good road trip. Planning your next Related posts:The Perfect California Itinerary The Perfect California Deserts Road Trip Itinerary The Best Places to Visit in California in the Winter

  • Where to See the Northern Lights in Canada
    by Kristin on May 24, 2020 at 1:00 pm

    In the eyes of the aurora hunter, few places can compete with Canada. It’s the second largest country in the world in terms of area, yet it’s one of the least densely populated with only four people per square kilometer. Combined with the country’s location in the auroral oval, Canada is the perfect (sun) storm. Related posts:Where to See the Northern Lights 7 Amazing Things to do in Tulum, Mexico 14 Things You Need to Know About the Havasu Falls Hike

  • The Ultimate Road Trip Essentials Checklist
    by Kristin on May 22, 2020 at 1:00 am

    I’ve been on a fair amount of road trips in my day. From a camper van in Chile’s Atacama Desert to Northern Thailand, the American Southwest and even Tahiti, there’s nothing as freeing as taking your own vehicle and sticking to your own timeline. Given it’s one of my favorite ways to travel, I’m sharing Related posts:The Cost to Travel Everywhere in the World The Best Books to Read For Traveling in Asia The Hands-Down Best Hiking Clothes for Women

  • 23 Unique Things to Do in Crete
    by Gabriela Ancarola on May 28, 2020 at 2:34 pm

    Crete is the biggest island in Greece. It’s such a diverse place that no matter which region you choose to visit, there’s always a new landscape ready to blow your mind. There are so many amazing things to do in Crete. With high peaks and deep gorges to explore, pristine beaches, and romantic urban scenes, Read the original post 23 Unique Things to Do in Crete on The Planet D: Adventure Travel Blog.

  • The Ultimate Camping Gear List
    by The Planet D on May 27, 2020 at 3:55 pm

    When we were planning for our camping trips to both Africa and Europe we had a hard time putting together a comprehensive camping gear list. There seemed to be a lot of recommendations but none that really covered everything. At the same time, we didn't want to pack too much. So we decided to take Read the original post The Ultimate Camping Gear List on The Planet D: Adventure Travel Blog.

  • A Local’s Guide to What to do in Barcelona at Night
    by Gabriela on May 24, 2020 at 4:03 pm

    Barcelona, a mind-blowing city with an architectural wonder in its center: Gaudi's La Sagrada Familia. But what is there to do in Barcelona at night? A lot! The cosmopolitan capital of Catalonia, Barcelona is a city of culture, art & enjoyment. Are you ready to have the best time of your life?  Party, crazy people, Read the original post A Local’s Guide to What to do in Barcelona at Night on The Planet D: Adventure Travel Blog.

  • 15 Free Things to do in Seville, Spain
    by Patricia Palacios on May 22, 2020 at 3:51 pm

    With a population of just under 700,000, you may be surprised to find out just how many things amazing attractions there are Seville. And better yet, there are many free things to do in Seville too. I would dare to say that Seville offers far more than many cities in Spain, including Barcelona and Madrid Read the original post 15 Free Things to do in Seville, Spain on The Planet D: Adventure Travel Blog.

  • The Very Best Places to Visit in Michigan
    by Sherry Trautman on May 21, 2020 at 12:47 pm

    Michigan is a favorite vacation destination for nature lovers, photographers, adventurers, extreme sports enthusiasts, and anyone looking for an unforgettable experience.  Explore this exciting and diverse state with this insider’s guide to the best places to visit in Michigan.  Places to Visit in Michigan The Great Lake State attracts visitors from around America. From the Read the original post The Very Best Places to Visit in Michigan on The Planet D: Adventure Travel Blog.

  • This Week in Travel – Episode 262
    by Gary Arndt on April 17, 2020 at 3:47 am

    This week I am joined by Jen Leo, Spud Hilton, Chris Christensen and this week’s guest Anietra Hamper. Anietra Hamper is an award-winning travel writer and photographer with a penchant for outdoor adventure and fishing for some of the largest fish in the world. Prior to writing for travel publications, Anietra spent 18 years as ... Read moreThis Week in Travel – Episode 262 The post This Week in Travel – Episode 262 appeared first on Everything Everywhere Travel Blog.

  • What Does A World Traveler Do When He Can’t Travel?
    by Gary Arndt on April 11, 2020 at 9:59 pm

    Since I sold my home in 2007, I have spent the vast majority of my nights in hotel and hostel rooms around the world. I spent almost 9 years traveling around the world non-stop, even after I stopped traveling full-time, the better part of each year was spent on the road. Even in 2020, I ... Read moreWhat Does A World Traveler Do When He Can’t Travel? The post What Does A World Traveler Do When He Can’t Travel? appeared first on Everything Everywhere Travel Blog.

  • This Week in Travel – Episode 261
    by Gary Arndt on March 13, 2020 at 7:57 pm

    This week Jen Leo, Spud Hilton, Chris Christensen and I talk about the Coronavirus Covid-19 and its impact on life, travel, and the travel industry. This Week’s News: Impact of coronavirus on the travel industry Coronavirus and the travel industry CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Could Royal Caribbean Stock Double After Coronavirus? COVID-19 ... Read moreThis Week in Travel – Episode 261 The post This Week in Travel – Episode 261 appeared first on Everything Everywhere Travel Blog.

  • Visiting Pont-du-Gard, France
    by Gary Arndt on February 6, 2020 at 4:36 pm

    The Pont-du-Gard is the remains of a Roman aqueduct that delivered water over 30km to the Roman colony of Nemausus, what is today called the modern city of Nimes. It also holds the distinction of being the highest surviving Roman aqueduct in the world. Overview The aqueduct was used as a bridge across the river ... Read moreVisiting Pont-du-Gard, France The post Visiting Pont-du-Gard, France appeared first on Everything Everywhere Travel Blog.

  • Visiting the Major Mining Sites of Wallonia
    by Gary Arndt on February 5, 2020 at 6:51 pm

    The Major Mining Sites of Wallonia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site established in 2012 which preserves the heritage of coal mining and early industrialization in Wallonia. The site consists of four different properties: Grand-Hornu, Bois-du-Luc, Bois du Cazier, and the Blegny-Mine. It is one of 12 world heritage sites in Belgium, and also on the European ... Read moreVisiting the Major Mining Sites of Wallonia The post Visiting the Major Mining Sites of Wallonia appeared first on Everything Everywhere Travel Blog.

