The Department of Computing Science (http://www.cs.umu.se) is looking for an Associate Professor in Computer Science with focus on Human-Computer Interaction. Starting date June 1, 2021 or as otherwise agreed.

Work description

During the first three years of the employment 50-75% of the working time will be devoted to teaching on courses in Computer Science at undergraduate level.

The primary task will be responsibility for courses in the area of Human-Computer Interaction and Computer Science-related parts of Cognitive Science, and related courses in the study programmes for Computer Science and Cognitive Science. Teaching in other areas will also be included, for example on courses in programming methodology, data structures and algorithms, artificial intelligence, computer architecture, computer networking and communication, and software engineering. Teaching on advanced level, including supervision of theses, may occur.

The work may also include research in Computer Science, preferably with focus on an area of relevance for Human-Computer Interaction.

The content of the work assignments and the distribution between research and teaching can change over time depending on needs and available resources.


According to Chapter 4, Section 4 of the Higher Education Ordinance.

An applicant shall qualify for appointment as an Associate Professor if she/he has demonstrated educational expertise and holds a doctorate or has attained equivalent academic competence or other professional skills relevant with regards to the subject area of the appointment, and the work description.

The subject area for the doctoral thesis shall be Computer Science or any related subject with relevance for employment.

Documented experience from teaching Computer Science at basic level, as well as teaching in English is required.

Assessment criteria and their weight

In the selection of candidates, particular emphasis will be put on the degree of scientific expertise and pedagogical skills, where scientific expertise will be given somewhat greater weight. In addition, the ability to lead and develop activities and staff at the university, and other skills relevant to the area of the position and the tasks that will be part of the employment will be taken into account.

Scientific excellence should be proved by independent scientific production. Criteria when evaluating this are:

  • breadth and depth of research – quality and scope
  • originality of research
  • productivity
  • contributions to the international scientific community
  • commissions of trust within the scientific society
  • the ability to competitively obtain research funding
  • collaboration with the surrounding society

Scientific expertise must be within the area of Computer Science, preferably with focus on Human-Computer Interaction. Research in intelligent user interfaces, new interaction technologies such as augmented reality, interaction with intelligent autonomous systems and cognitive aspects of HCI is a merit.

Significant emphasis will be put on scientific work published in internationally recognized scientific journals and proceedings of scientific conferences that apply a peer-review system. The quality, originality, and timeliness of the research contributions will be assessed. The scientific expertise will also be judged from the research plan that should be part of the application. Documented ability to develop and manage research projects is a merit. International research experience is a merit.

The pedagogical skills when employing an associate professor should be proved by documented experience of teaching on a scientific basis within the university sector.

Pedagogical skills are evaluated by:

  • documented skills and experience to plan, conduct and evaluate teaching, and ability to supervise and examine at both graduate and undergraduate levels
  • the ability to vary teaching methods and forms for examination in relation to expected study results and the character of the subject
  • experience of collaboration with the surrounding community regarding planning and implementation of education
  • taking part in the development of learning environments and teaching material.
  • ability to demonstrate a reflective attitude about your teaching and the learning of students
  • the ability to establish good communication with and motivate students, and to spread enthusiasm and interest for the subject

Pedagogical skills can be obtained by pedagogical education at university level, other education with relevance for university teaching, and / or documented experience of university teaching.

Teaching experience must refer to the Computer Science subject area, with focus on subjects that are taught at undergraduate level, notably programming methodology, data structures and algorithms, human-computer interaction, cognitive science, scientific computing, artificial intelligence, computer architecture, computer networking and communication, and software engineering.

Ability to teach in the human-computer interaction area is required. Ability to teach within at least one more of the listed areas is required, where ability to teach in the cognitive science area is a strong merit. Experience of teaching within other listed areas is a merit.

Ability to teach in Swedish, proven experience of teaching at graduate level including supervision of bachelor’s and master’s theses are merits. Experience in pedagogical development and leadership is a merit.

Management skills and other skills of importance should refer to the ability to lead and develop activities and staff at the university, the ability to establish cooperation between education and research on all levels, the ability to cooperate with other research groups, and to cooperate with the surrounding community. Documented ability to manage, organize and develop education or research activities is a merit. Experience of managing or participating in software development projects is a merit.


The application should preferably be written in English, and include the following items:

  1. A personal cover letter, including contact information
  2. Certified copies of relevant university degrees and diplomas
  3. Copies of five/ten research publications relevant to the position, numbered according to the publication list
  4. Attachments to a pedagogical portfolio (see p. 3.6 in Umu Application form)
  5. Certificates or documents from appraisals from e.g. the Head of Department, Director of Studies, colleagues, external assessors, and students.
  6. Optional: Evaluations of own scientific research from a national research council or the equivalent over the past five years.
  7. CV/Umu Application form. Fill in the application form (link). Submit it attached to your application in the Varbi system as your CV. Following information must be provided in the application form:
  • basic information that includes academic and professional qualifications
  • a list of articles published
  • an account of a) research experience or b) artistic expertise
  • an account of pedagogical experience and activities
  • an account of experiences of developing and managing activities and staff
  • an account of experiences regarding interacting with the surrounding society and popularizing science
  • a research plan (maximum 3 pages)
  • references, including contact details

See instructions for what to include in the application, as well as how to describe scientific and educational activities (pdf).

The Department of Computing Science is actively striving for gender balance, and thus encourages applications from women.

The application is to be submitted using the e-recruitment system of Umeå University, January 25, 2021 at the latest. Starting date June 1, 2021, or as otherwise agreed.


Further information can be obtained from head of department Erik Elmroth, elmroth@cs.umu.se, or deputy head of department Lena Kallin Westin, kallin@cs.umu.se.

The Department of Computing Science is a rapidly expanding department with more than 140 employees from around 20 different countries. We conduct research on a broad range of topics in the area of Computing Science. We also offer a broad selection of courses and study programs at bachelor, master, and doctoral level. Each year, over 1500 students take at least one course at our department. The research at the department is internationally well established, and is motivated both by fundamental questions and application needs within different areas. We develop new theory and methods as well as realise the results in new software. See https://www.umu.se/en/department-of-computing-science/research/research-groups/ for more information about research at the department.

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