For a craftsman that is known for his tricks, this could be Banksy’s absolute best workmanship world trick.

The famous picture of a young lady connecting for a red, heart-formed inflatable, sold for $1.4 million and minutes after the fact, a shredder covered up inside the “craftsman’s edge” began its work, as per a news discharge from Sotheby’s and the workmanship “self-destructed.”

Banksy summed up the trick with this statement on his Instagram account – “Going, going, gone…” and a posted picture demonstrated paralyzed spectators as the destroyed craftsmanship rises up out of the base of the edge.

“It shows up we just got Banksy-ed,” Alex Branczik, Sotheby’s senior chief of contemporary craftsmanship, said in the news discharge.

There’s no word on how the shredder began working at the key minute after the sale, however it could have been initiated by a remote instrument.

The closeout cost of $1.4 million for the splash paint and acrylic on canvas Girl with Balloon tied the craftsman’s past record set in 2008.





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