Google on Saturday devoted its doodle to check the beginning of the 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games. Made by Cynthia Yuan Cheng and Vrinda Zaveri, the GIF doodle indicates different games from the Games.

Being held in Buenos Aires, till October 18, the Games will see more than 200 nations participate. Kosovo and South Sudan are making their introduction at the Youth Olympics this year.

A large number of competitors between the age of 15 and 18 will share in the Games.

New games that have been presented incorporate kiteboarding, BMX free-form stop, and another variant of handball that is played on the shoreline. Football has been supplanted by futsal — an indoor diversion played on a littler hard court.

The third version of the Games will highlight blended sexual orientation occasions and additionally blended National Olympic Committee occasions, bringing competitors from various nations together on a similar group.

Portrayed by the International Olympic Committee as “a first class brandishing occasion for youngsters from everywhere throughout the world,” the Youth Olympic Games resemble the Olympic Games in numerous viewpoints.

The mascot during the current year is Pandi – a high schooler puma, local to Argentina.

The Games happen at regular intervals in an alternate city and nation with summer and winter versions. The main Games were held in Singapore in 2010.

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