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  • 3 Days in Amsterdam Itinerary – Ultimate Guide to Amsterdam
    by IMVoyager on May 26, 2020 at 10:35 pm

    The post 3 Days in Amsterdam Itinerary – Ultimate Guide to Amsterdam appeared first on Voyager - Sandy N Vyjay. Amsterdam is known for its canals, museums, and cycling, there is much to see and experience there, here are 3 days in Amsterdam itinerary. Let’s do a simple experiment. Ask any of your globe-trotting travel bug friends, which would be the one place in the world they would like to re-visit.… The post 3 Days in Amsterdam Itinerary – Ultimate Guide to Amsterdam appeared first on Voyager - Sandy N Vyjay.

  • Best Way to Travel from Bangalore to Tirupati for Tirupati Balaji Darshan
    by IMVoyager on May 25, 2020 at 1:29 pm

    The post Best Way to Travel from Bangalore to Tirupati for Tirupati Balaji Darshan appeared first on Voyager - Sandy N Vyjay. One can easily travel from Bangalore to Tirupati for Tirupati Balaji darshan. Different modes of travel are air, rail, and road including package tours. Tirupati in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh is sometimes referred to as, “The Vatican of the East”.… The post Best Way to Travel from Bangalore to Tirupati for Tirupati Balaji Darshan appeared first on Voyager - Sandy N Vyjay.

  • Best Hotel in Udaipur – The Maharana Bagh Udaipur
    by IMVoyager on May 21, 2020 at 11:09 am

    The post Best Hotel in Udaipur – The Maharana Bagh Udaipur appeared first on Voyager - Sandy N Vyjay. The best hotel in Udaipur is the Maharana Bagh by Trulyy. It is a nice luxury resort to stay in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Read about it in this post. Are you planning a visit to Udaipur in Rajasthan, India? If you are looking for a quiet place to relax in a secluded location, away from the crowds, we would recommend the best hotel in Udaipur – The Maharana Bagh which is a luxury resort by Trulyy.… The post Best Hotel in Udaipur – The Maharana Bagh Udaipur appeared first on Voyager - Sandy N Vyjay.

  • Preah Khan – A Guide to Preah Khan Temple, Cambodia
    by IMVoyager on May 18, 2020 at 3:27 pm

    The post Preah Khan – A Guide to Preah Khan Temple, Cambodia appeared first on Voyager - Sandy N Vyjay. Preah Khan is one of the most important temples of Siem Reap after Angkor Wat. This is a complete guide to Preah Khan covering its history and architecture. The Prasat Preah Khan stands as a magnificent example of the temples of Siem Reap, Cambodia, not far from the famed Angkor Wat temple, within the boundaries of the Angkor Archaeological Park.… The post Preah Khan – A Guide to Preah Khan Temple, Cambodia appeared first on Voyager - Sandy N Vyjay.

  • The Perfect Way to Spend a Day in NOLA – New Orleans, Louisiana
    by IMVoyager on May 12, 2020 at 2:03 pm

    The post The Perfect Way to Spend a Day in NOLA – New Orleans, Louisiana appeared first on Voyager - Sandy N Vyjay. The United States, New Orleans is a must-see place in your life. In just one day, you can pack some of the most popular places to see, eat at, and experience. Read on to find out how you spend a day in NOLA – New Orleans, Louisiana. … The post The Perfect Way to Spend a Day in NOLA – New Orleans, Louisiana appeared first on Voyager - Sandy N Vyjay.

  • South Africa Garden Route: the best stops and adventures for your next road trip!
    by Sebastian Canaves on September 3, 2019 at 12:00 am

    Is there nothing better for you than to explore a country with a car? Then you definitely have to put this tour onto the list of your next road trips: the Garden Route in South Africa! Wonderful scenery, delicious food, good wine, super nice people and lots of adventures await you! And the best part: Der Beitrag South Africa Garden Route: the best stops and adventures for your next road trip! erschien zuerst auf Off The Path > International.

  • How to overcome jetlag: 10 tips that really work!
    by Sebastian Canaves on July 7, 2018 at 12:00 am

    Intro Tips to beat jetlag 1. At Home2. Set your watch3. Sleep-Wake-Rhythm4. Try melatonin5. Drink plenty of water6. Stay overnight7. Adjust to destination8. Daylight or make it dark9. Take it easy10. On your way back home Summary You know that feeling don’t you? You step off the plane, full of excitement and anticipation after a Der Beitrag How to overcome jetlag: 10 tips that really work! erschien zuerst auf Off The Path > International.

  • Road trip Scotland: What you can experience on a tour of Scotland!
    by Sebastian Canaves on March 17, 2018 at 12:00 am

    Introduction Overview Highlights Cities EdinburghGlasgow Routes 1. Highlands adventure2. Coastline and historyNorthern adventure Summary Road Trip Scotland: An incredible country! I think I have never been to one single place as often as to Scotland. This Northern part of Great Britain simply has so much to offer! Surreal landscapes like the Isle of Skye, cool cities like Edinburgh, Der Beitrag Road trip Scotland: What you can experience on a tour of Scotland! erschien zuerst auf Off The Path > International.

  • Tarifa Spain: the coolest place in southern Europe!
    by Sebastian Canaves on March 15, 2018 at 12:00 am

    I’ve got a new favorite place: Tarifa by Cadiz in Spain! It might be small, but it surprisingly has a lot to offer! The super beautiful beaches will absolutely blow your mind. The sweet old town has many cozy shops and cafés. Tarifa has the most chilled out atmosphere ever. Seriously. But this is no wonder Der Beitrag Tarifa Spain: the coolest place in southern Europe! erschien zuerst auf Off The Path > International.

    by Sebastian Canaves on March 13, 2018 at 12:00 am

    I’ve decided where I am going next. Next week I will be chilling by the beach, do a lot of surfing and drink many fresh fruit shakes. Conni and I spontaneously booked a cheap flight to backpack in Nicaragua to launch our upcoming Blog Camp Online Course next week. Nowadays, everything goes really fast. I Der Beitrag BACKPACKING FOR BEGINNERS: 12 TIPS THAT WILL MAKE YOUR EXPERIENCE BETTER! erschien zuerst auf Off The Path > International.

