Mälardalen University is growing and evolving due to increased research funding from the Swedish Government. Join our team on this exciting journey towards MDU`s vision, to be a progressive and collaborative University where together we shape a sustainable future. You can make a difference. Together, we can create a sustainable future through knowledge and innovation. We believe that knowledge and new perspectives are best attained and reached together in collaboration with others – our colleagues, students, the private and public sectors, both nationally and internationally.
Around 20 000 students are currently studying courses and programmes with us in the various domains. We offer education in areas such as design and communication, economics, health, engineering and technology, preschool and compulsory school teacher training as well as in chamber music and opera. In most of our areas we also offer programmes entirely taught in English. We conduct research in all disciplinary domains and our research in Future Energy and Embedded Systems is internationally prominent.

Mälardalen University is located in Sweden, on both sides of Lake Mälaren, with campuses in Eskilstuna and Västerås. Mälardalen is a region dominated by strong growth with several multinational companies based here such as ABB, Volvo, Westinghouse, Alstom and Northvolt. We enjoy close cooperation with the region’s private sector, municipalities, and county councils.

At the School of Innovation, Design and Engineering our students are studying to be for example innovators, entrepreneurs, illustrators, communications officers, network technicians and engineers. Here we have the research specialisations of Embedded Systems, and Innovation and Product Realisation. Our work takes place in cooperation with and in strategic agreements with companies, organisations and public authorities in the region.

Employment information

Employment: Permanent employment, with a possible probationary period.
Scope: Full time
Closing date for application: 2022-08-14
Campus location: Eskilstuna
School: School of Innovation, Design and Engineering, (IDT)

Position description

The position as the senior lecturer is within the research area focusing on innovation and product realization (IPR), which is located in the Eskilstuna campus’ multidisciplinary research and educational environment. Here we have nine educational programs in engineering, innovation and information design. The IPR environment consists of researchers, teachers and doctoral students with various scientific and pedagogical skills in engineering, social sciences, humanities and art. IPR’s vision is to contribute to a sustainable development and industrial renewal by starting from a holistic perspective that considers people, systems and global challenges in research and education.

The position as senior lecturer connects to our research and teaching with a focus on industrial product realisation. As a senior lecturer, you will teach in our educational programs in both Swedish and English and with a high degree of collaboration with industry. The emphasis is on teaching simulation-driven product development as well as introductory courses such as solid mechanics, materials science and machine elements. Teaching activities include examiner responsibility, course responsibility and course administration. You will also supervise program students and doctoral students. Tasks may also include administrative- and collaboration assignments.

The employment involves participation in and development of ongoing strategic operations, co-production with external stakeholders and MITC (Mälardalen Industrial Technology Center).

The senior lecturer is also expected to be able to independently plan, lead and carry out research in simulation and optimisation in industrial systems in close collaboration with industrial partners.

Qualification requirements

The qualification requirements for appointment as a Senior Lecturer are both documented teaching skills and also a degree of Doctor, or equivalent academic competence or other professional qualifications of significance with regard to the subject content of the appointment and the duties included in the appointment.

To be qualified for appointment as a Senior Lecturer the applicant must have demonstrated the academic skills and teaching abilities required for the appointment. Academic skills may also have been demonstrated by the ability to achieve results in research through cooperation in joint projects of benefit to academia and industry/the public sector/society in general and through the ability to disseminate research.

The assessment of teaching skills shall apply to the planning, carrying out and evaluation of teaching as well as supervision and examination. Teaching skills shall be well documented in such a way that their quality can also be assessed.

The applicant should have completed ten weeks of training in higher education teaching and learning, or have otherwise acquired equivalent knowledge. A person appointed as a Senior Lecturer but lacking training in higher education teaching and learning will be offered in-house training within two and a half years. The course in higher education teaching and learning at Mälardalen University corresponds to ten weeks of training. The employment requires documented experience in developing, planning and implementing courses, course modules and programs.

We are looking for an active researcher with a track record including research projects and publications in recognized and relevant journals. In addition, you should have experience of contributing to identifying future research opportunities and contributing to seeking and obtaining research funding to establish future research initiatives.

Good communication skills in both Swedish and English are required, as teaching in both Swedish and English is included in the position. For other information, consult the Higher Education Ordinance, Chapter 4, and the appointments procedure for Mälardalen University.

For other information, consult the Higher Education Ordinance, Chapter 4, and the Appointments Procedure for Mälardalen University.

Assessment criteria

The assessment criteria shall be based on the degree of skills required for the appointment. In general terms these assessment criteria shall include the ability to cooperate as well as the ability and suitability otherwise required to fulfil the duties well. The same attention shall be paid to the assessment of teaching skills as to the assessment of academic skills. 

Decisive importance is attached to personal suitability. We value the qualities that an even distribution of age and gender, as well as ethnic and cultural diversity, can contribute to the organisation.


Documented scientific skills in the field as well as from projects or specific work-related activities. Documented experience of applying for and receiving research funding.


Application is made online. Make your application by clicking the “Apply” button below.

The scientific publications that you do not have in digital form are to be sent by post in three copies to:

Mälardalen University
Division of Human Resources
Ref.no: 2022/1596
Box 883
721 23 Västerås

The applicant is responsible for ensuring that the application is complete in accordance with the advertisement and will reach the University no later than closing date for application.

We look forward to receiving your application!

We decline all contact with recruiters and salespersons of advertisements. We have made our strategic choices for this recruitment.

Union representatives:

Michaël Le Duc (SACO), tel: +46 (0) 21-10 14 02
Susanne Meijer (OFR), Tel: +46 (0) 21-10 14 89

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