HOURS PER WEEK: 36 to 40FACULTY: Faculty of Law, Economics and GovernanceDEPARTMENT: Departement RechtsgeleerdheidAPPLICATION DEADLINE: 13 September 2023



Job description

The Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance 

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 (LEG) has a position for a professor in Climate Change, Regulation and Deltas.
It will be a full-time chair within the Department of Law 

external link of the Faculty of LEG and will be located, on a part-time basis, at the Delta Climate Center external link in Vlissingen (DCC) which will start operations in September 2023. Simultaneously, the Faculty of Geosciences will be recruiting a professor in Water Science and Climate Adaptation external link at DCC. These two scholars will closely collaborate with PhD candidates on the implementation of the research agenda as a cooperation between natural and social scientists will be crucial for the transition to a climate resilient and prosperous Delta.

The Faculty of LEG is starting, together with the faculties of Geosciences and Science, a collaboration with the newly developed Delta Climate Center (DCC) in Vlissingen, together with five other partners: HZ University of Applied Sciences, NIOZ Koninklijk Nederlands Instituut voor Onderzoek der Zee, Scalda, University College Roosevelt 

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 and Wageningen University and Research. The mission of the DCC is to connect and develop knowledge about the Zeeland Delta in order to work on a sustainable transition to a climate-resilient and prosperous Delta. The aim is to realise innovative and impactful solutions for a future-proof delta through broad cooperation in the fields of research, education, valorisation and business development.


  • The chair realises a combination of education and research, in which the existing strong position of the UU in the field of European and national water, climate and environmental law is to be continued and expanded. The chair is expected to be in line with one or more of the research themes of the research programmes within the LAW department, and to cover areas such as flood protection, freshwater supply, water quality, adaptation to climate change, the transition to sustainable land use, including land subsidence, the development of nature-based solutions, legal aspects of the ecosystem approach, the energy-food-water nexus, and a circular economy. The chair therefore fits very well within the university-wide strategic theme of Pathways to Sustainability external link.
  • The chair will address DCC research themes (water-resistant landscapes and nature-based solutions; food-energy-water-ecosystem (FEWE nexus); circularity and chain management of bio-resources and regional transitions towards a sustainable, climate-proof and prosperous delta) and education at the DCC in close cooperation with the chair ‘Climate Adaptation and Water Science’ as partnership between natural and social scientists will be crucial for the transition to a climate-resilient and prosperous Delta. 
  • Regarding education the professor will have important tasks, both in the Bachelor’s and Master’s phases. In the Bachelor’s phase, the new chair holder will be jointly responsible for the education in the courses Environmental Law and Climate & Law and the bachelor’s theses (graduation work) in the field of water, climate and environmental law. 
  • In the Master’s phase, the professor will be involved in the Law and Sustainability in Europe programme, and the Law for a Sustainable Society track within the Master’s programme in Constitutional and Administrative Law, as well as in the course on Water Law and Governance within the Master’s programme in Water Science and Management, programmes which will serve as part of the continuous learning trajectory between HZ University of Applied Sciences and Utrecht University.
  • Due to national and European developments in the field of water, climate and environmental law, there are good opportunities for the chair to generate external funds, both in the 2nd and 3rd funding streams. Efforts in this area are therefore expected from the chair holder.
  • Finally, the professor is expected to contribute to the administrative tasks within the DCC, the LAW department, the LEG faculty and possibly the UU’s strategic theme pathways to sustainability.


We are looking for a candidate who:

  1. has a PhD and broad knowledge of and experience in the field of the legal aspects of (adaptation to) climate change, regulation and deltas, including water, climate and environmental law;
  2. belongs to the top of the field and is an initiative-rich authority within the academic networks in the field of the chair;
  3. has excellent scientific qualifications, as evidenced by a dissertation and authoritative publications;
  4. has highly esteemed knowledge and understanding of the scientific debate in the field of the chair and is able to carry out both monodisciplinary and multidimensional or inter/multidisciplinary research in this field;
  5. has affinity with and experience in European legal and/or comparative and/or legal-empirical research;
  6. has experience in setting up and supervising PhD research and has the ability to enthuse and stimulate young researchers;
  7. is demonstrably able to develop promising applications in the second and third funding streams and to successfully complete the resulting research programmes and research;
  8. demonstrably has good didactic qualities external link (BKO (University Teaching Qualification) and SKO (Senior University Teaching Qualification) or comparable qualifications and good student evaluations), and is very capable of providing inspiring and innovative education in the field of the chair, both for Dutch and foreign students;
  9. has very good administrative, organisational and managerial qualities and a willingness to use them at the various administrative levels;
  10. has very good interpersonal skills;
  11. has an excellent command external link of the Dutch and English language both in speech and writing.