  • Hamburg: Wind, Water, and Wide Green Spaces
    by TravelDudes on May 28, 2020 at 12:59 pm

    Germany's greenest city invites you to enjoy a city break in close touch with nature: with its countless Hamburg parks, nature reserves, beaches, open-air food stands and its unique urban shore, Hamburg ensures a relaxing and yet highly diverse holiday experience. In Hamburg, inspiring urban environments and soothing greenery go hand in hand – sustainable hotels, retail shopping and gastronomic venues included. No need for lengthy journeys, complex planning, or rushing. With its 31 nature reserves, Hamburg is one of the greenest cities in all of Europe, allowing visitors to enjoy urban flair combined with beautiful nature experiences. So why not venture out for a hiking trip in the nearby Harburg Hills, followed by a refreshing shandy at the legendary Strandperle with a view of passing container ships. Or take a leisurely walk around the 200-year-old Planten un Blomen Hamburg park and pop over to the adjacent Karolinenviertel afterwards for fair fashion and natural cosmetics. Or how about an extended bike tour along Hamburg’s urban shore? With a fresh tailwind, you can cycle alongside giant container ships, from the stairs quarter of Blankenese via the Oevelgönne beaches and past the St Pauli Fischmarkt all the way to the city centre. You can stop over at the Landungsbrücken for a fresh fish roll, or enjoy a cool drink on the Elbphilharmonie’s Plaza at sunset. Hamburg is a thriving green pearl, with numerous bodies of water, a continuous fresh breeze, tree-lined streets, and residents who love their city just as much as Hamburg’s guests do. Hamburg offers an excellent climate especially in the summer months – and not just in terms of temperatures, but also in terms of street food locations, outdoor cafés, and lush green getaway destinations within easy reach.   Hamburg parks and outdoor spaces – a world of outdoor experiences Hamburg has actually more bridges than Venice and Amsterdam. Little wonder though when you consider the countless canals and tributaries of the Alster Lake and the Elbe River. In Hamburg's urban ecosystem, water and nature are embedded in a unique way. If you feel like discovering the city from an entirely new angle, you can rent a stand-up paddle board or a canoe at the Alster Lake in the city centre. From there, you can make your way along the Alster canals that will take you to green residential areas and to Stadtpark Hamburg, the city’s green lung and a much-loved location for open-air events – and all this while enjoying summery temperatures and a refreshing breeze. Hamburg provides a laid-back holiday experience – not only on the water, but also on land. A relaxing summer in the city can also take the shape of browsing around the city centre, strolling through the countless inner-city parks, or chilling out on Hamburg’s waterfront. That’s because Hamburg’s retail opportunities go well beyond shopping centres, and because Hamburg parks includes Europe’s largest Japanese garden as well as Europe’s most extensive park cemetery. And because Hamburg is one of the few cities that has its very own urban beaches. The city’s cultural life is being rebooted cautiously and, due to current circumstances, Hamburg’s cultural venues will not be overcrowded this summer. But that’s just fine, because Hamburg’s locals have their own way of enjoying a long summer’s night: in the countless street cafés, or at one of the beach clubs, beer gardens and open-air restaurant terraces – some of these with a maritime view of the Elbe, and others with a view of lush greenery on the banks of the Alster.   Day trips from Hamburg And all those wishing to get away from the urban environment can simply get a train from the central station to the countryside just on Hamburg’s doorstep. In the matter of one hour, you can reach the seaside resorts on the Baltic Sea as well as the national parks and the Wadden Sea on the North Sea. The unspoilt nature around the Lauenburg Lakes to the east is also worth a day trip, as are the extensive hiking areas of the Lüneburg Heath in the south of Hamburg. And even as a stopover on the way to the Baltic Sea, the North Sea or the route to Denmark, Hamburg is the ideal place to enjoy two or three days of urban flair combined with wind, water, and wide green spaces. For all those who can’t wait to start planning their next Hamburg trip, we have compiled our very own...   Top 10 Hamburg tips revolving around water, wind, and wide green spaces Süllberg (Blankenese) With an altitude of 75 metres, the Süllberg hill in Blankenese arguably offers the best view over the Elbe River and the North German lowlands – including a star-studded terraced restaurant and a beer garden.   Falkenstein shore (Rissen) A hearty beach walk within the city boundaries, with some of the world’s largest container ships passing you by.   Jenisch Park (Nienstedten) On the slopes above the Elbe, Hamburg shows its somewhat stately face: just off the elegant Elbchaussee, this landscaped Hamburg park, which was designed as an English-style country estate, invites you to enjoy a picnic with a view of the Elbe – and to explore the art exhibits of the Jenisch Haus and the Ernst-Barlach-Haus on-site the premises.   Coast by east (HafenCity) At a prime location in the HafenCity district and with an unobstructed view of the Elbphilharmonie, this restaurant offers Asian-inspired food, with a window front that can be opened and an eye-catching interior wall that is entirely covered by green plants.   Canoeing and kayaking on the Alster Perhaps the best and most eco-friendly option are the GreenKayak boats as these combine paddling pleasure with environmental protection. Make sure to stop over at the Café Canale, where you can be served coffee and cake through a hatch while remaining in your vessel.   AlsterCliff (Harvestehude) This prominent venue directly on the Alster Lake is all about seeing and being seen. Guests can choose between the indoor café and the wooden jetty.   Strandperle (Oevelgönne) The ultimate Elbe experience. Look at the ships passing by, dig your feet into the sand and dream away the afternoon with a delicious fish roll in your hand.   Strand Pauli (St Pauli) This beach club creates the perfect holiday atmosphere, including a St Pauli off-scene flair and a fabulous view of the shipyard on the other side of the Elbe.   A cycle tour along the Elbe and Hamburg’s urban shore Enjoy the tailwind on your trip from Blankenese in the west to the Elbphilharmonie in the HafenCity, with plenty of opportunities for ­refreshment along the way. Join this bike tour.   Elbphilharmonie Plaza (HafenCity) A must for all guests since 2017, the Plaza viewing platform provides a unique panoramic view of Hamburg – with a steady west wind and best enjoyed at sunset.   It's more than parks - Hamburg is a sustainable city What is one of the main components of a city break in close touch with nature? Well, nature itself. Today, metropolitan regions are increasingly taking steps to ensure that nature and natural resources are used in a responsible manner. In Hamburg, a fresh breeze can also be felt when it comes to sustainability, as the city’s ecosystem of fair fashion, regional and seasonal cuisine, as well as sustainable mobility and upcycling projects continues to grow and thrive. Using the ICE, you can travel to Hamburg in a climate-friendly way, and thanks to Hamburg’s extensive and eco-friendly public transport network, including port ferries and the StadtRAD bike rental system, even families don’t need a car to get around. In fact, Hamburg's local public transport system is entirely CO2 neutral. Quite aptly, Hamburg Tourismus has launched the digital “Hamburg CARD Green”, which can be easily downloaded to your smartphone. The Hamburg CARD Green offers unlimited mobility, ensuring free travel by underground, suburban rail, buses and port ferries throughout your stay – in addition to countless opportunities to explore the real Hamburg. What is more, the card offers discounts at numerous (mostly sustainable) attractions across Hamburg. For example, from the Steinstrasse bus stop in the old town, lovers of regional cuisine can walk over to the Hobenköök – a market hall with Hamburg delicacies and an adjacent restaurant. Even sustainable overnight stays are easy in Hamburg: the Raphael Hotel Wälderhaus at Inselpark Wilhelmsburg, for instance, offers a holistic holiday experience amidst a forest atmosphere. And all those who would like to spend the night in a super central location will find sustainable accommodation at the Scandic Hamburg Emporio.  Country: North GermanyCategories: General Information

