PhD Scholarships at The University of Southern Denmark, a university in Denmark that has campuses in Southern Denmark and on Zealand, Denmark

REANNOUNCEMENT – PhD Scholarship within Phosphorus Turnover in Lakes and WetlandsFaculty of ScienceOdense2022-Feb-10
PhD Position in Causal Inference for Adaptive Optimal ControlFaculty of ScienceOdense2022-Feb-15
PhD Position in Developing a Federated Metadata Repository for Clinical DataFaculty of ScienceOdense2022-Feb-15
PhD Scholarship in Functional Proteomics to Study the Function, Structure, Regulation, and Targeting of Nuclear Exosome Adaptor Complexes in RNA DecayFaculty of ScienceOdense2022-Mar-07
Faculty of HumanitiesKolding2022-Mar-14
PhD Position in Design, Body and Well-being in Medical ProductsFaculty of HumanitiesKolding2022-Mar-14
PhD scholarships at the Department of Business & ManagementFaculty of Business and Social SciencesFlere tjenestesteder2022-Mar-15
PhD Position in Reinforcement Learning with Neural Stochastic ProcessesFaculty of ScienceOdense2022-Apr-01
PhD Position in Learning Theory for Model-Based Reinforcement LearningFaculty of ScienceOdense2022-Apr-01
PhD Scholarship at the Department of Economics – Topic: Inequality of vulnerability among elderly people, analyzed with SHAREFaculty of Business and Social SciencesOdense2022-Apr-30
PhD Scholarship at the Department of Economics – Topic: A behavioral investigation of the determinants of strategic learningFaculty of Business and Social SciencesOdense2022-Apr-30
PhD Position in Deep-Sea BiogeochemistryFaculty of ScienceOdense2022-May-01

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