PhD and Academic Positions at Wageningen University & Research , a public university in Wageningen, The Netherlands.

Vacancy: Management Support OfficerPublication date:13 Jan 2022Expiration date:31 Jan 2022Read more

Two PhD candidates in automated detection and genetics of social behaviours in pigs and laying hensPublication date:8 Jan 2022Expiration date:28 Jan 2022Do you have a strong background in genetics, statistical genetics, biology or another quantitative field? Are you fascinated by animal science and technology? And did y…Read more

Phd on social-cultural perspectives on water retention by farmersPublication date:7 Jan 2022Expiration date:25 Jan 2022Are you an ambitious researcher who wants to investigate how Dutch farmers can contribute to the important challenge of (climate robust) water management? Do you like to col…Read more

PhD position Modelling socio-environmental feedbacks for resilient landscapesPublication date:7 Jan 2022Expiration date:1 Feb 2022Are you keen to contribute to a resilient climate-proof and sustainable future for the Dutch sandy soil landscapes? Would you like to model feedback mechanisms at landscape s…Read more

PhD-researcher Stability of tidal channelsPublication date:7 Jan 2022Expiration date:19 Feb 2022Compared to rivers without tidal forcing, the top view of tidal channels is relatively stable on a time scale of decades. This relates to the presence of intertidal areas, which ar…Read more

Assistant Professor Product Quality and postharvest physiology (Tenure Track)Publication date:6 Jan 2022Expiration date:22 Feb 2022Are you keen to contribute to improving the quality fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers? Is enhancing the taste and nutritional value of fresh vegetables and fruits an…Read more

Technical AssistantPublication date:4 Jan 2022Are you a passionate and experienced technical assistant? Are you looking for a challenge? Are you dedicated to do research and education in toxicology? We, Wageningen …Read more

Manager Education for professionalsPublication date:28 Dec 2021Expiration date:19 Jan 2022Are you a people manager looking for meaningful and challenging work in an international context and in an academic environment? Are you passionate and knowledgeable in…Read more

Food System ExpertPublication date:23 Dec 2021Expiration date:24 Jan 2022A food system expert, who can contribute to research projects and capacity strengthening of other professionals across the world in support of sus…Read more

PhD Food safety in circular food systemPublication date:23 Dec 2021Are you a curious and enthusiastic PhD student? Do you want to use your modelling skills to gain insights into how we can create a safe and sustainable circular food sy…Read more

Postdoc Soft-sensing in agri-food systemsPublication date:23 Dec 2021Expiration date:28 Feb 2022Are you that enthusiastic researcher who loves to work on soft-sensing in agri-food systems then this might be the job for you!Sensing is a cr…Read more

Researcher/project leader AgrochainsPublication date:23 Dec 2021Would you like to use your scientific background and project leadership skills and make a difference in the much needed food system transitions? Does your heart beat fa…Read more

Advisor Agricultural Sector TransformationPublication date:22 Dec 2021Expiration date:24 Jan 2022Are you an experienced professional in agriculture with a passion for contributing to the transformation of agricultural sectors in Af…Read more

Postdoc – Modelling to explore natural variation to improve photosynthesis and productivity of rice under stressPublication date:21 Dec 2021Expiration date:16 Feb 2022Do you have a passion for genetic analysis and physiological modelling of efficient water use, photosynthesis and crop productivity? Do you hold a a PhD and do you have…Read more

PhD position; Inferring adaptation and genetic gain from crowdsourced crop performance dataPublication date:20 Dec 2021Expiration date:8 Feb 2022Are you a quantitative biologist, ecologist, agronomist or statistician? Are you fascinated with  tropical agriculture, plant breeding and genetic resources? Then …Read more

PhD position; Inferring adaptation and genetic gain from crowdsourced crop performance dataPublication date:16 Dec 2021Expiration date:8 Feb 2022We are looking for a quantitative biologist, ecologist, agronomist, or statistician with a strong interest in tropical agriculture, plant breeding and genetic reso…Read more