  • Ljubljana: A Perfect Place for Active Holidays in the City
    by TravelDudes on May 28, 2020 at 8:57 am

    When you hear the country's capital city you probably think about stunning architecture, numerous museums and galleries, churches, and delicious food in the restaurants, but you probably don't think about hiking and outdoor activities in Ljubljana! Well, Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is a green gem of Europe offering active and unique opportunities to embark on hiking trips inside the city area. There is no doubt Ljubljana is one of the greenest cities in the world. The city boasts an astounding per capita green space provision of 542 square metres, some of which can even be found in the heart of the historic city centre. Lush green and wooded areas offer a perfect opportunity for active holidays in the city. It is a green and active city with a vibrant culinary scene, wealth of museums and galleries to explore, and tours and trips to take within the city or nearby. Time to make you plan for the future travels!   We’ve collected the top 10 activities in Ljubljana to have the ultimate active holidays in the city First Impressions of the City When arriving in Ljubljana make sure to stop by Ljubljana Tourist Information Center (Adamič-Lundrovo nabrežje 2, 1000 Ljubljana), take the city map, say hi to the welcoming staff, get all the tourist information you need, buy the Ljubljana Card and book a tour to get to know the city. Purchasing a Ljubljana Card will help you save on entrance prices to over 20 of Ljubljana’s top attractions as well as cover a bicycle hire, access to wi-fi, bus transportation costs around the city and to the airport. All major things to do in Ljubljana will be covered. To get familiar with the city's streets it is best to book a guided tour in the begining of your trip. Would you rather explore the city on foot, by bike, perhaps by boat? Ljubljana offers many interesting options which are thematically different and tailored to different interests. Check the guided tours here and let the pleasant stroll through the city begin!   Get to Know the City's Main Attractions The picturesque image of the centre of Ljubljana has been marked by different historic periods and most notably by the works of the world-famous architect Jože Plečnik. Take a walk through the Ljubljana Old Town, be amazed by the Baroque and Art Nouveau buildings and visit Ljubljana Castle, the city's main attraction. You can reach the castle by funicular railway or climb it on foot. The castle's tower and ramparts offer the most beautiful views of the city. Get your cameras ready while visiting the Prešernov trg Square, the heart of the historic Ljubljana. It includes three of the most recognizable images of Ljubljana: the pink facade of the Franciscan Church, the monument to the Slovenian poet France Prešeren, and the Plečnik`s Triple Bridge. Another picture perfect spot is the famous Fountain of the Three Carniolan Rivers (Robba Fountain) standing in front of the Town Hall. The baroque masterpiece is the work of the renown sculptor Francesco Robba. And last, don’t forget to meet the dragons on the Dragon bridge and find out why Ljubljana is also called the Dragon City. It is considered that if you did not take a photo with the dragon, you were not really in Ljubljana.   Cycle Around the City and Chill in Park Tivoli Ljubljana is the cyclists’ idea of a city. Its' centre is car-free and the network of bike paths and circuits is constantly expanding. No bike? No problem! Bikes can be rented literally all over town. You can join the locals and rent one from Bicikelj, the city's bike sharing system or you can hire one in the Ljubljana Tourist Information Center for a very affordable price. Ljubljana Card holders are entitled to free four-hour bicycle hire. You can also join a city bike tour! Make sure to make a stop in the largest city park, Tivoli. Ljubljana’s central park is a popular place for socialising and relaxing. There you will find joggers, walkers, slackliners, yoga practicioners, kids enjoying the playgrounds, mini golfers, and people taking rests on the grass enjoying the parks’ charming tranquillity. You can also sit down in a popular café called Čolnarna next to the park's pleasant green fish pond area. Tivoli Park is crisscrossed with walking and recreational paths that continue into the slopes of Rožnik hill and allow an escape to nature from the centre of the city.   Hike in the City There are not many cities where the old town centre offers you a hike through the woods to the top of a hill, but Ljubljana has it all. Hiking is one of the many outdoor activities in Ljubljana! The network of hiking trails starts spreading out from the city centre and becomes more and denser as we move outwards. The green hearts of the city are the Rožnik and Šišenski hrib Landscape Park, Golovec, Rašica and the popular Šmarna gora (Mt. Saint Mary), the scenic "roof of Ljubljana" with the city’s favourite viewpoint. At the summit of Šmarna gora you can indulge in a snack or lunch at Gostilna Ledinek, with a menu consisting of traditional Slovene dishes. You can also join a biking tour from Ljubljana to Kranj to find the best view points over the city. However If you are more into mountaineering it is best you visit Ljubljana Region and explore the mountain trails there such as Grintovec or Kamniško sedlo.   Visit Central Market and Have a Picnic The central market is the heart of any city. This is certainly true of Ljubljana market, which was designed by renowned architect Jože Plečnik. It is more than just a place to shop. Traditionally, it has also been a place for the locals to meet and enjoy themselves together. Taste some seasonal produce from local farmers and growers, have a little chat with them and buy the ingredients for your picnic. Luckily Ljubljana has plenty of relaxing hidden spots for treating yourself to a picnic. You can relax on the Trnovski pristan embankment, up on the castle hill, in the Tivoli Park or park Špica, etc.   