Melbourne University in Australia invites application for vacant Research and Academic Jobs, public research university located in Parkville, Melbourne, Australia.

Team Lead (Equine Centre)$92,749 – $100,397 (UOM 6)22 Feb 2024
Provide leadership and contribute to the enhancement of current imaging systems and delivery of new clinical services within the Equine Centre!
Manager, Philanthropic Income$115,137 – $124,622 (UOM 8)25 Feb 2024
Partner with our fundraisers and design elegant solutions that enable efficient flow of gifts and pledges through our systems.
Senior Business Analyst/Product Owner$134,320 – $139,749 (UOM 9)25 Feb 2024
Oversee product group in Research Domain, collaborating on vision, strategy, and solutions. Engage stakeholders, ensure alignment, drive implementation.
Research Fellow Nanoscience$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)6 Mar 2024
Lead groundbreaking CRISPR-Cas13 research with a multi-disciplinary team, offering unique growth opportunities in developing novel therapeutics for pandemics at a prestigious institute.
Research Fellow in Infectious Disease Epidemiology$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)21 Feb 2024
Lead impactful epidemiological studies on infectious diseases, fostering collaborative excellence with Dr. Katherine Gibney at the Doherty Institute.
Associate Professor in Endodontics$169,094 – $186,288 (Level D)6 Mar 2024
Enhance Endodontics dental education by actively leading and participating in innovative teaching.  Lead impactful research in restorative sciences within a supportive and dedicated team.
Lecturer, Primary Care$114,645 – $136,136 (Level B)18 Feb 2024
Shape the future of medical education with mentorship opportunities, active teaching roles, and dynamic team collaboration.
Research Fellow-Antibody Glycosylation in Malaria$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)6 Mar 2024
Join us to pioneer research on malaria immunity and viral infections, thriving in a dynamic, collaborative environment for professional growth.
Program Engagement Officer – Research Data Management$102,338 – $110,780 (UOM 7)20 Feb 2024
Drive Research Data Management culture change to enable sector-leading research, support researchers and safeguard sensitive data.
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)5 Mar 2024
Lead a trial on psychological intervention for abuse survivors, collaborating with a charitable partner. Contribute to impactful research with trauma-informed practices.
Academic Support Coordinator (Multiple Opportunities)$92,749 – $100,397 (UOM 6)26 Feb 2024
Are you an experienced University administrator? Support the development, delivery and quality assurance of teaching and learning!
Senior Project Officer$115,137 – $124,622 (UOM 8)20 Feb 2024
Drive key programs to advance MACH’s goals, playing a crucial role in clinical trials research initiatives.
Research Assistant – Antibody Profiling and Vaccine Development$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)20 Feb 2024
Fuel your passion for innovation in infectious disease research – Contribute to groundbreaking antibody-based vaccine development with our collaborative team.
Collection Management Officer, Exhibition Projects$92,749 – $100,397 (UOM 6)20 Feb 2024
Support cultural engagement at the Baillieu Library. Provide vital operational & logistical support for exhibitions & events.
Research Engineer$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)3 Mar 2024
Join the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology as a Research Engineer specializing in aerodynamics and hydrodynamics. Drive technical aspects of research projects under academic direction, ensuring safe laboratory practices.
Data Scientist$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)19 Feb 2024
Seeking data scientist for a project using real-world health data to predict discharge home for people in hospital with frailty.
McKenzie Postdoctoral Research Fellow$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)5 Mar 2024
The University of Melbourne’s flagship postdoctoral development program that contributes to research excellence and builds the capability of high calibre scholars.
Lecturer, Spanish and Latin American Studies$114,645 – $136,136 (Level B)6 Mar 2024
Come join the Spanish and Latin American Studies program, where you’ll discover cutting-edge opportunities in food studies, cinema, and diverse cultural research.
Knowledge Translation & Engagement Officer, Centre of Excellence for the Elimination of Violence Against Women$102,338 – $110,780 (UOM 7)25 Feb 2024
Translate research into innovative, accessible tools, and work alongside world renowned experts to eliminate violence against women.
Content & Community Advisor$115,137 – $124,622 (UOM 8)5 Mar 2024
Lead the creation of compelling editorial, digital and social content, and media materials, as well as design and deliver impactful community engagement initiatives.

