Sony’s PS5 Gets Its First Confirmed Game With Gearbox Looter-Slasher, ‘Godfall’


The Game Awards is not messing around with some truly huge announcements including the first look at the new Xbox console, the Xbox Series X (is that actually the name? unclear). But PlayStation wanted to show off something too, as Sony has just debuted the first confirmed PlayStation 5 game. It stands to reason that we will probably see some current gen games on PlayStation 5 as remastered or upgraded versions, but Sony has not announced anything truly new yet.

PS5 exclusive Godfall looks like a hack-and-slash Destiny

At the Game Awards, we finally saw another game launching with the PlayStation 5 that’s coming next year – and that next PS5 launch title is Godfall, a console exclusive coming holiday (end of year) 2020 that looks like a hack-and-slash Destiny.

We know nearly nothing about the game, made by studio Counterplay Games and Gearbox Publishing, save for what’s revealed in this initial teaser trailer. What look like player characters in ornate armor are thrown around a storm-tossed decadent palace before staring at a colossal tower – and wrapped around the top, a gargantuan multi-headed monster. 

‘Godfall’ is a fantasy ‘looter-slasher’ RPG from Gearbox for PS5

At The Game Awards, Gearbox Publishing and developer Counterplay Games revealed one of the first few confirmed games for PlayStation 5. Following its own Borderlands 3, Gearbox is kinda staying in the looter-shooter arena, but Godfall will be somewhat different from the popular space western series.

Godfall is first ever PS5 game – trailer looks amazing

Not only did The Game Awards unveil the name and design for the next gen Xbox but it also offered up the first ever look at a PlayStation 5 exclusive game. Sony themselves weren’t there though, as it’s being published by Borderlands developer Gearbox and created by Counterplay Games – who haven’t made a console game before but are made up of a team that have worked on the likes of Ratchet & Clank, God of War, Destiny 2, and Horizon Zero Dawn. The only information offered is what you can glean from the trailer and the developer’s description of it as a looter slasher, i.e. something in the style of Destiny but with a focus on melee combat instead of shooting.

The first PlayStation 5 game was just announced

When the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X launch next winter, they’ll each come with a bunch of brand new games, including first-party and third-party titles that are being developed in time for the launch of the two consoles. Microsoft stole The Game Awards show the other day with an unexpected reveal. The company showed us what Project Scarlett looks like and told us what it’s called, revealing several vital details about it in the process. We also saw an exciting trailer for a game that’s in the works for Series X, but it’s not just the new Xbox that got some love during the show. While the first game announcement for PS5 can’t be as exciting as Microsoft’s surprise, we still have a trailer for you that gives us a quick look at a PS5 title.

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