Paddle Through the City Center The river Ljubljanica, with its interesting bridges and picturesque old city centre embankments, is one of Ljubljana's most notable landmarks. The heart of Ljubljana's social life are the Ljubljanica river embankments, densely scattered with lively cafés offering outdoor seating. A good way to see the old city centre and its famous bridges, picturesque buildings and vibrant embankments from a completely different angle is to join a tourist boat cruise along the river. However, the Ljubljanica with its bridges is much more than just photogenic. It offers unique experiences which you simply must try. In the summer you can treat yourself to an exciting water session in the very centre of Ljubljana and see the city from a different angle by taking a sup or a kayak tour.   Jog Through the City Center Believe it or not, SightJogging is a real thing and is getting more popular year by year. Ljubljana with it's wide streets and squares is perfect for a pleasant run. If you’re a runner you can combine your morning run with exploring the streets of the city. No worries, the lovely Ljubljanica River will show you the way. If you’re in good condition you can also run up to the castle hill. You can also take your run on the Path of Remembrance and Comradeship, which encircles Ljubljana, symbolizes dedication to a healthy lifestyle while at the same time serving as a reminder of the city's history. It runs along the 32.5-kilometre long course of the military barbed-wire fence which surrounded Ljubljana during the Second World War. We assure you that if you complete the whole circuit, you will be ready to participate in Ljubljana Marathon in autumn. According to our calculations, during a one hour jog you will burn off 803 kilocalories, which equals about two cakes. Speaking of cakes, make sure reward yourself with Stolp cake in Lolita. You deserve it!   Don't Forget to Explore the Ljubljana Region If you have any time left we suggest you don't just enjoy the city but instead take a trip off the beaten path and discover the surrounding Ljubljana Region. The city of Ljubljana is surrounded by fascinating smaller cities, lush nature and many, many opportunities for unforgetatable adventures. You’ll wonder if you landed in Hobbit’s kingdom in the truly unique traditional herdsmen’s village on Velika planina. If you're more into adrenaline adventures we suggest you visiting the Geoss Adventure Park in the village of Slivna, which offers treetop climbing adventures, a giant zip line and a unique opportunity to spend a night in the treetops. Cave enthusiasts will be able to admire the beauty of the Mayor's Cave (Županova jama) located near the village of Cerovo. It consists of six chambers and a wealth of marvellous stalagmites, stalactites and other typical karst features. If you like hiking and cycling make sure to visit Polhov Gradec Dolomites as well and embark on exploration of the most photogenic hill in the Ljubljana area - Sveti Jakob or the hill once visited by royalty, Polhograjska Gora. If you're there, make sure to stop by the Polhov Gradec Mansion. You will not return empty-handed as the hosts will not let you leave without a Bundle of Delights from Count Blagaj’s land. If you are interested in history and the pile-dwellers unique culture, Ljubljana Marshes are the place for you. Due to its amazing natural diversity and rich heritage it is listed as UNESCO World Heritage.   Explore the Vibrant Culinary Scene Ljubljana is full of surprises not the mention their splendid culinary scene. The city's culinary offer is strongly characterised by seasonal, locally produced ingredients. Culinary adventurers can find a rich and diverse range of foods to suit all tastes and all pockets. We suggest you go for the local flavours and taste traditional dishes with a modern make-over represented by the Taste Ljubljana brand. Renowned Ljubljana chefs such as Igor Jagodic (Strelec), Jorg Zupan (Atelje) and Bine Volčič (Bistro Monstera), among others, have creatively adapted old recipes to contemporary trends. For trying some local street food we suggest Klobasarna where you will be able to try a a traditional Slovene speciality – Carniolan sausage. Another affordable way of trying Slovenian cuisine is visiting the Moji štruklji Slovenije, where they serve up a daily range of more than 20 different types of štruklji – boiled strudel – with creamy or classic fillings and toppings. To start your day healthy, we are sure Ljubljana breakfast will get you ready for your long day of exploring the city. Check Bistro EK or Slovenian House and try the most important meal of the day from top quality local and seasonal ingredients.   Take a Look at the City's Top History and Art Museums Last but not least, mix up your active adventure with visiting at least one museum or if you are more into arts, a gallery. Trust us, you will not regret it. In the National Museum of Slovenia you will discover the rich heritage of diverse history, and see the 60,000-year-old Neanderthal flute, which is the oldest musical instrument in the world. You can check the permanent exhibition of the City Museum of Ljubljana which shows the development of the city of Ljubljana from the prehistoric period to the present day. In the museum are especially proud of two findings – the world’s oldest wooden wheel and a wooden arrow that is about 40,000 years old. Exceptional collections of technical heritage are on display at the Technical Museum of Slovenia in Bistra plus you can admire Tito's limos there. Ljubljana is also the city of an exceptional artistic life. Its rich legacy is complemented by a lively contemporary art scene. The National Gallery holds mainly older iconic works of art, such as works of Baroque artists, the Slovenian impressionists, and paintings of Ivana Kobilica and Zoran Mušič. The adjacent Museum of Modern Art represents artistic phenomena of 20th and 21st century, if you like to meet Eastern European avan-garde artists check the Museum of Contemporary Art (MSUM) Metelkova.   There you have them, the top ten activities in Ljubljana for the unforgettable adventure in a beautiful city of Ljubljana. The city is maybe one of the smallest capitals of Europe, but it’s huge in terms of the variety of what you can do, see and taste there. If you are looking for an active holidays combined with rich gastronomic experiences and a thriving cultural scene Ljubljana is with no doubt the right place for you. Country: LjubljanaCategories: General Information