We offer a temporary position (1.0 FTE) for the duration of 5 years initially. After positive evaluation, this can be turned into a permanent position. The gross salary – depending on previous qualifications and experience – ranges between €6648,- and the maximum gross salary is €9680,- (scale H2 of the Collective Labour Agreement of Dutch Universities) per month for a full-time employment. Salaries are supplemented with a holiday bonus of 8% and a year-end bonus of 8.3% per year.

In addition, Utrecht University offers excellent secondary conditions 

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, including an attractive retirement scheme, professional development 

external link, (partly paid) parental leave, sports external link and flexible employment conditions (multiple choice model). For more information, please visit working at Utrecht University external link.

We provide our selected candidates with a tailor-made development assessment based on the UU leadership profile. This assessment will properly visualise your full potential and present an advice and strategy which will help you further develop your academic career.

About the organisation

A better future for everyone. This ambition motivates our scientists in executing their leading research and inspiring teaching. At Utrecht University 

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, the various disciplines collaborate intensively towards major strategic themes 

external link. Our focus is on Dynamics of Youth, Institutions for Open Societies, Life Sciences and Pathways to Sustainability. Sharing science, shaping tomorrow external link.

The Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance 

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 (LEG) is a faculty at the heart of society, with a strong focus on social issues. Our subjects of Law, Economics and Governance give us a strong mix of academic disciplines that complement and enhance each other. This is a unique combination and a mark of our faculty’s strength.
furthermore, the faculty strives for diversity among its employees and students and is committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment for everyone, as can be read in Utrecht University’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion 

external link policy.

The Utrecht University School of Law 

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 is part of the LEG faculty. ‘Law in Utrecht’ stands for multidimensional research in the main areas of law and for intensive and varied legal education in a small-scale academic community. Teaching and research focus primarily on the core areas of law and the links between them: Private Law, Criminal Law, State and Administrative Law and Theory of Law as well as International and European Law.
The department aims to play an active and distinctive role within innovative legal research, into scientifically and socially relevant themes and with challenging education that trains students who can lead societal change.
We work with a diverse group of employees and students. We highly value a work environment where everyone is acknowledged and appreciated, dares to speak out, and is treated with respect. We ask all of our employees to contribute to an open and inspiring work- and learning environment for students and staff members from every background. Together we ensure that everyone feels welcome and has the opportunity to develop their full potential.

Additional information

For more information about this position, please contact Professor H.F.M.W. van Rijswick 

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 (professor of European and Dutch Water Law/Director of Utrecht University Centre for Water, Oceans and Sustainability Law) at h.vanrijswick@uu.nl 

external link. The structural report of the chair can be claimed with B.P.M. Berrocal Vargas-Van den Brink external link, MA (Policy Advisor) at b.berrocal@uu.nl external link.

Are you an international applicant? Our International Service Desk 

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 can answer your questions about living in the Netherlands as international staff 

external link.


Everyone deserves to feel at home 

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 at our university. We welcome employees with a wide variety of backgrounds and perspectives.

To apply, please send your curriculum vitae including a publication list, and a letter of motivation addressing suitability against the TRIPLE requirements, via the ‘apply now’ button.

  • Applications will be considered by the Committee and shortlisted candidates will subsequently be invited for a first-round interview in the last week of September.
  • The second round will be Mid October. Selection of and negotiations with the preferred candidate will take place thereafter.
  • When invited for the second round, candidates will be asked to give three names of external contacts that can be asked for a reference. 

*Note to recruitment agencies: Please refrain from contacting us regarding this job posting.

The application deadline is 13 September 2023.


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