Nord University will contribute towards a sustainable future through research, education and participation in local communities at our geographical locations.

In collaboration with society, business and industry in Nordland and Trøndelag, our 11,500 students and 1,350 employees will promote innovative solutions and knowledge-based supervised professional training, locally and internationally.

Nord University has four strategic priority areas: blue and green growth, sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship, public health and safety, welfare and childhood.

The Academic and Student Affairs Division has primary responsibility for course administration at Nord University, including course planning, quality assurance of courses, admissions, exams, diplomas, internationalisation and support for the use of ICT solutions in the programmes. It is also responsible for measures relating to educational competence through training and documentation of experience within teaching, supervising and study programme work. The Academic and Student Affairs Division depends on a positive interaction with the university’s respective faculties and departments.

About the position

The Academic and Student Affairs Division at Nord University is offering a permanent full- time position as a Professor/Associate Professor within the fields of Pedagogy/ Didactics. The position is associated with work on developing and offering a course portfolio within educational subjects at Nord University. In collaboration with other departments at the university, including the Resource Centre for Learning and Technology (KOLT), the position will be responsible for developing and implementing internal courses that will ensure that professional staff at the university possess the required level of educational competence. The successful candidate will cooperate with relevant academics and research groups both internally and externally. As the position constitutes a joint resource for the entire university, it will be organisationally linked to the Academic and Student Affairs Division and will report to the Pro- Rector for Education.

The position will be located in Bodø.

The successful candidate may also be required to work at other Nord University campuses.

The position will have overall responsibility for helping to develop and implement internal courses that will ensure that professional staff at the university possess the required level of educational competence. The successful candidate will actively contribute to teaching and research linked to pedagogy and didactics within higher education. Academic supervision of course participants is an important part of the position.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Teaching and supervising educational courses
  • Working on further pedagogical development at the university, including development of the university’s course portfolio
  • Research, publication and research communication in the fields of pedagogy and didactics within higher education
  • Initiate and contribute to work involved in applying for external funding for education and research projects
  • Contributing to strategic work in developing the university’s educational competence, when required
  • The position will also focus on follow-up and further development of a scheme for excellent teaching practitioners at the university
  • Contribute to the education and further development of good approaches to the universal design of teaching
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Qualification requirements

Position as Professor, code 1013:

  • The position requires professor- level competence within the relevant subject areas. The qualification requirement as an professor is an academic level in accordance with international standards in the applicable subject areas
  • Beyond the basic skills within planning, implementation, evaluation and development of teaching and supervision that apply in terms of general educational skills, the applicant must also document the following: quality development in teaching and supervision, broad supervisory experience and joint professional development of educational quality. New supplementary provisions for educational competence came into effect on 1 September, 2019. For further information, see the university’s web page

Position as Associate Professor, code 1011:

  • Employment in the position as associate professor requires a Norwegian doctorate within the relevant field of study or equivalent foreign- earned doctorate approved as being equal to the Norwegian PhD, or competence at a corresponding level documented by scientific/academic production of the same scope and quality

Position as Professor, code 1532:

  • Employment in the position as professor requires professor- level competence within the relevant subject area. The qualification requirement for professor is documented, extensive research and development work at a high level aimed at the professional field, as well as documented and extensive pedagogical development work and other pedagogical activities of a high quality. Additionally, high level qualifications within one or more of the following areas are required:
    • Management of research and development projects Interdisciplinary collaboration and network building
    • Extensive collaboration with business and society in relation to the development of educational provision and research and development activities
    • Extensive collaboration with cultural life in relation to the development of educational provision and research and development activities
    • Professional experience of a specific nature and relevance in business and society
    • Professional experience of a specific nature and relevance in cultural life
    • Structure of scientific collections

Position as Associate Professor, code 1198:

  • Extensive documented research and development work, the quality and scope of which corresponds to a doctoral workload in the aforementioned fields, will be required
  • Considerable emphasis shall be placed on special qualifications in teaching or other pedagogical activities

Joint requirements for all four position codes:

  • There is an emphasis on good oral and written proficiency in English and Norwegian (or another Scandinavian language)
  • Qualified applicants with only English language skills will also be considered. Applicants who do not speak Norwegian or a Scandinavian language and who are not native English speakers must be able to document both their written and oral language skills, including an ability to teach in English
  • Individuals who upon commencement date do not have a written and oral mastery of Norwegian must enrol on a Norwegian course as soon as possible and within two years, and must otherwise undertake to learn oral and written Norwegian
  •  Applicants must document that they possess basic skills within planning, implementation, evaluation and development of teaching and supervision. As a result of the 1 September 2019 regulatory amendment, Nord University has adopted its own stipulations for skills pertaining to educational competence, see Nord’s web page for further details. Applicants who are unable to document relevant practical educational skills at the time of appointment must acquire such skills within a two-year period. Nord University offers a course on University Pedagogy which covers this requirement

Qualified applicants will be ranked according to the following criteria:

  • Good teaching and subject communication abilities, interest and engagement in the field of study
  • Good ability to communicate and collaborate with course participants and colleagues
  • Solid knowledge and experience of using ICT and student-active forms of learning
  • Academic publications within the field of study
  • Good ability to work systematically and purposefully
  • Personal aptitude

We offer

The positions are remunerated in accordance with the State salary scale; position code 1013 for Professor, code 1011 for Associate Professor, code 1532 for Professor, and code 1198 for Associate Professor. Salary by agreement. From the salary, 2 % is deducted as a contribution to the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund.

  • Advantages within the Government Pension Fund for borrowing, insurance and pension
  • Creative and collegial working environment
  • A workplace with steady progressive development
  • Flexible working hours
  • Active university sports team

General information

The person who is appointed must abide by the applicable laws, agreements, and directives which apply for the position. The responsibilities and duties associated with the position may change with future reorganization at Nord University.

The public sector workforce is expected to reflect the diversity of the population in general. Nord University therefore encourages qualified
candidates with disabilities, gaps in their CV, immigrant backgrounds or different life experience to apply. Nord University practices moderate allocation according to gender quotas in accordance with the Basic Agreement for State Employees.

If applicants indicate they have disabilities or gaps in their CV, their details may be used anonymously for the purposes of recording whether this target is achieved or not.

Contact information

For further information about the positions, prospective applicants can direct their questions to:

Application Process

Academic qualifications will be assessed by an expert committee based on the submitted material. Prospective candidates will be summoned for an interview. As part of the overall assessment of applicants’ qualifications, an interview may be required.


Applications must be submitted electronically by September the 15th 2022.

Applicants for the position are requested to send:

  • An application in which they clearly state their motivation for applying
  • A complete CV (education, work, research and teaching experience and a list of scientific publications)
  • Certified copies of diplomas and certificates
  • Complete copies of a sample of up to 15 of the applicant’s most relevant publications, and a list of these. Applicants are asked to prioritise the most important five works and comment on the priority. The doctoral thesis must be enclosed as one of these works. Educational CV and reflection note in accordance with supplementary provisions for educational competence
  • Documentation of other activity that is considered relevant to the position, and which is to be taken into account in the assessment Contact information of 2-3 reference persons

All documents must be uploaded as attachments to the electronic application form.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to submit the complete documentation within the deadline.

After the application deadline, an applicant list will be announced publicly. Applicants asking for confidentiality must specifically explain the reasons for this in their application. Even so, the information can be published if the reasons for confidentiality are not found relevant. In such the case, an applicant will be given notice prior to the announcement, and he/she will have the opportunity to withdraw the application.

Application deadline: 15.09.2022 30098925

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