  • Enjoy a Sustainable Weekend in Graz
    by TravelDudes on May 25, 2020 at 9:43 am

    If you’ve never heard of the city of Graz, Austria before, it is because Graz truly is one of Europe’s last hidden gems. Situated in the south-east of Austria, Graz offers the perfect escape for those longing to escape overwhelming tourist crowds and fast travel.   Here are some tips on how to spend an enjoyable and sustainable weekend in Graz: Friday: First Impressions After arriving at your hotel (for example the newly refurbished Grand Hotel Wiesler), you can use the last hours of the day to gather some first impressions of the city. Head over to the Graz Tourist office, located in the city center, to pick up your town map as well as some useful insider tips. While you’re there, you can also consider investing in BACKUP, a reusable coffee cup, perfect for a guilt-free sip of espresso on the go. You can either keep it as a functional souvenir of your time in Graz, or return the cup to any of the 60+ participating cafes in the city.   Schlossberg Once you are equipped, it is time to get a real feel for the city. And what better way to do so than by getting a bird’s eye view? Once the home to an impressive castle, Schlossberg has been the heart of the city for hundreds of years. Although the castle fell during the Napoleonic wars, the people of Graz never lost their love for this lush green oasis with a view. There are several ways of getting to the top and each offers a unique experience in their own way. You can either take the ever-popular Schlossberg steps from the base of the mountain at Schlossbergplatz, or, if you’re tired, opt for the funicular or the lift instead. And who wouldn’t want to take an elevator through the middle of a mountain? At the top, you can take a stroll along the cobble-stoned paths, seek out hidden corners, and, of course, marvel at the impressive clock tower. And if you feel that you are losing track of time, it may be because you are losing yourself in the beauty of the place, but if you take a closer look, perhaps it’s just because the hands on the clock tower are actually reversed. End your day with a stunning view of the red rooftops of the city with a glass of crisp south-Styrian wine at the sky bar of the Schlossberg restaurant or Aiola Upstairs. PS: If you’re up for a kick of adrenaline, take the Schlossberg slide on your way down!   Saturday: Hip, Green, And Trendy One of the best things to do in Graz during the warmer months is to enjoy its ample green spaces and explore some of the city’s most trendy neighborhoods, Lend and Gries.   Farmers’ Markets Start your day early and head to one of the numerous farmers’ markets in the city. Here, you can shop for fresh regional and seasonal produce while supporting the local economy where it matters most. On average, the fruits and vegetables, meats and cheeses, and other products are produced within just 20km of the city. The markets are very popular among the locals, so do be sure to come early or everything will be sold out! One of the best farmer’s markets in Graz is located on Lendplatz. While you’re here, you can also sit down at one of the many hip cafes in the area and enjoy a cup of coffee and a piece of cake. Lenz im Lend is the perfect address for coffee during your market visit. Tip: If you ever get thirsty along your way, keep an eye open for places with a ‘Refill Austria’ sticker on the door. Here, you can fill up your water bottle with tap water for free and avoid buying plastic bottles along the way.   Sustainable Shopping Continuing on your adventure in Lend, you will come across a number of smaller, boutique-style shops in the area. The Lend district is known for its quirky art scene. Graz is part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network and was named the first City of Design in Austria. As a result, numerous design shops have settled here throughout the last years. Two of the best known are Offline and Tag.Werk.  Offline primarily employs individuals struggling with addiction. The goal of the project is to offer entry-level employment to ease the return of addicts or former addicts into the labor market. In the shop, you can find second-hand clothing, as well as various up-cycled items ranging from accessories to furniture. Tag.Werk offers employment to underprivileged youth. In the shop, you can primarily find bags and backpacks made from up-cycled materials which makes each piece unique.   Funky Architecture Returning to the city center, you will come across several quirky structures, such as the Murinsel (island in the Mur) and Kunsthaus (modern art museum). Both were conceptualized in 2003, when Graz was the European Capital of Culture. They offer a stark contrast to the traditional architecture found within the old town of Graz and dazzle the eye with pops of color, especially during the night. Kunsthaus, also dubbed the ‘Friendly alien’ due to its biomorphic blue shape, is home to ever-changing exhibitions dedicated to modern art, starting from 1960. The exhibitions offer a good mix of Austrian and foreign artists and are sure to leave you inspired after your visit. The museum is also home to one of the best design shops in the city and well worth popping in your head for. If you’re in dire need of a break, the Kunsthauscafe is one of the most popular and trendy cafes in Graz.   Multicultural Flair Continuing on on the banks of the river Mur, quite literally the pulsing artery of the city, you leave the funky yet glitzy Lend district and enter into Gries. Once known only for its red-light district, Gries has developed significantly over the last couple of decades. It still retains much of its grungy edges yet introduces a much-needed breath of multicultural flair into the city.  Today, Gries is home to a multitude of Asian, Middle-Eastern, and African shops as well as cafes and restaurants. Before World War II it was also home to a large proportion of the Jewish community in Graz. At the location of a previous synagogue which was destroyed during the November pogroms in 1938, you now find a modern structure with a glass dome in its place. Keep your eyes open for street art as you make your way south. Several intriguing pieces are hidden in the small paths and alleyways in the area!   Augarten From the synagogue, cross onto the other side of the Mur river. Here, you will find the newly reopened Augarten, one of the city’s most important green spaces. It offers a welcome reprieve from the heat during the hot summer months. The river brings a cool breeze and the trees offer plenty of shade. Benches and lounge chairs invite you to stay and have a picnic with friends.  On the edge of the park, you can also find a little cafe, Paulschlössl. It is one of several so-called ReUse cafes in Graz. The cafe offers employment to those disadvantaged in the labor market, be it due to age, health, or a lack of qualifications. The goods are sourced seasonally and regionally and most of the interior is made up of up-cycled materials.   Styrian Cuisine End your day by enjoying some typically Styrian cuisine. The best address for classic yet elevated dishes is Der Steirer. Found at the location of a former wine bar run by Hans Weitzer, this restaurant embodies the Austrian concept of “Gemütlichkeit”, or coziness. True to its heritage, the restaurant offers a nearly endless supply of wine along with a delicious selection of Austrian dishes. You can either taste yourself through the menu with their Styrian tapas, or keep it simple by ordering a traditional Styrian Backhendl (fried chicken). No matter which way you decide, you’ll be sure to finish your day on a high note.   Sunday: Historic Old Town Sunday is the perfect day to explore the city’s historic old town as well as some of its excellent museums. While you’re here, be sure to make use of the free tram connection between Jakominiplatz and Südtirolerplatz or Jakominiplatz and Schlossbergplatz.   Stroll through the historic old town Graz’s biggest draw is obviously its gorgeous and well-preserved medieval center, one of the best-preserved medieval centers in Europe. As you take a stroll through Graz’s UNESCO-protected center, you will encounter an array of elegant palaces and townhouses which bear proof to the city’s Baroque heyday. Start your tour at the city’s main square, Hauptplatz, and take a moment to marvel at the impressive city hall. Then, make your way uphill through Sporgasse and let the cobblestones take you to some of the city’s most imposing squares, Karmeliterplatz and Freiheitsplatz. Pass the Graz castle and get dizzy on its double spiral staircase, get dazzled by the elaborate tomb of Emperor Ferdinand II. Take a short breather in the castle park (Burggarten) or the city’s main park (Stadtpark) below. Don’t miss the beautiful opera house as well as the city’s own version of the Statue of Liberty on your way back. Head down Graz’s premier shopping street, Herrengasse, and enjoy the intricate facades. It is also the location of one of the city’s most memorable buildings, the painted house.   Enjoy Mediterranean flair On the way, you will pass the Landhaushof, one of the best examples of Renaissance architecture in Graz. The whole of the inner city has an Italian Renaissance overlay to it, lending Graz a very Mediterranean feel, unlike any other Austrian city. Once you return to Hauptplatz, navigate through some of the narrow alleyways on its western edge to reach the Franziskanerviertel. Have a seat at one of the many street-side cafes and enjoy a glass of Aperol Spritz for a feel of Italy in Austria.   A visit to the Styrian Armory When spending a weekend in Graz, a visit to the Styrian Armory is a must. With more than 30,000 items on display, the Styrian Armory is the largest preserved arsenal in the world. Built as a stock of arms to be handed to the local population in the event of a Turkish attack, the rich collection includes suits of armor, helmets, breastplates, swords, firearms, and cannons.  Besides the Styrian Armory, there are a number of other museums in Graz that are well-worth visiting. Some of these are Graz Museum, the Natural History Museum, and the New Gallery.   Hearty Austrian dinner To round off your visit to Graz, head to Glockenspielplatz for your dinner. At 6 o’clock PM you will find two figurines dancing up in the gable of one of the buildings. Clothed in traditional costumes, they sway to three different tunes played by 24 bells. In the same building as the Glockenspiel, you will find Glöcklbräu, one of the most popular restaurants among locals and visitors alike. Finish your weekend in Graz with a hearty portion of Spätzle or a traditional serving of Schnitzel, washed down with a tall glass of beer. Country: South AustriaCategories: General Information

