PhD in Circular Economy and Women Entrepreneurship in The Centre for Sustainable Supply Chain Engineering (CSSCE)

The Centre for Sustainable Supply Chain Engineering (CSSCE) at the Department of Technology and Innovation (ITI), Faculty of Engineering, University of Southern Denmark invites applications for a PhD position to work in the field of circular women entrepreneurship for a period of 3 years. The PhD position is connected to the project “Circular Economy and Women Entrepreneurship for the UN SDGs (CEWE-UN SDGs)” funded by the Carlsberg Foundation. Expected starting date is September 2022 or soon after.

Centre for Sustainable Supply Chain Engineering (CSSCE)

SDU Centre for Sustainable Supply Chain Engineering (CSSCE), focuses on doing cutting-edge research within the field of supply chain management under the theme of sustainable / green supply chain, digital supply chain, blockchain applications in supply chain, supply chain information technologies, circular economy, climate change, life cycle assessment focusing on sustainable supply chain, corporate sustainability, sustainable development goals, and digital circular supply chain.

About the project

The CEWE-UN SDGs project is a research project (2022-2025) primarily funded by Carlsberg Foundation Young Researcher Fellowships category. The project will be led by Associate Professor Devika Kannan together with a team of a Post-Doctoral researcher, a PhD student, and few student / research assistants. For a brief description about the project, please refer to the webpage at the Carlsberg Foundation.

The main objective of CEWE-UN SDGs is to launch a new research agenda exploring the nexus of women entrepreneurship (WE) and circular economy (CE). The project also aims to develop a novel toolkit for women entrepreneurs to perform circular business, which contributes to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). Hence, this project focuses on the following research questions:

  • What role will CE and WE play in living up to the UN sustainable development goals?
  • What relationships exist between CE and WE to achieve UN sustainable development goals?
  • How do women entrepreneurs run their businesses to achieve UN SDGs? Does CE play a role there and if it does play a role, what does that look like?
  • How can the sustainability impact of the Circular Economy-Women Entrepreneurship (CEWE) nexus be measured?

Responsibilities and qualifications

A highly motivated, ambitious, and results-oriented person, who can engage constructively in an international and interdisciplinary team will be a strong applicant. The candidate must be a team player and, at the same time, be able to work independently and plan and execute complex tasks. 


  • Carry through an independent research project under supervision.
  • Complete PhD courses corresponding to approx. 30 ECTS.
  • Participate in active research environments.
  • Teaching and knowledge dissemination activities.
  • Write scientific papers aimed at high-impact journals.
  • Write and defend a PhD thesis on the basis of your project.


  • Professional qualifications relevant to the PhD project.
  • Previous knowledge in circular economy / sustainable entrepreneurship studies, including systematic literature reviewing, theoretical data analysis, exploratory, qualitative and qualitative research would be valuable.
  • Experience in contributing to scientific journal writing and publications at international journal level will be considered an added advantage for the position.
  • Relevant work experience.
  • Curious mind-set with a strong interest in circular/sustainability, entrepreneurial and innovation processes.
  • Excellent at English communication (i.e., both oral and written).
  • Other relevant professional activities.

To be eligible for the regular PhD programme, you must have completed a degree programme (equivalent to a Danish master’s degree) related to the subject area of the project, e.g., Industrial Engineering/Manufacturing Engineering with relevance to Sustainable Supply chain/Circular Economy, Sustainable/Circular Entrepreneurship, Technology Entrepreneurship with sustainability focus or similar.

The PhD student will work under the supervision of Associate Professor Devika Kannan (ITI) and have some short research visits to other collaborating universities.

Contact informationFor further information about the project and position, please contact the principal investigator (PI) of the project, Associate Professor Devika Kannan ( Interested candidates are encouraged to contact the PI to discuss their initial ideas related to the above-mentioned research questions to prepare a strong project description.

If you experience technical problems you must contact  

Conditions of employment
Applicants are required to have a master’s degree (equivalent to a Danish master’s degree) at the time of enrollment and employment. Employment as a PhD fellow is a 3-year salaried position (start salary amounts to approx. 3.378,- EURO per month incl. supplements).

Employment of a PhD fellow can only happen after the Head of the PhD School has approved the candidate for admission to the PhD school. Employment and enrollment will cease without further notice at the end of the period.

A PhD fellow is not allowed to have any kind of sideline employment, while enrolled as PhD fellow at the faculty.

Employment is governed by the Protocol on PhD Research Fellows signed by the Danish Ministry of Finance and the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations. Please check links for more information on salary and taxation.

The successful candidate will be enrolled at SDU in accordance with Faculty regulations and the Danish Ministerial Order on the PhD Programme at the Universities (PhD order), read more here

The assessment process
Read about the Assessment and selection process. Shortlisting may be used. 

Application procedure
The Faculty expects applicants to read the Faculty information for prospective PhD students and the SDU information on How to apply before applying.

The application deadline is 15. August 2022.

The application must be in English and must include the following – the required forms must be found at the Faculty website:

  • Completed TEK PhD application form for 5+3 applicants. Find the form at the Faculty website.
  • Detailed Curriculum Vitae, if possible, including publications and teaching experience.
  • A motivational letter describing why the applicant is a good match for analyzing the topic and how the applicant’s skills provide a solid foundation to do so (max. 5 pages incl. reference list). Upload in the field called “Other relevant material”.
  • A project description (max. 5 pages excluding appendices, bibliography etc.). Upload in the field called “Project description”. 
  • An abstract for the above project description of no more than 250 words.
  • Verified copies of the official bachelor diploma and master’s diploma and transcripts of exams, both the original documents and in professional English translation.
  • Copy of your Master’s thesis. 
  • Completed TEK PhD form for calculation grade point average. Find the form at the Faculty website. Upload in one of the fields called “Publication”. 
  • An official document describing the grading scheme of the awarding universities (if not Danish). Upload in one of the fields called “Publication”. 
  • An official and verified written assessment of the thesis or dissertation project from the grade giving institution, if the thesis/examination project is evaluated by approved/passed. The statement must clearly state that the candidate has been among the top 30 pct. in the graduation class for the study programme.
  • A complete list of publications, indicating which publications are most relevant for the position and maximum 5 examples of the most relevant publications. Please attach one pdf-file for each publication.
  • Reference letters. You’re welcome to use the form for reference letter at the Faculty website.
  • Other relevant qualifications may also be included.

The University wishes our staff to reflect the diversity of society and thus welcomes applications from all qualified candidates regardless of personal background.

We recommend that as an international applicant, you take the time to visit Working in Denmark, where you will find information and facts about moving to, working, and living in Denmark, as well as the International Staff Office at SDU.

Send application
Deadline 2022-Aug-15

You can apply for the job at Faculty of Engineering by completing the application form


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