Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Faculty Of Engineering, Architecture & Info Tech

July 29, 2020

With an excellent reputation for quality graduate training and research performance, the School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering delivers a comprehensive range of programs in aerospace, materials, mechanical, mechatronic and mining engineering. Boasting strong student enrolments in professionally accredited programs, combined with world-class researchers and facilities, we are focused on strengthening our position in the […]

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Two PhD positions in Circular Built Environment (Architecture/Structural Design)

July 17, 2020

Following the recent rise of environmental consciousness, the reuse of building components is emerging as a promising approach to achieve greater sustainability in the construction industry. Pushed forward by the European Union and gaining impetus across the globe, component reuse constitutes a key strategy towards a circular economy. Yet, it is today the strategy that […]

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Mapping the brain at high resolution

January 18, 2019

Researchers have developed a new way to image the brain with unprecedented resolution and speed. Using this approach, they can locate individual neurons, trace connections between them, and visualize organelles inside neurons, over large volumes of brain tissue. The new technology combines a method for expanding brain tissue, making it possible to image at higher […]

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