  • Top 10 Cycle Routes of Great Britain
    by Visit Britain on May 7, 2020 at 11:05 am

    Green, cheap and great exercise, not to mention enormous fun, cycling is becoming ever more popular. London has just launched its own cycle hire scheme and more of us than ever are exploring Britain by bike.   We’ve got hundreds of cycle routes to choose from but here are 10 of our favourites. Millennium Coastal Path, Llanelli, Wales The Millennium Coastal Park is a 12-mile stretch of coastline on the Burry Estuary which features a purpose-built traffic-free path following the coastline along the park's entire length. Previously an area of industrial wasteland, the park has been transformed into a tranquil green corridor offering superb views of the Gower Peninsula and a variety of attractions both natural and man-made.   Lough Neagh, Northern Ireland For a unique cycling experience complete a circuit of Lough Neagh, the largest inland water in Britain and Ireland. The 113-mile, bi-directional Loughshore Trail (Route 94 of the National Cycle Network) is ideal for enthusiasts, novices and families alike. The route mainly follows quiet, country roads close to the lough’s shoreline and consists of mostly flat terrain – apart from a couple of short hilly sections which provide fantastic views over this huge expanse of water.   Limehouse to Little Venice, London, England London’s network of canals make for great traffic-free cycling and a scoot from riverside Limehouse in the east to Little Venice along the Regent’s Canal is a great way to see London from a new perspective. Explore Limehouse, once the centre of London’s working docks and now home to upmarket flats and yachts, cruise through cool Camden and check out some of London Zoo’s inhabitants en route. At 8 miles it’s easily achievable in a few hours.   Richmond to Hampton Court, London, England Wind your way along this photogenic section of the Thames from villagey Richmond to the glorious Tudor palace, Hampton Court. There are some great pubs along the way and even a sandy beach or two. For more information and other routes along the River Thames check out the Waterscape website.   Bristol and Bath Railway Path, West Country, England Linking the twin West Country jewels of Bath and Bristol, this 13-mile stretch of disused railway track begins in the historic port of Bristol and passes via Mangotsfield, Warmley and Saltford before arriving in the heart of Bath.   Chocolate Tour, Birmingham, England The crucible of the Industrial Revolution is famous for many things – canals, engineering, curries but most mouth-wateringly, chocolate. Cycle along the Rea Valley out from Birmingham city centre along the towpath of the Worcester and Birmingham Canal. If you’re hungry take a detour to Cadbury World, the factory and interactive experience dedicated to the world’s best-loved chocolate.   Marin Trail, Conwy, Wales This mountain bike trail near Llanrwst has big climbs, steep descents and truly awesome scenery. Long challenging climbs lead to miles of technical singletrack weaving through trees and boulders, across streams and down tricky gullies. Have a break for a moment to take in the views across Snowdonia National Park.   Wastwater, Lake District, England The 12-mile cycle from Wastwater to Santon Bridge via Gosforth is said to have the best view in the Lake District. Wastwater is the deepest lake in England and it’s surrounded by some glorious scenery including Scafell Pike, England’s highest mountain.   Crab and Winkle Way, Kent, England The Crab and Winkle Way links the cathedral city of Canterbury with the harbour in Whitstable. On the way you travel through Blean Woods, one of the largest areas of ancient broadleaved woodland in southern Britain, where you can find the rare heath fritillary butterfly. Don’t forget to pop into Canterbury’s magnificent cathedral, part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.   Cairngorms, Scotland The uplands of Scotland are famed for their rugged beauty and these days, their excellent mountain biking terrain. Trails in the Cairngorms National Park are rarely waymarked - instead, bring a map (there are good mountain biking route maps available locally) and go and explore. Categories: Leisure & AdventureTags: BristolLake DistrictCountry: United Kingdom

