PhD and Academic Positions at Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the CAS, a leading research institution in Czech Republic

Director of IOCB Prague

PHD PROJECTComputational modeling of molecular optical activityTutor: Petr Bouř

PHD PROJECTDesign and synthesis of novel prodrugs of nucleotide analoguesTutor: Zlatko Janeba

PHD PROJECTPhotochemistry and Spectroscopy of Organic Radical IonsTutor: Tomáš Slanina

PHD PROJECTPhotochemical Catch and Release StrategyTutor: Tomáš Slanina

PHD PROJECTChiral macrocycles for specialty biomedical applicationsTutor: Miloslav Polášek

PHD PROJECTTechnology for separation of medical radionuclides of lanthanidesTutor: Miloslav Polášek

PHD PROJECTNew deazapurine nucleosides and prodrugs as potential cytostaticsTutor: Michal Hocek

PHD PROJECTModified ribonucleotides for enzymatic synthesis of RNA analoguesTutor: Michal Hocek

PHD PROJECTModified nucleotides for selection of functional nucleic acidsTutor: Michal Hocek

PHD PROJECTDevelopment of Molecular Machines for the Surface ApplicationsTutor: Jiří Kaleta

PHD PROJECTPhotophysics of nanostructures with scanning spectromicroscopyTutor: Martin Švec

PHD PROJECTNonplanar unconventional pi-electron systemsTutor: Irena G. Stará

PHD PROJECTEnantioselective catalysis under the control of helical chiralityTutor: Ivo Starý

PHD PROJECTComputational mass spectrometryTutor: Tomáš Pluskal

PHD PROJECTTransient nuclear protein-protein interaction networksTutor: Václav Veverka

PHD PROJECTThe role of anorexigenic and orexigenic peptides in pathogenesis of obesity and neurodegenerationTutor: Lenka Maletínská

PHD PROJECTThe polymeric conjugates as an experimental tool in immunomodulation and immunotherapyTutor: Tereza Ormsby

PHD PROJECTViral proteases of important human pathogensTutor: Taťána Majerová

PHD PROJECTDelivery tools for crossing the blood brain barrierTutor: Pavel ŠáchaPHD PROJECTMedicinal chemistry/chemical biology projectTutor: Jan Konvalinka

PHD PROJECTTwo PhD studentships in organic chemistryTutor: Ullrich Jahn

Postdoctoral research associate in mass-spectrometry and molecular biologyHana Cahová Group

IT specialist in High-Performance Computing for computational core facilityCryogenic electron microscopy

Technician in Targeted Research Group “HBV Cure”Gabriel Birkuš Group

Postdoctoral position in cancer immunotherapyGabriel Birkuš Group

Postdoctoral fellow in structural biochemistryMichael Mareš Group

PhD or postdoctoral position in computational mass spectrometryTomáš Pluskal Group

Postdoctoral position in bioorganic chemistry of nucleic acidsMichal Hocek Group

PHD PROJECTPhD study in bioorganic chemistry at IOCB Prague and Charles UniversityTutor: Michal Hocek

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