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Nord University has four strategic focus areas: blue and green growth, sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship, societal security, and health, welfare and education.

Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture (FBA) educates people with the aim of promoting sustainable and innovative development to meet global challenges in food production, climate and environment. The faculty is an international arena for education, research and knowledge dissemination, with employees and students from 31 different countries. The faculty offers a PhD in Aquatic Biosciences. FBA has 900 students and 165 employees in Bodø and Steinkjer. The professional community is organised into the following divisions: Aquaculture, Ecology, Genomics and Animal Science, Production and Welfare and Algae and microbial biotechnology.

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About the position

The Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture (Campus Bodø), Nord University, Norway, invites applications for a permanent position as Professor/ Associate Professor in Natural Product Chemistry (Algae and/or Microbes).

The position is linked to the new research division ‘Algal and Microbial Biotechnology’ (AMBiome), which was established to foster research and education that contributes to the development of ‘blue bioeconomy’ in the region. This move is concurrent with the justifiable utilization of marine resources and is aligned with the sustainable development goal 14 of the UN. The division conducts research on macroalgae, microalgae and other microorganisms, covering their evolutionary adaptation and exploring their biological mechanisms that enable them  to thrive in harsh and rapidly evolving Arctic environmental conditions. The division has a strong focus on applied research employing biotechnological approaches to tap into the potential of the aforementioned organisms for nutritional and nutraceutical purposes, for bioremediation, and for developing circular processes needed for maximum utilization of various ‘blue-bio resources’.

As a full Professor/ Associate Professor in Algal Biochemistry associated with the AMBiome Division, the appointee must participate in interdisciplinary research and teaching relevant to the profile of the division, particularly towards a biotechnology programme, apart from contributing to the overall development of the division and faculty. We are seeking a well-qualified, highly skilled and ambitious person with expertise in natural product chemistry related to algae and/or microbes, for both fundamental and applied science, aimed at describing the potential of bioactive molecules.

The tasks mentioned above may change depending on the faculty’s research and teaching needs, and the competence of the employee.

The position is located in Bodø.

Duties and responsibilities

At the professor level, the candidate is expected to have strong credentials in the academic discipline mentioned later in this announcement. As an active researcher, the appointee should be engaged in national/international grant procurement, scientific publication and dissemination, research-based teaching – development of new courses or contributing to existing courses at all three levels of university education, supervision of students, mentoring of young researchers, research leadership roles, and fulfilling societal obligations of knowledge creation and sharing.

At the associate professor level, the candidate is expected to have credentials in the academic discipline indicated later in this announcement. As an early career researcher, the appointee should conduct innovative and out-standing research acceptable at international level, apply for external research grants, maintain a good publication record, and an internationally anchored scientific network, teach at the three cycles of university education and supervise students.

Furthermore, the position entails the initiation and development of interdisciplinary research projects in collaboration with colleagues, and development of the academic community at the university.


Qualification requirements

Applicants must have a Doctoral Degree in Natural Product Chemistry/Analytical Biochemistry/ Chemistry and expertise in studying compounds/metabolites derived from macro- /microalgae and other microorganisms. The candidate should have proficiency in the chemistry of products derived from these organisms in order to tap into their potential as a source for high-value compounds/products. This includes experience in profiling, extraction and analytical method-development, and isolation, characterization, and structural elucidation of molecules. Competence in metabolomic/lipidomic/glycomic/proteomic analyses is essential, while skills in mass spectrometry and molecular spectroscopy techniques can be advantageous for the position. The candidate is expected to have hands-on experience in operating advanced analytical equipment and contribute to building up the biochemistry platform at the faculty. The candidate must have strong teamwork skills and preferably have experience in leading a research team.


  • Appointment at the rank of professor will be based on documented research and teaching competence within one of the relevant discipline areas that meets international standards for such appointments.
  • Adequate professional educational competence is a requirement for this position. In addition to the basic skills in respect of the planning, implementation, evaluation and development of teaching and supervision which apply the position of an associate professor, applicants must provide documentary proof of the following: quality development in teaching and supervision, broad supervisory experience and joint professional development of educational quality. Due to an amendment in Regulations from 1 September 2019, Nord University have implemented supplementary provisions on educational competence. For further information please refer to Nord University’s website.