Post Doc Research Fellow – Centre of Excellence for the Elimination of Violence Against Women
$114,645 – $136,136 (Level B)5 Mar 2024
Join a pioneering international research institution to advance an area focused on promoting justice and safety for women and their children who are living with and leaving violence in the Indo-Pacific region.
Research Fellow in Climate Change and Water Resource Modelling$114,645 – $136,136 (Level B)23 Feb 2024
Dive into groundbreaking hydrology research! Join our team shaping the future, unraveling climate impacts in the Murray Darling Basin.
Project Coordinator (Academic Quality)$102,338 – $110,780 (UOM 7)16 Feb 2024
Coordinate and contribute to major strategic projects, focusing on academic quality initiatives.
HPC Solutions Specialist$102,338 – $110,780 (UOM 7)25 Feb 2024
Elevate user experience in HPC service at the University of Melbourne. Provide technical support, emphasise customer service, and foster collaboration.
Cloud Solutions Specialist (Windows)$102,338 – $110,780 (UOM 7)25 Feb 2024
Enhance user experience in UoM Research Cloud as a Cloud Solutions Specialist, ensuring smooth operations and excellent customer service.
School Operations Officer (Parkville Campus)$79,961 – $91,844 (UOM 5)18 Feb 2024
Are you an experienced University administrator? Support the organisational needs of the Parkville Campus within the School of Agriculture, Food and Ecosystem Sciences (SAFES)
Academic Support Officer$79,961 – $91,844 (UOM 5)1 Mar 2024
Administer and support School of Biomedical Sciences coursework programs. Showcase planning and database skills, provide informed advice, and contribute to operations.
Head of Planning & Governance$143,913 (UOM 10)16 Feb 2024
Drive strategic vision and operational excellence for the University’s Communications and Marketing function.
Research Fellow in Biomedical Engineering1 Mar 2024
Elevate your career in Advanced Biomaterials at the University of Melbourne! Shape innovation, lead projects, and build global partnerships
School Operations Officer (Dookie Campus)$79,961 – $91,844 (UOM 5)18 Feb 2024
Are you an experienced University administrator? Support the organisational needs of the Dookie Campus within the School of Agriculture, Food and Ecosystem Sciences (SAFES)
School Operations Officer (Creswick Campus)$79,961 – $91,844 (UOM 5)18 Feb 2024
Are you an experienced University administrator? Support the organisational needs of the Creswick Campus within the School of Agriculture, Food and Ecosystem Sciences (SAFES)
Senior Research Fellow – Orthopaedics and Gait Analysis$140,433 – $161,926 (Level C)29 Feb 2024
Use your extensive experience to contribute to high-impact research within the Department of Paediatrics.
Manager, Research Integrity Investigations$134,320 – $139,749 (UOM 9)15 Feb 2024
Shape our culture of responsible research, fostering trust and transparency at every level.
Associate, Philanthropic Operations$79,961 – $91,844 (UOM 5)21 Feb 2024
Support how the University receives and manages donations, directly impacting students, research, and the community.
Sexual and Reproductive Health and Wellbeing Project Officer or Coordinator28 Feb 2024
Lead transformative sexual health projects in rural Victoria, with a dynamic team driving positive community outcomes.
Marketing Coordinator (MSPACE)$92,749 – $100,397 (UOM 6)14 Feb 2024
Marketing Coordinator: Propel your career by driving strategic marketing campaigns in professional & online education!
Finance Business Partner$115,137 – $124,622 (UOM 8)14 Feb 2024
Collaborate closely with leaders to shape the financial future of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, building strong stakeholder relationships.
Executive Assistant$92,749 – $100,397 (UOM 6)14 Feb 2024
Exciting high-level EA opportunity supporting the Senior Director of Principal Gifts in cultivating relationships with transformative donors.
Study Coordinator/Research Nurse – The Advanced Genomics Collaboration Project$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)13 Feb 2024
Lead genomics for retinal diseases, collaborate with Illumina, and support innovation in Melbourne’s Biomedical Precinct for cutting-edge research and solutions.
Research Assistant, ASQ STEPS$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)27 Feb 2024
Contribute to an innovative research team, validating ASQ-STEPS to enhance equity in developmental services for Indigenous children in early childhood programs.

