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In the coming years, multi-billion investments will be made in large projects in Northern Sweden to create a fossil-free society both nationally and globally. Luleå University of Technology is involved in several of these cutting-edge research projects and in the societal transformation that they entail. We offer a broad range of courses and study programmes to match the skills in demand. We hope that you will help us to build the sustainable companies and societies of the future.

Take the opportunity to study for a doctoral-degree in a dynamic research environment in collaboration with leading industries and universities worldwide. The Department of Materials Science at Luleå University of Technology offers persons with ambitions and interest in undertaking postgraduate studies within the subject Polymeric Composite Materials to apply for a PhD-student position.

Within the subject, research on new fiber-reinforced materials, manufacturing and modeling of composite properties is conducted. The research group is continuously involved in national and international projects. Part of the research is aiming at validating experimentally verified physical phenomena using relevant material models, while others are more of material or manufacturing development nature. Educational activities, including international programs on master and doctoral level (EEIGM, AMASE etc.) are integral parts of the activities. The group belongs to the Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics.

Project description
The project ”Durability of Composites for Hydrogen Delivery and Storage” (CHEST) will be a part of the graduate school at the Center for Hydrogen Energy Systems Sweden (CH2ESS). CH2ESS is a research and knowledge initiative at Luleå University of Technology, in close collaboration with Swedish industry in the hydrogen area. More information about CH2ESS here:

The current project is defined with the focus on development of a fossil-free hydrogen transportation in Sweden. The project intends to build up at Luleå University of Technology a strong platform for research in polymers and composites for use in hydrogen under high pressure. The project is a collaborative effort between two subjects at Luleå University of Technology; Polymeric Composite Materials and Machine Elements.  The staff from these subjects will act as supervisors of the PhD student.

The scientific/technological objective of the project is to design lightweight polymer composite materials for use in high pressure hydrogen fuel tanks and delivery systems. With the focus on ageing of polymers/composites under rapidly changing pressure/temperature in hydrogen environment.

The project’s reference group involves industrial representatives from Oxeon, GKN and SKF, companies that expressed interest in the project.

As a PhD student you are expected to perform a combination of both experimental and theoretical work within your research studies as well as communicate your results at national and international conferences and in scientific journals. The student is expected to work independently and take great responsibility for the progress of the research. A doctoral student will also read a number of doctoral courses. In addition, the student is offered the opportunity to try the teacher role and gain useful supervision experience.

The PhD student will be a member of the Network of Young Scientists (NYS) at CH2ESS. NYS is a self-organizing network that arranges field trips, workshops, and other exciting activities to increase your future career perspectives.

In order to be eligible for employment you must have a Master of Science degree in Engineering or Natural Sciences (material science, mechanical engineering, chemistry, physics or/and applied physics) or equivalent. Documented experience from projects and/or specialized programs/courses related to composite materials as well as experience in modelling of physical behavior of materials (including numerical simulations) and characterization is beneficial.

Good skills in oral and written communication in English is required. Knowledge in Swedish is an advantage.

We value a motivated candidate with personal qualities relevant to education at post-graduate level, such as capability to work within group, looking to acquire more knowledges and being a good team player. Knowledge relevant to the project in question, for example specialized courses, are meritorious.

Consult the description of the curriculum for education at post-graduate level in polymeric composite materials here: General curricula for education at post-graduate level in polymeric composite materials

For further information about a specific subject see:

-General curricula for the Board of the faculty of science and technology

-More information about the group/subject

Further information
Fixed-term employment for four years (up to maximum five years). Departmental duties such as teaching may be added up to maximum 20 % of fulltime. The position is located in Luleå.

For further information about the position, please contact Prof. Roberts Joffe +46 920-491940,

Union representatives: SACO-S Kjell Johansson (+46)920-49 1529, OFR-S Lars Frisk, 0920-49 1792

In case of different interpretations of the English and Swedish versions of this announcement, the Swedish version takes precedence.

We prefer that you apply for this position by clicking on the apply button below. 
The application should include a CV, personal letter and copies of verified diplomas from high school and universities. If possible, please upload report or presentation for the final degree. Mark your application with the reference number below. Your application, including diplomas, must be written in English or Swedish.

Reference number: 1893-2022
Last day of application:
 August 7, 2022

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