  • Top 10 Attractions of Great Britain You Didn’t Know Existed
    by Visit Britain on May 7, 2020 at 11:03 am

    Dig a little deeper and you’ll uncover some of Britain’s lesser known attractions ranging from eccentric fruit-shaped houses to murky underground caverns and exquisite small art galleries.   Here are top 10 attractions you didn’t know were there… Tower of Threave Castle, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland Standing isolated on its very own island on the River Dee is the foreboding 14th-century Threave Castle. Only accessible by rowing boat you must ring a bell to summon the boatman to take you across the water. The stronghold of the Black Douglases, it incorporates a rare artillery fortification built before 1455 when James II besieged the castle.   Westminster Cathedral, London, England Did you know there are two magnificent cathedrals in this part of London? Westminster Abbey couldn’t get much more famous but just around the corner is the lesser known Westminster Cathedral. The extraordinary Byzantine façade of domes, towers and balconies is matched by a unique and sumptuous interior, clothed in vivid mosaics and with marbles that echo those of ancient Greece and Rome. In fact the interior is so darkly exotic it stood in for the 16th-century Spanish Court in the film Elizabeth: the Golden Age.   Sir John Soane’s Museum, London, England The architect of the Bank of England’s London home is one of London’s most delightful small museums. As well as a visionary architect, Soane was a compulsive collector. Every inch of his handsome townhouse is crammed with art, artefacts and architectural treasures collected from around the world. Don’t miss the full cycle of Hogarth’s A Rakes Progress or the Egyptian sarcophagus in the basement. The whole building was designed to show off his collection with cleverly top lit rooms, hidden panels holding more art and mirrored walls. Go on the first Tuesday of each month to see the collection by candlelight.   78 Derngate, Charles Rennie Mackintosh House, Northampton, England The master of British art nouveau did almost all his best work in Scotland but his last commission was to remodel this unassuming Georgian house in the English Midlands. And his only surviving domestic project outside Scotland is a gem. Despite being nearly 100 years old, the interior is boldly modern with Mackintosh’s trademark flourishes including striking geometric patterns and daring modernist designs. 78 Derngate also incorporates a gallery with regularly changing exhibitions and events.   Kettle’s Yard Gallery, Cambridge, England If you’re ever in Cambridge and have had your fill of graceful quads, ancient colleges and grandiose libraries, walk north to Castle Street and restful Kettle’s Yard. This charming gallery has a superb collection of modern art including pieces by Ben Nicholson, Joan Miró, Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth. The former house of Tate Gallery curator Jim Ede is a beautifully lit space that still feels like a home – sit in the chairs, read the books and enjoy the artworks at your leisure.   Corris Mine Explorers, Machynlleth, Wales Delve deep into Wales’ industrial past and explore the mines of Braich Goch which were closed in the 1960s. Kitted out with a miner's cap lamp, helmet, lamp belt and safety clips you’ll discover miles of tunnel on your journey down into the darkness. See what the miners left behind from tools to cigarette packets and discover this important part of Wales’ social and economic history.   Royston Cave, Royston, Hertfordshire, England Royston Cave in Hertfordshire is unique in Europe. Believed to date from the 14th century, it’s a man-made cavern in the shape of a beehive, with a small aperture at the top for ventilation. Its most remarkable feature is an extensive range of crude wall carvings representing the Crucifixion, the Holy Family and several saints, among them St Katherine, St Laurence and St Christopher. It lay undiscovered for centuries until a workman in the 18th century unearthed a shaft that led to the cave. Nobody really knows the cave’s origins or purpose but its eerie atmosphere and deep sense of history are well worth experiencing.   Dunmore Pineapple, Falkirk, Scotland This stone pineapple built in 1761 as a garden summerhouse is a strong candidate for one of Scotland’s most bizarre buildings. You’ll find it in the grounds of Dunmore House, the ancestral home of the Earls of Dunmore. It’s part of walled gardens that were once used for the growing, of among other things, pineapples. Standing at around 14m high the pineapple is intricately carved and is an eccentric delight. And if you can’t get enough of this fruity fancy why not stay? The Landmark Trust rent it as accommodation.   Marble Arch Caves Geopark, Fermanagh and Cavan, Northern Ireland Discover the rugged uplands of Fermanagh and Cavan then find out what’s underneath. The fantastic show caves deep below this Geopark with their fascinating, natural underworld of rivers, waterfalls, winding passages and lofty chambers are a must see. Take a boat along subterranean rivers to explore spectacular caverns lit to reveal their scarred walls bristling with stalagmites, stalactites and weirdly shaped deposits formed over 600 million years ago.   The Egyptian House, Penzance, Cornwall, England You wouldn’t expect to find a slice of ancient Egypt in Cornwall but this is exactly what you’ll get if you explore the backstreets of Penzance. Sprouting with flamboyant detail this 19th-century fantasy takes the Egyptian brief and expands it to something so exuberant that historical accuracy is joyously sacrificed for something altogether more fun. You can stay in this gorgeously garish confection through the Landmark Trust.   Written and contributed by Visit Britain   Photo credit: Biepmiep Dunmore-Pineapple Jim & Claire Threave-Castle James Stringer Westminster-Cathedral Country: United KingdomCategories: Sights

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