Network Solution Architect
20 Feb 2024
Elevate University business with innovative Network Solutions as an Architect. Drive IT excellence, support technical growth, and enjoy a flexible, rewarding work environment!
Research Assistant/Research Fellow$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)20 Feb 2024
Elevate occupational trauma research at Phoenix Australia. Lead projects, analyse data, and shape groundbreaking publications in an exclusive, impactful domain.
Veterinarian / Lecturer$114,645 – $136,136 (Level B)26 Feb 2024
Join Australia’s No.1 University and provide excellence in teaching and clinical service within the Melbourne Veterinary School!
Data Analyst$102,338 – $110,780 (UOM 7)11 Feb 2024
Data Analyst Opportunity: Evolve Your Expertise into a business insight advisor!
Modelling Research Fellow$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)26 Feb 2024
Drive national impact in infectious disease modeling. Join a collaborative team at the forefront of prevention and control excellence.
Academic Programs Officer$79,961 – $91,844 (UOM 5)11 Feb 2024
Looking for excellent and ambitious administrators who are keen to work in academic programs. Bring your motivation and apply your knowledge to make a meaningful contribution to students and staff in the Melbourne Dental School.
Academic Programs Coordinator$92,749 – $100,397 (UOM 6)11 Feb 2024
Come and make a positive contribution to dental education in the Melbourne Dental School. Seeking experienced Academic Programs administrators keen to advance their career.
Manager, Education & Engagement$134,320 – $139,749 (UOM 9)8 Feb 2024
Lead a team and craft and deliver impactful education and engagement initiatives, making your mark on research at the University of Melbourne.
Advancement Events Officer$92,749 – $100,397 (UOM 6)8 Feb 2024
Orchestrate captivating events, from intimate to high-profile settings, and engage key audiences – alumni, donors, students, and more.
Research Strategy Project Officer$102,338 – $110,780 (UOM 7)11 Feb 2024
Join an exceptional team in a dynamic environment, playing a key role in advancing the research agenda of the University Advancing Melbourne as the Research Strategy Project Officer.
Chief of Staff – Advancement Communications & Marketing (ACM)Senior Manager 122 Feb 2024
Leverage your excellent understanding of & established networks within higher education in this pivotal leadership role.
Administration Coordinator$79,961 – $91,844 (UOM 5)8 Feb 2024
We’re looking for an experienced administrator to provide support to our vibrant and dynamic Legal and Risk team.
Students and Programs Coordinator$92,749 – $100,397 (UOM 6)14 Feb 2024
Join an innovative team and shape a personalised MD program for the future of medical education.
Research Fellow, Indigenous Health Equity$114,645 – $136,136 (Level B)14 Feb 2024
Use your research skills to address urgent public health issues and make a tangible impact.
Diagnostic Services Coordinator$102,338 – $110,780 (UOM 7)11 Feb 2024
Leverage your knowledge of OH&S regulations and risk mitigation to provide leadership and support for clinical support services within the Melbourne Veterinary School
Distributed Practice Relationship Coordinator$102,338 – $110,780 (UOM 7)11 Feb 2024
Leverage your knowledge of OH&S principles, project management ability and relationship management to support the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program
Manager, Veterinary Education$115,137 – $124,622 (UOM 8)11 Feb 2024
Provide leadership and enhance teaching support within the Melbourne Veterinary School
Research Fellow in Computational Fluid Mechanics$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)22 Feb 2024
An early career academic position focused on Computational Fluid Mechanics.
Inclusive STEAM Educator (Initiatives for Deaf/deaf, Hard of Hearing and Hearing Students)$92,749 – $100,397 (UOM 6)18 Feb 2024
Collaborate with museums, STEM Centre for Excellence, & galleries to enrich learning experiences for Deaf/deaf, hard of hearing & hearing students.
Communications Officer$92,749 – $100,397 (UOM 6)12 Feb 2024
Drive cancer research impact through innovative communications, community engagement, and event coordination—a dynamic role shaping genomics innovation and philanthropic partnerships.

Senior Lecturer or Associate Professor in Psychology – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health
18 Feb 2024
The Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences and the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences is seeking an enthusiastic and ambitious Associate Professor in Psychology – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health.