Associate Professor

  • For employment as an associate professor (research-oriented førsteamanuensis in the Norwegian system) , a Norwegian doctoral degree is required, within the relevant field of study or an equivalent doctoral degree from abroad that is accepted as a Norwegian equivalent, or competence at a similar level documented by academic publication of the same scope and quality. 

  • Teaching experience from university/college and skills in respect of planning, implementation, evaluation and development of teaching and supervision. Due to an amendment in Regulations from 1 September 2019, Nord University have implemented supplementary provisions on educational competence. For further information please refer to Nord University’s website. Any applicants who are unable to provide documentary proof of adequate professional educational competence when  employed must acquire such competence over the course of a two-year period. Nord University offers such a course om University Pedagogy which covers this requirement.

For all scientific positions:

  • Good oral and written presentation skills in English and Norwegian (or possibly another Scandinavian language) 
  • For applicants who do not have one of the Scandinavian languages as their native language, oral and written Norwegian language skills must be documented.

Qualified applicants will be ranked according to the following criteria:

  • Research and development with relevance to the position
  • A strong publication record revealing the research expertise, particularly during the past five years
  • The candidate’s potential to contribute to a bachelor’s programme in biotechnology
  • Experience in procurement of research funding and in management of large/small projects
  • Experience from teaching and academic supervision at bachelor-, master- and doctoral- levels from the university and college sector
  • Involvement in research networks and a solid record in dissemination and communication
  • Pedagogical skills
  • The  candidate’s track record  in performing research in the area of expertise, including hands-on experience with relevant analytical equipment
  • Relevant professional practice and collaboration within academia and industry
  • A well-developed research plan for the next 5 years
  • Good skills in communication and collaboration with students, colleagues
  • Individual qualities that can contribute positively to the workplace environment
  • Good oral and written presentation skills in English and Norwegian (or possibly another Scandinavian language)

We offer

The position is compensated according to government regulations, LPL 17.510, code 1013 Professor or code 1011 Associate Professor. Salary by agreement.

  • Advantages within the Government Pension Fund for borrowing, insurance and pension.
  • Creative and collegial working environment 
  • A workplace with steady progressive development 
  • Flexible working hours 
  • Active university sports team 

General information

The person who is appointed must abide by the applicable laws, agreements, and directives. The responsibilities and duties associated with the position may change with future reorganization at Nord University.

The public sector workforce is expected to reflect the diversity of the population in general. Nord University therefore encourages qualified candidates with disabilities, gaps in their CV, immigrant backgrounds or different life experience to apply for the position. Nord University practices moderate allocation according to gender quotas in accordance with the Basic Agreement for State Employees.

If applicants indicate that they have disabilities or gaps in their CV, their details may be used anonymously for the purposes of governmental annual review.

Contact information

Further information about the position can be obtained by contacting :

Application process

Applicants will be evaluated by an expert committee. Short-listed applicants will be called for an interview and trial lecture. These will be decisive for the appointment.


Applications must be submitted online by the closing date of august 29, 2022.

The electronic application must contain: 

  • Cover letter
  • Complete CV summarizing education, positions held, teaching and research experience, publications, administrative experience and other qualifying activities
  • Copies of diplomas, transcripts and certificates
  • Complete copies of up to 15 of the most relevant publications / academic works that the applicant wishes to be considered, along with a list of those submitted. The list should include five publications that the applicant believes to be most important, along with the reasons why. The doctoral dissertation should be included
  • Pedagogical CV and reflection note in accordance with supplementary provisions for educational competence
  • Documentation of other activities which the applicant considers relevant to the position and desires to be considered in the assessment
  • Contact information for 2-3 referees

All documentation to be considered is to be uploaded as attachments to the application.

Complete documentation in electronic form must be submitted by the closing date for applications.

After the application period has expired a list of applicants will be published. Note that, in special cases, the identity of particular applicants to a position may be made public even when that applicant has requested that their application be processed confidentially. Applicants requesting an exemption from publication of their identity must explain their reasons for doing so in their application. In this case, advance notice will be given in the event of a decision to make any information about the applicant public.

Application deadline: 29.08.2022 30147253

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