We all follow exercises to practice them for specific goals. We hope to reach them and we are always affected and we need motivation and encouragement Permanently to continue on this habit or goal and that factor is the results. Lack of knowledge and ignorance of some very simple information and important details will be an obstacle to reaching that goal and not getting results which leads to frustration, depression and boredom from that work over time because it will become Without clear benefit .

We all know that losing fats is one of the common or usual goals which is aimed to be reached .We also know that losing fats is not easy and a little complicated. There are some tips and information helps a lot about losing fats and avoid damaging and losing the muscle instead of fat .

  • This tip is about doing cardio before weight training that when you do cardio first you typically use glycogen as fuel but by doing weight training first , you can burn the majority of glycogen stores which leads your body to use fats and help a lot in growing the muscles or toning them or even just maintaining its strength and intensity and loss fats more easily .
  • If you are working out with weights and you are building muscles or even losing weight as toning your body and trying to avoid flabbiness , you should not play cardio before weights .
  • playing cardio before weights will not prevent losing weight but actually you are losing this weight from your muscles which is unhealthy and you are not going to get out the results of getting less percentage of fats and frequently you will suffer from flabbiness which is a real big problem that will be hard to overcome it .
  • Actually when you do weights first you will have more energy and you will do better until your whole work out .
  • It seems as not really affective or important tip but it does a hug difference in that results and it would speed up your fat loss .


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