The “Human Motion, Orthopaedics, Sports Medicine, Digital Methods” (HOSD) unit is a transversal and translational research platform of the Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH) conducting and supporting research related to movement, physical activity, physical function and mobility using laboratory-based, free-field, real-world and digital tools in orthopaedics and sports medicine as well as in other disease areas.

HOSD develops, validates and applies, in clinical research, trials and practice, movement and activity-based methods and metrics for clinical outcome assessment, novel digital mobility biomarkers, patient stratification or as the basis for treatment modalities (e.g. exercise or physical activity interventions, rehabilitation) and patient engagement (e.g. coaching advice, patient-centred care, participatory medicine). In one laboratory (stationary, mobile, real-world), patients and healthy control subjects are assessed for clinical diagnosis, treatment, trials or research.

Another laboratory is operated in collaboration with the Luxembourg Institute of High Performance in Sports, a newly formed institution and facility dedicated primarily to deliver state-of-the-art services related to sports performance, sports medicine and research for the elite athletes of Luxembourg (and beyond).

In expansion of these activities, we are seeking a dedicated and versatile Clinical Movement Biomechanics Expert and team member.


·       Operate lab-based equipment (optical systems, force plates, EMG, etc.), as well as devices for field-based and real-life motion analysis and activity monitoring (sensors, wearables, digital tools, etc.) to perform assessments of patients, high-performance or recreational athletes and control subjects for clinical diagnosis, treatment, sports performance analysis, clinical trials or research.

·       Maintain, connect, calibrate and update measurement devices and laboratory equipment towards reliable operability and plannable availability.

·       Process and analyse motion capture and activity monitoring data using or customizing existing software or developing new algorithms and routines, in particular also related to new methods such as wearables, markerless motion capture or machine learning methods. 

·       Support medical doctors, sports medicine specialists, coaches and researchers in performing  the evaluation and interpretation of movement and activity assessments towards clinical, sports performance or research use.

·       Support and  conduct (parts of) research projects related to the above.


·       Master’s degree (MSc, MEng) in movement science, physiotherapy, biomedical engineering or equivalent qualifications in related areas.

·       Strong qualifications and experience related to the application of movement biomechanics in clinical practice, sports medicine or performance are highly regarded (e.g. physiotherapy).

·       At least 3 years of relevant professional experience related to key accountabilities. 

·       Solid practice with independently performing lab-based movement analysis (3D video motion capture, force plates, EMG, etc.).

·       Experience and interest in operating and advancing new and out-of-lab (clinic, field, real-world) movement analysis and activity monitoring techniques (wearables, markerless systems, pose estimation, apps, etc.).

·       Advanced  know-how of movement and activity signals and data analysis (MatLab, Python, others) including related programming skills


  • Contract type:          2-year fixed-term contract (extendable)
  • Work hours:              Full time
  • Location:                   Luxembourg / Differdange
  • Start date:                 September 2022
  • Ref:                             VD/CMBE0722/BG/HOSD


Applications including a cover letter and a  curriculum vitae should be sent before 31 August 2022 through our website via the apply button below.
Please apply ONLINE formally through this web page.
Applications by email will not be considered.


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