Postdoc in Covalent Adaptable Polymer NetworksPublication date:13 Dec 2021Expiration date:17 Jan 2022Are you a polymer chemist with an interest to apply your expertise for the development of covalent adaptable polymer networks to create mechanically robust, yet process…Read more

Postdoc on pre-clinical micro-MRI at high-/ultra-high fieldsPublication date:13 Dec 2021Do you want to do pioneering work on state-of-the-art high-/ultra-high-field NMR spectrometers?are you interested in developi…Read more

Postdoc on flow-MRI and microfluidics at high-/ultra-high fieldsPublication date:13 Dec 2021Do you want to do pioneering work on state-of-the-art high-/ultra-high-field NMR spectrometers?are you interested in developi…Read more

Scientist / Project leaderPublication date:13 Dec 2021Do you want to contribute professionally to a sustainable future, as a scientist and project leader? Are you skilled in microbiology/fermentation and eager to develop m…Read more

PhD position Modelling feed processing technologies to improve resource use efficiencyPublication date:8 Dec 2021Expiration date:17 Jan 2022Are you that researcher that likes to develop simulation models? Do you want to contribute to research on clever use of resources in our food system? We are offering a …Read more

Professor and Chair of the Plant Production Systems GroupPublication date:8 Dec 2021Expiration date:18 Jan 2022An innovative, dynamic and inspiring scientist to lead the Plant Production Systems Chair Group (PPS) (0.8-1.0 fte) at Wageningen University & Research (WUR), one of the wo…Read more

Assistant Professor in Business Information Analytics (Tenure Track)Publication date:6 Dec 2021Expiration date:15 Feb 2022Are you an expert in business information systems, business intelligence, and business analytics? Are you interested in the design and integration of data-intensive and…Read more

Researcher Product Quality and FlavourPublication date:3 Dec 2021Expiration date:26 Jan 2022Would you like to contribute to the competitiveness of the Dutch Fruit and Vegetable chain, by archieving a better quality of greenhouse horticultural products? Is your…Read more

Researcher / Project Leader Food Processing TechnologyPublication date:2 Dec 2021Expiration date:17 Jan 2022We are looking for an experienced, enterprising and scientifically strong researcher / project leader Food Processing Technology who contributes to the expansion of our…Read more

Projectleader Agro Food RoboticsPublication date:1 Dec 2021Can you see yourself acting as project leader in our Agro Food Robotics team? Do you want to contribute to creating for our customers the computer vision and robotics s…Read more

Researcher Spectral Sensing and ChemometricsPublication date:1 Dec 2021Can you see yourself acting as spectral sensing researcher in our agro food robotics team? Do you want to contribute to creating for our customers the innovative soluti…Read more

Education AssistantPublication date:25 Nov 2021Do you have a background in Food Technology? Are you interested in working with students? We have a vacancy for an Education Assistant. <…Read more

Analytical Scientist environmental pollutantsPublication date:28 Oct 2021We are looking for an Analytical Scientist Environmental Pollutants. Do you have an interest in PFAS, chloroparaffins and other environmental contaminants? Do you recognize yoursel…Read more

Senior project leader / Senior researcher residues veterinary drugs and growth hormonesPublication date:1 Jul 2021Are you an expert in analytical chemistry? Would you like to further develop yourself as a project leader and do you have talent for acquisiti…Read more

Press officer international media relationsPublication date:3 May 2021Wageningen University & Research is in the news every day. This is because the domains we work on – Agriculture, Nutrition and Nature – are central to societal deba…Read more

Behavioural Economist with focus on nitrogen filePublication date:16 Apr 2021Are you a Behavioural Economist with a clear vision and up-to-date knowledge of the climate and/or nitrogen file? Do you want to contribute to an economically and socia…Read more

PhD in Nanotechnology and Quantum ChemistryPublication date:13 Apr 2021Are you fascinated by research on the interface of experiment and modelling? Do you want to contribute to the improvement of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) sensor mol…Read more

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