Postdoctoral Research Fellow$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)3 Mar 2024
Develop and advance a research agenda focused on primary school mental health and well-being
Research & Engagement Officer$92,749 – $100,397 (UOM 6)9 Feb 2024
Elevate Innovation Practice Program engagement with strategic coordination, impactful relationships, and a unique focus on project visibility and marketing.
Marketing & Communications Manager$115,137 – $124,622 (UOM 8)11 Feb 2024
Steer global leadership in pandemic therapeutics through strategic marketing and integrated communications at the Cumming Global Centre for Pandemic Therapeutics.
Director of Assessment$169,094 – $186,288 (Level D)11 Feb 2024
Shape the future of medical education as an executive-level Director, leading innovative assessment changes within a dynamic team culture.
Research Support Coordinator$92,749 – $100,397 (UOM 6)8 Feb 2024
Drive research excellence at Melbourne Medical School by orchestrating events, grants, and communication. Flourish in a dynamic role, building robust stakeholder relationships.
Professor/Enterprise Professor and Director of Onemda$217,805 (Level E)15 Feb 2024
Opportunity to lead in Indigenous health, with a focus on improving health and wellbeing outcomes for Indigenous people in Australia.
Senior Exhibitions Coordinator$92,749 – $100,397 (UOM 6)11 Feb 2024
Shape exciting exhibitions and initiatives, coordinating budgets and driving high-quality outcomes.
Production Officer (Screen)$79,961 – $91,844 (UOM 5)8 Feb 2024
Embark on a cinematic journey as a Production Officer (Screen), providing unparalleled technical expertise and production support for cutting-edge Film & Television
Research Assistant in Contemplative Studies$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)14 Feb 2024
Join Contemplative Studies Centre as a Research Assistant, delving into impactful meditation research and contributing to transformative progress in mental well-being.
Policy & Innovation Lead, Biodiversity Council$115,137 – $124,622 (UOM 8)14 Feb 2024
Champion the social, economic and environmental importance of biodiversity, promoting action to halt and reverse biodiversity declines
Business Development & Partnerships Manager, Biodiversity Council$134,320 – $139,749 (UOM 9)14 Feb 2024
Spearhead fundraising initiatives for the Biodiversity Council to secure philanthropic gifts from individuals, trusts, foundations, and corporations
Operations & Partnerships Coordinator$102,338 – $110,780 (UOM 7)18 Feb 2024
Champion cutting-edge cancer research and personalised medicine at UMCCR & DoCP, providing top-tier support for seamless workflows.
Clinical Research Coordinator, Nowra NSW$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)19 Feb 2024
We invite you to join our team working on an impactful research initiative – the evaluation of the Cullunghutti Intensive Early Childhood Education and Care Program Research Project.
Research Fellow – Cryo-EM of Membrane Proteins$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)13 Feb 2024
Join our team: Unraveling HIV Env mysteries, forging breakthroughs in AIDS treatment within a collaborative, cutting-edge environment.
Research Specialist – Bioinformatics (Metabolomics)$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)12 Feb 2024
Are you a Bioinformatician/Biostatistician with an interest in mass spectrometry-based Metabolomics? Come join the Metabolomics Australia team
Research Fellow, CO2 Capture into Microalgae$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)12 Feb 2024
Empower industry with a recent PhD in biochemical processing, leading the charge in optimizing microalgal culture through innovative membrane-based technology.
Research Fellow in Hydrogeochemistry$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)12 Feb 2024
Opportunity for a highly qualified Hydrogeochemist skilled in water sampling, laboratory experiments, and mineral analysis, to join our dynamic research team
Research Assistant – Viral Vax Lab$80,258 – $108,906 (Level A)11 Feb 2024
Join our dynamic team, conduct groundbreaking research in immunology and virology, contributing to viral vaccine development for broad and protective immunity.
HEAD OF PHILANTHROPY – Cumming Global Centre for Pandemic Therapeutics8 Feb 2024
Unique opportunity for accomplished strategic relationship developer to join our ground-breaking Cumming Global Centre for Pandemic Therapeutics (CGCPT) – drive transformational philanthropic campaigns!

Postdoctoral Research Fellow – Applied Econometrics and Applied Macroeconomics
$114,645 – $136,136 (Level B)23 Feb 2024
Undertake directed research on nowcasting and structural modelling as a member of a multi-institutional team

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